La Mujer del Vendaval #116

Gimme Yer Money

Al and Marcela discuss his taking a larger role in the management of the ranch. Basically he tells her she’s been mismanaging the place so he has to take over to bail her out and then tells her not to take it personally or he won’t help. She sighs and agrees to let him take over. He acts offended she’s not happier about his help.

Severo’s room? cabin? guest house?

Severo ponders the mystery that is the collaboration between Maria Laura and Octavia. ML sashays in and hides her duplicate key to Marcela’s desk under his mattress and just to be extra nice she explains to him what its all for.

Huatulco’s version of Chuck E. Cheese

Inez explains to Mauro how her divorcing Luisito’s dad really messed up Luisito and her too and neither of them can take any more heartbreak. Mauro understands, and he realizes he’s no great catch so he won’t pressure Ines any more. She’s so moved by this she kisses him and Luisito sees them and smiles.

Later Mauro takes them home and Luisito lets them know he saw the kissing and now expects them to announce their novio-ship. Welcome to the family Mauro.

Inez and Mauro agree to keep their relationship a secret at work, because the bosses think he’s gay, plus there’s always Octavia, but Mauro has a cunning plan. Goodnight kiss.

Nisa cries over the phone to ML about how she had to break Al’s poor heart. ML is more concerned that Al is poor now. Oh not really poor Nisa assures, just rich people poor. How could he choose stupid Marcela over all that lovely money, ML wonders. Nisa says its the curse of the Castelos they do anything for love. ML says she’s coming for the weekend and hints around about being a butterfly about to come out of her cocoon without actually telling Nisa about the calendar presentation. Oh great! Nisa really could use her advice on some relationship problems she’s having.

Marcela’s bedroom of unbalanced relationshipness

Al tries to sleep while all the conflicting stories about Marcela roll around in his head. He wishes he could believe in her, but he knows its all a lie.

When he finally does go to sleep he has a nightmare about Marcela riding a black horse that’s not Huracan. (I wonder if Huracan has nightmares about that?) She dramatically rides up to Emiliano and passionately kisses him. Al wakes up with a start, waking Marcela who kisses away his bad dream.

Next Morning

Al checks in with the kid he had watching the grave, hears nobody’s been there, tells him he doesn’t need to watch anymore, and pays him off. Then he plants the fake under the flowers

Alba and Sagrario have a disagreement about Alba going for bread, she doesn’t want to see Amadeo. Maybe Rosa can go. Rosa can’t drive, you want her to ride a burro to town? Rosa looks like she likes that idea. Sagrario gets exasperated and tells Alba to just go already.

Marcela comes to the kitchen in a good mood, she wants to go see Mateo today.

ML comes in to the kitchen in a very fancy tight red sequined number, she’s got an important announcement she announces as Al comes in; her calendar presentation is this weekend at the Toscana. They’d better dress and act appropriately, its going to be verry fancy and she doesn’t want to be embarrassed by her hick family.

Everybody wants to know, who’s paying for it? Al? Nope, he’s done in the Toscana and didn’t know anything about this. ML proudly declares Oct is her sponsor, because Oct knows talent when she sees it. There’s some debate about whether Oct would do something so … selfless. Alba says she was way nice to me when I was playing there. Al and Marcela try to explain that ML having an event at the Toscana now could cause some problems for Oct cause Al’s folks hate Marcela and probably her whole family. ML is not to be dissuaded and how dare they not support her dream.

Marcela tells her they didn’t mean to hurt her feelings and she hopes it goes well for her, but she and Al won’t be going. AAAAAAAAHHHH QUE?

At the much discussed Toscana

Mauro and Lencho keep up appearances at work with a little PDA (ya know, they actually do make a really cute couple).

Cami chases after Lencho to get an explanation, Inez asks if this is part of Mauro’s plan. Yup.

The tragedy that is Silvana and Luciano’s marriage.

They’re talking business, but Silvana changes the subject, she feels that they’ve built up the biz at the expense of their relationship. He lies to her and tells her everything’s ok with them, and she lets him.

