La Jefa del Campeón Friday 9/14/18 #45

Tita hit Nadia? How did I miss that?

Fabi doesn’t want to rush to conclusions based on what Quique was yelling about in the hallway, but Rey totally believes that Nelson would have gotten Joel to write crap about him. They all saw how Joel lashed out at the party and outed Matías.

José Antonio’s tired of listening to Nadia and Maika complaining. He leaves as Emiliano and Valeria are getting home and warns them to just go upstairs. But that’s not as much fun as trying to get Nadia to explain exactly how and when Tita hit her. They’re not buying her story at all.

Joel meets Nelson to trade the watch in for a new tablet and the cash to buy an identical knockoff watch.

Fabi’s happy to have Ángela around as her co-worker. Of course, they’ll keep things separate, but she does feel better. And she can still ask if she needs anything.

While Tita gets her makeup done, Beba tells her about her blind date with Delfino. Tita would love it if Beba and Delfino started dating. (I want to go there, but having seen the crap Delfino’s pulled I feel like he needs to mature. A lot.)

Valeria’s still annoyed with her mom for making such a fuss about Tita and she’s decided Rey’s not like any of the other boys she knows. She wants to go steady. (I feel like Rey’s saying “yes” just because she asked. Like, if Frida had asked first, would he be with her instead?)

The latest internet scandal has something to do with Tita and Daniel getting married. Dante explains to Ángela that that part’s true, but Tita’s a really good person and she had a lot to do with Daniel getting sober. Ángela still had this idea that when she came back to Mexico she’d go out with Daniel again.

Joel and Nelson set something up to prove to Fabi that the watch is a knock-off and Nelson still has his original watch. She wants Quique to go apologize to Joel, but he’s sure they tricked her. Not that she’s gullible! Just that she’s too nice and people take advantage. (Yeah, that didn’t sound a lot better.)

Froylán’s teaching Frida how to solder. Salomé comes over and encourages her to try to get back together with Rey.

Daniel comes down to Nadia’s apartment to ask her to be nicer to Tita, but she’s being her usual self. Emiliano, though…Emiliano recognizes him and he remembers that Daniel did an ad for their agency once for some suits and hey, isn’t he Tita’s fiancé?! Congratulations! Daniel invites them to the wedding and Nadia kind of wanders off moaning. Daniel asks if that’s normal. Um…pretty much.

Valeria has picked this morning to have a serious talk with Tita about how much she loves Rey.

Nadia complains to Maika about what a sweet girl Valeria used to be, but now…. (Uh, has she actually met her daughter?) Maika’s appalled at the thought that Valeria might want to settle down with Rey.

Everyone’s gathered at the pensión for the wedding. Tita’s dress looks more like a pantsuit, but they won’t give us a full view. Emiliano arrives, the judge arrives, and they get down to the marrying part. The paperwork is signed and Daniel and Tita kiss. Everyone hugs and kisses the bride and groom.

Emiliano gets back from the wedding to Nadia and Maika talking smack about Tita. He says while he was there, he made sure Rey understands that he expects him to treat Valeria well. Nadia says he just gave him permission to knock her up and go chase after the next skirt. And I’m not even exaggerating, that’s what she said.

Emiliano asks her again about the company financials and Maika and José Antonio try to split. Emiliano wants to know what she’s hiding.

Aha! The dress Gonzo designed was for the church wedding. It’s very slinky and I like how he didn’t do the sleeves in full lace, just a strip of lace over the sheer sleeves. Salomé’s even looking like “Damn, girl!” but then she remembers she hates Tita and sneers. OK, seriously, the wedding march can stop any time now.

Aw, crap. Waldo’s back. I knew it! I mean, I didn’t know it, but I knew it! He allegedly had amnesia. Daniel wants to beat the crap out of him and I don’t blame him. Martina’s starting to feel faint. Tita drives off in the getaway car, alone.

Whatever Nadia handed Emiliano, those weren’t the financials. It was more like a general projection. If she doesn’t give him the reports he asked for he’s having the company audited.

“I can explain.” Rey is so not in the mood. Waldo was supposed to be dead and he shows up just now and ruins everyone’s lives? Fabi, however, finds his return comforting. I still want to know how the second Mrs. Waldo Bravo fits into this whole mess.

Tita drove home. As in–her dee-luxe apartment en el Cielo-o-o. She runs into José Antonio in the slowest elevator ever and explains that she was supposed to get married, but her dead husband wasn’t really dead and so she couldn’t. When they get upstairs, she realizes she doesn’t have her keys. José Antonio invites her to come hang out at his apartment.

Emiliano sits Maika down with some ice cream and begs her to tell him if there’s something weird going on at the agency. She insists everything’s fine, her last job paid well. He says if she sees something going on that’s not right, she needs to say something and not just cover for her mother.

Gonzo and Frida get back to the pensión, that’s all set up for a fancy dinner. They both wanted to deck Waldo. And Frida’s upset that this happened to Tita, but she’s worried about Rey. Not that she wants them to go console him, because he’s with Valeria. Salomé and Froylán get back and Salomé’s horrible, as usual. Sergio, the Coronel, and Martina get back and Sergio starts trying to convince everyone to just eat already. Nobody understands why Martina’s so nervous (and I didn’t even remember at first).

The rest of the party gets back to the apartment and can’t find Tita. Waldo’s still there with dollar signs in his eyes, looking at the place and this is the only good thing about being in últimas semanas–it means they’re also Waldo’s últimas semanas. Nobody is buying the amnesia story.

Someone calls Nadia with the story about Tita’s non-wedding. She and Maika are going to celebrate with a visit to the spa.

Tita’s in José Antonio’s apartment drinking wine. He encourages her to keep drinking while she figures out what she’s going to say to everybody. She doesn’t think Daniel’s going to take it well.

Nobody at the apartment has a clue where Tita could be, but Valeria suggests she’s maybe at a neighbor’s? No, not her mom’s of course. Waldo and Daniel are still bickering. The addition of Delfino doesn’t help. Fabi just wants all of them to shut up and find her mommy!

Tita. Still drinking.

Fabi calls the pensión, but nope, Tita’s not there. Martina hangs up rather than talk to Waldo.

Tita’s talking about the kids and drifting into sad drunk territory. José Antonio’s starting to think it’s not a good idea for her to keep drinking. He’ll make her a coffee. He gets up and Tita heads straight for the open bottle of wine.

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