La Jefa del Campeón #43

Valeria comforts Rey about losing the commercial. And next time he’ll know not to say anything until the contract is signed.

José Antonio’s not happy about Maika doing the ad with Nelson. He’s heard nobody can stand him. And yet, it does sound like he’s jealous.

Dante catches Rey and Nelson fighting in the locker room. Rey thinks Nelson’s the one who leaked the (not much of a) story to the media. Dante’s had it with them not working as a team. Either they get it together or he’ll bench them both.

Daniel stops by Fabi’s office to check on her…and ask her to lunch…and ask her to talk to Rey before this whole toothpaste commercial thing gets out of hand. He mentions the team is hiring a new psychologist.

Tita wants Beba to move into the apartment with her and the kids. Beba agrees to do it until the wedding, but after that, they’ll see.

Rey’s less upset about the commercial than he is about the story. Fabi says he’s going to have to get used to people talking about him.

Frida’s upset about everyone moving out of the pensión and getting left behind with just her mom. And Rey living closer to Valeria.

Uh, it sounds like Delfino’s in charge of decorating Tita’s apartment. He and Martina are also bummed about Beba leaving.

Nadia got Maika the part in the commercial, and at a good salary. I hope Maika and Nelson end up making her look like a hack. Emiliano calls to ask Nadia for the agency’s financial reports. Three guesses why she doesn’t want to give them to him.

Tita and Frida talk about getting an online presence for the store. Frida thinks they should get themselves…uh, get Tita a business advisor. José Antonio comes over with apology flowers for Tita and wouldn’t you just know, he’s a money nerd and online sales are totally his thing.

Rey asks Frida out to the movies, but she’s doing store stuff tomorrow. She explains to Beba about having an online store and not having to go to work and she’ll teach her how to do everything on the computer.

José Antonio’s starting to get the picture that Nadia and Maika don’t have a reason for hating Tita, they’re just horrible people.

Valeria wants to poke around some more and find out what happened with the commercial, but Rey’s over it. He’s working on getting the award for best goal-scorer and Nelson’s ahead of him by two.

Fabi starts opening up to her therapist about feeling like everyone’s laughing at her because her husband cheated and she stayed with him and now she’s divorced. She doesn’t mention he’s gay.

Nelson’s talking teamwork in the locker room. Rey and Quique don’t find it convincing. They’re keeping their eyes open for a trap.

Martina tells Bonifacio she’s helping Sergio with the Tacoche. Delfino’s busy at Tita’s and she wants to earn some money. She thinks it’s cute that he’s jealous but she’s doing it anyway.

Stupid Nelson trick #1: cutting the cleats off Rey’s shoes. Rey has to keep Quique from beating Nelson to a pulp.

Tita and Beba are both a little sad about giving up the physical store. José Antonio comes by to tell them something about the business plan, but Beba thinks he has the hots for Tita. He’s not even charging them for the business plan.

The Búfalos’ new team psychologist is Ángela. And she’s Daniel’s ex.

Quique and Joel are both trying to date Fabi, but right now Fabi needs rest. And friends. Tita shoos them out.

Dante and Ángela go out to dinner. She admits she’s never gotten over Daniel.

The pensión peeps are having a Bon Voyage/Pre-Copa Latinoamerica party. Daniel considers Tita his secret weapon for the tournament and he’s determined to bring home the cup. Everyone’s shouting encouragement and Sergio says he expects the team to do “¡cosas fregonas!” (I can’t believe there’s not a “Know your meme” entry on this. We need one for Spanish-speakers! Anyway, it comes from an interview where Chicharito said “imaginémonos cosas chingonas” and for all I know there’s an earlier reference. See, we totally need a “Conoce su meme.”)

Montage… Daniel and Tita walk and smooch and selfie. Rey and Valeria go bowling. Daniel and Tita walk on the beach and damn, that’s such a simple outfit, but the red skirt moves so perfectly! Fabi works with Ángela. Boni and Martina cook. Daniel and Tita play in the surf. Gonzo works on Tita’s dress. Quique brings Fabi flowers. Valeria helps Rey move into the apartment. Delfino and Beba karaoke. The pensión peeps watch the Chapulines play at the cup.

Fabi’s done some work. She’s told Ángela the whole story. She thinks she really knew as soon as she found that earring, but she didn’t want to know. Because she was in love with Matías. She knows she’s judging herself harshly, so she assumes everyone else is doing it too.

Sergio and Martina are raking in the dough. Bonifacio complains that she’s not feeding him. Martina tells him to quit making a fuss or he can forget about her and Tuli. Boni tells Sergio to quit flirting with her and stay away. He’d rather Martina cook, sell the food to Sergio, and that’s it. When Sergio’s telling someone not to ignore their wife….

Salomé’s almost recovered, but Froylán’s still not giving her the time of day.

Tita’s wedding dress is done and Frida loves it. (We don’t get to see it.) She talks to Gonzo about starting up a business and crowdfunding. Really, the thing Gonzo’s interested in most is sportswear.

Daniel and Tita are back in town and the pensión peeps have gathered at the apartment for a party.

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