La Jefa del Campeón #46

Waldo’s wandering around Tita’s looking for stuff to steal. He tries to pull rank on Beba, but she reminds him he hasn’t been around and he’s the one with the least right to be in this apartment. Waldo insists he’s going out to find Tita.

Tita’s asleep on José Antonio’s couch and he decides the best thing he can do is let her sleep in his bed.

Karina brought Gonzo some fabrics from the US. She’s still a little skittish about being seen together.

Waldo hires…Quique’s neighbor?…to run him over.

Rey and Fabi argue about whether they should give Waldo another chance or not. And Rey’s worried about how Fabi’s doing. He wants her to call her therapist if she needs to.

Gonzo and Sergio get into a fight about Gonzo wanting to be a designer. Again. El Coronel screams at them to let people sleep! Gonzo’s all angry and assuming Sergio’s disappointed in him and thinks he’s a failure, but you know how he feels about Sergio? He still loves him! And now he’s gonna go sleep in Rey’s room.

Dante fills Ángela in on the gossip. She hopes Daniel doesn’t start drinking again.

Waldo gets back to the apartment talking a lot of nonsense. Fabi might be happy he’s not dead, but she still wants a full explanation later. And Waldo gets on Rey about how he’s so famous if they don’t manage this right it’s going to turn into a chismefest.

At some point, Tita moved from the bed to the toilet. But at least she’s not in it.

Martina’s all eaten up with guilt remembering how she was screwing around with Waldo when the kids were kids.

José Antonio got Tita back into bed and out of her dress. I don’t know if he’s sending it out to be cleaned or throwing it away.

Waldo’s snoring keeps Beba, Fabi, and Rey awake. Nobody quite knows what to do with him. Martina’s awake with Tuli. Sergio cries over Gonzo’s sketches. Froylán misses Beba. Daniel…well, we don’t know what he does yet.

Bonifacio and Martina try to puzzle out who has what relationship to Tita.

Frida shows up at the apartment to make sammiches. Since no one slept. Rey has no intention of forgiving his father. Especially not when Tita was finally happy. Frida gives Rey a pep talk about being there for his mom and Fabi.

Tita wakes up in jammies, with a hangover, and no idea where she is. She sneaks out when she realizes she’s at José Antonio’s. Which is probably for the best, because Maika walks out of the elevator.

So did José Antonio really make that breakfast for Maika or for Tita?

Everyone starts lobbing questions at Tita as soon as she walks in. She definitely doesn’t owe Waldo an explanation. She tells him to get lost before she pitches him off the balcony. Everyone else begs Daniel to give Tita some space.

According to Valeria, her dad’s moving back from Spain. To where exactly, I don’t know. She suggests Nadia talk to him if she wants more details. Oh…and also he’s always been a supportive parent and Nadia hasn’t.

I don’t know what’s up with Sergio. He’s sad about Gonzo being distant and he thinks his wife’s really going to leave him now and there’s someone else he has feelings for and she’s…like Martina. But now he’s gotta go ’cause it’s late and he has to get up early and make tacos.

Bonifacio got the news that Tita’s back. Salomé pushes for him and Martina to go over there, since they’re practically family.

Daniel’s hoping they can get Waldo to stick around for a while. Yeah, that took me a minute too. He wants Waldo to sign the divorce papers. Fabi feels bad for her dad, but sure, she’ll talk to him.

Martina breaks it to El Coronel that she can’t go over to Tita’s apartment with him ’cause she had a fling with Waldo.

Fabi tells Waldo he’d better get a move on, since Tita told him to go. He asks her to come downstairs with him while he gets his taxi. And she’s happy to do that to spend more time with him. While she’s getting her purse, he calls his friend and says he’s on the way down now.

Fabi’s still angry at him for leaving in the first place. Waldo whines about how he was just trying to provide for the family and he had no idea, and well, Tita and Rey are so ungrateful, but she’s his girl and she’s gonna have a father from now on. And then he stands there in the street and lets his friend run him over with a taxi.

Martina finishes up her story and Bonifacio says he has nothing to complain about. It was way before the two of them. But he agrees now they probably shouldn’t go over to Tita’s.

Tita has no idea what happened last night, but since she walked in wearing another guy’s jammies, Beba’s guessing the worst.

Emiliano knows the truth now–the agency’s on the verge of going broke. He has no idea HOW it happened, but they have to do something. Either sell it off for cheap before they lose any more money or bring in an investor. Nadia’s just sitting there sipping her wine like “Whatevs.” And I admit I probably missed half what he said because I was thinking it’s so nice to have Luis Gatica back.

Well, crap. Daniel also assumed the worst, but since Tita keeps saying she can’t remember what happened he decides they’re through. I know, I don’t follow that logic either.

Daniel goes to talk to Bonifacio. His advice is to keep on living his life ’cause none of them really know what happened last night, so don’t go jumping to conclusions. And yeah, if it had been him, he would have killed Waldo.

Waldo is once again not dead but broke an arm and a leg. Um, no, Fabi didn’t tell her mom about his accident? Why would she do that? She’s pretty sure her mom would be happy if he died.

Emiliano asks if José Antonio would like to buy some of his shares. The problem is José Antonio’s money is tied up in another investment right now. Valeria calls Emiliano and he tells her he needs to talk to Rey.

Tita goes over to José Antonio’s to return his jammies. Her dress is at the cleaners. And by the way did they, um, sleep together last night? Maika overhears. I’m thinking Tita might have just done him a favor.

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