Mauro comes in to talk to them. Its a very awkward convo, he feels that he has to explain his private life, and Luc really, really doesn’t want him to, but if Mauro feels like he has to quit because of his “situation” that’s cool with Luc.

No, that’s not it, Mauro says, see, he used to think he was in love with Oct, but when things didn’t work out with her, he realized he was really in love with Inez, but she rejected him and Lencho was there and so kind and understanding and well …

Luc is confused. Yeah, says Mauro me too, and having an identity crisis. Well Luc thinks Mauro should definitely try again with Inez. But Mauro is worried that if he does Oct will punish Ines, after all Lencho is the son of Oct’s dear friend. Luc will take care of Oct if she tries anything, he’s so relieved and pleased that there’s a chance to get Mauro back on Team Macho that he promises his total support for the Mauro/Inez relationship. Sil has been trying to moderate Luc’s comments and steer them away from lawsuit territory, but seems to be on board with the plan to woo Inez.

Lencho is having his own uncomfortable explanation with Cami. Eventually he tells the truth about the him/Oct/his dad triangle and Cami basically tells him, sucks to be you dude and goes back to work.

Meanwhile Back At The Ranch

Marcela and Al explain that they’re not welcome at the hotel but Sagrario and Alba will go. ML fusses and cries and insists that they all have to go. (After all what good is getting your dream come true if you can’t rub it in the face of your family) Al shakes his head no, and Marcela says she’s sorry. Fine then, she’s calling the whole thing off! She runs from the room in tears.

Sagrario and Alba go to try to comfort her, and clear Rosa out with them, so Marcela and Al can talk.

Al explains that Oct is a shareholder now so she probably arranged the presentation without asking his parents’ approval.

Marcela thinks that since Oct is part owner, and she’s the one who invited them then they should go, his folks can’t throw them out in front of a crowd.

Al says his dad would, but Marcela doesn’t think even his dad will make a scene with the whole world watching, and anyway she’s not afraid of him.(I forget, has she not met Luc? ) They’re going, she decides, what’s the worst they could do.

Municipal Mansion

Timo consults with Eulogio, has he found the rival yet?

Um, no.

Well, he better get on it, Timo wants the guy found.

Um, ok.

Oct calls to invite Timo to present at an event for one of his constituents.

He’s enthusiastic, till he hears who its for, that girl hurt his Lencho.

Oct gets him to agree to go though with sweet talk and promises of gratitude. Oh and can he bring a band and some entertainers too?

Oh yeah, Timo’ll do anything to be in her good books, and after he hangs up he gloats to Eulogio that he’s almost caught her.

Eulogio says if Oct is Timo’s true love, then why doesn’t he set July free.

Oh no, Octavia may be Timo’s destiny, but July will always be the side piece, always.

Eulogio looks so sad, whether its for himself or for July, who knows.


Oct hangs up and gloats to Mauro that the idiot Timo will humiliate ML and ruin the presentation for her, and Oct will remain blameless because she’s giving ML what she asked for. Mauro is worried that if they make ML mad she’ll tell on them. Oct isn’t worried, the dead don’t tell on anyone.

(Ok, now we’re getting into some real evil overlord territory, although Octavia was always on the border, she’s crossed over now. )

(And Mauro, for all his cunning plans and having the Castelos on his side is in way over his head.)

(Which he’s realizing, I think)

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2 years ago

He’s definitely one of the more secure guys on this show. The dream lighting tripped me out. Marcela looked like she was about to go nuclear or something.

2 years ago

I don’t like Mauro’s chances of getting free of Octavia either. And I do keep forgetting they only murdered whateverhernamewas by accident because they were trying to get Al. I like Mauro and I like Ines, but Mauro shouldn’t get to walk away with no consequences. Although…Octavia’s kind of a consequence of her own…I’m conflicted.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
2 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

IKR Mauro has kinda already been punished. Plus he has to keep working for Oct and Luc, the show’s worst bosses, so…

2 years ago

He and Ines need to go find some other hotel or another branch of the Toscana to work for.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
2 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Well I got the impression that Luciano and Silvana at least weren’t there often before, so maybe everybody is just waiting (impatiently) for them to leave again

2 years ago

That’s right…and Silvana keeps talking about going “back” to Europe.