La Jefa del Campeón #42

Salome’s getting better, but she’s as bitter and gossipy than ever. And still blaming Tita for everything that went wrong in her life.

Tita’s planning to move into Daniel’s place after they get married. The kids can have the apartment. He wants to do something for her for the wedding, but Tita says it’s all taken care of. Dante shows up to talk business. They all agree Arsenio ruined the team.

The article about Rey being a party animal is out. Joel does a crappy job of not looking guilty. He tries to act like all of them judge him for having one drink too many, so why go easy on Rey. Dude…outing Matías does not compare to Rey partying for one night.

Tita and Fabi meet Angela, Fabi’s therapist. Tita mentions to Beba that she thought Angela seemed kind of…young. Also, Tita’s worried about leaving Fabi alone in the middle of all this. Beba says she’ll keep an eye on Fabi.

Nadia’s annoyed by the pensión peeps making too much noise in the apartment upstairs.

Daniel tells Rey that he and Tita are moving in together after the Copa Latinoamericana. Rey’s fine with that, he just wanted to keep his promise. Daniel says he forgot one thing…a security camera in the hallway to catch the moment when Nadia finds out who her neighbor is.

Nadia goes back upstairs to complain about the noise and demands to speak to the owner of the apartment. She doesn’t believe that’s Tita. Valeria gets a big laugh out of it when Nadia complains. She’s calling an emergency residents meeting.

Tita tells Daniel it was fun seeing Nadia’s face when she found out. Daniel’s a little worried about Tita and Nadia ending up being consuegras–they’re going to have to get along somehow.

There’s a couple’s karaoke contest coming up. Delfino asks Beba to sign up with him. In front of Froylán.

José Antonio (Nadia’s older daughter’s boyfriend) comes looking for “the lady of the house” to tell her to come to the residents meeting down stairs. And turn down the music.

Valeria’s angry that Nadia’s having the meeting in their apartment. Nadia wants to guilt the other residents into backing her up. Blah blah blah, classist ranting. Valeria says her mother sounds like 45–does she want to build a wall or something? Nadia’s convinced that when the other residents find out Tita’s son chases after a ball, they won’t want anything to do with her.

Tita’s ready to go to the meeting. She and José Antonio are both waiting for the elevator when she tells him she’s the new owner of the apartment. He points out the smudge on her face. They start over with the introductions. And Tita goes back to her apartment to clean her face. And in all that time, the elevator never showed up.

Frida tries to have a mature convo with Salomé about how unhappy Froylán seems and could she maybe cut him loose? I’m sure you can guess how that goes.

Before Tita gets to the meeting Nadia takes the time to complain about Tita being her ex-maid and Tita’s son trying to date Valeria. Tita comes in and she’s nice to the other residents and says she’s here so they can tell her how much maintenance money she owes so she can take care of that. She and Nadia snipe at each other a little, and one resident isn’t in the mood to listen to them arguing. Nobody has a problem with Tita wanting to pay her maintenance.

And then one of the residents asks if she’s Rey’s mom, and could she get him to sign some t-shirts…and tell Rey the Búfalos need a championship. We knew it was coming, but it’s still funny to see the look on Nadia’s face.

The doctor says Salomé’s doing better, but she’s still using her illness to hang on to Froylán. She tells Martina she and Froy aren’t…you know. Martina says Boni complies with his duty five times a week. Seven if his sciatica bothers him.

Rey’s been offered a toothpaste commercial.

Fabi gets upset looking at a picture of her and Matías.

Daniel doesn’t want Tita to pack for the Copa. He wants to buy everything for her there and spoil her a little.

That toothpaste commercial? Nadia’s the ad exec. Even Maika (or whatever the older daughter’s name is) thinks it’s ridiculous to risk income just to score one on Tita.

Tita’s not sure about Rey doing an ad. He promises it won’t interfere with fútbol. And besides, he can buy a car with the money and save the rest.

Nelson tries to steal the commercial. He claims he’s a much bigger star than Rey. And he’ll give Nadia a kickback. Plus there’s that malicious article that makes Rey look bad.

Rey wants Frida to come to the shoot with him.

Tita finds the picture of Fabi and Matías crumpled up under the bed. She’s worried about it and thinks she should talk to Fabi’s therapist.

Tita asks Joel to help find out who wrote the article on Rey. Joel advises her to get used to this kind of attention and not go digging for the source.

Nadia made the model switch. Maika begs Nadia to let her be in the ad with Nelson.

Valeria got Rey to go out, finally, for a glass of wine. Nelson walks by and rubs it in Rey’s face that he swiped the toothpaste ad.

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