La Jefa del Campeón Thursday 9/13/18 #44

Delfino’s whining about still being single.

Frida wants to talk to José Antonio about Gonzo’s business idea.

Dante teases Daniel about Ángela, but Daniel has been over her since he fell in love with Tita.

Joel’s been talking smack about Quique and Quique thinks it’s less to do with his playing and more to do with Fabi.

José Antonio thinks Gonzo and Frida have a good chance at making their business profitable, but Frida still wants someone more…adult…to help them. She suggests Tita and José Antonio likes the idea.

Daniel runs into Ángela at the market. They talk about paella. PAELLA. But Delfino just has to skulk around like this is the chisme of the century. He gets a picture of them hugging.

Quique takes Fabi out. They have ice cream. He asks her to be his novia. ¡Con beso y toda la cosa!

Rey has a car. He calls the sound of the key flipping open when he presses the button the sound of happiness for a man. But he promises it’s not a very ostentatious car and he’ll be driving Tita around everywhere.

Abuelo Pedro shows up. He meets Valeria, who’s going to teach Rey to drive.

Quique sees Joel at the Búfalos building. He does the “stay away from my novia” thing.

Delfino sends Tita the incriminating-looking photo. He bought a brand new phone to send it from, too. Loser.

Rey drops Valeria off on her floor after practice. Nadia’s a jerk about it. Rey gets a kick out of telling her he’s not that kid she can scream at anymore. Her family’s on the way down and his is on the way up.

Tita shows Daniel the incriminating-looking photo. He says it was Ángela’s birthday. So this time Tita got jealous. But the wedding is still on.

Valeria’s horrified that her mom’s the reason Rey didn’t get the ad.

Rey tells the adults about running into Nadia. Abuelo Pedro isn’t exactly thrilled that Valeria is defying her mom to go out with Rey. He told Rey before to fight for his dreams and now he’s telling him to fight for his happiness.

Nelson’s anxious for Joel to publish more stuff to make Rey look bad, but Joel doesn’t have anything else. He suggests Nelson score more goals. Nelson scoffs that that’s easy. Uh huh, and yet Joel’s heard people saying Nelson has maybe one or two seasons left in him.

Tita finally talks José Antonio into billing for his services.

It’s the night of Tita and Daniel’s despedidas. Delfino’s planning to go and skipping a blind date to do it. Beba also has a blind date scheduled.

Frida and Gonzo show Tita their business plan. They’re super excited and it’s cute!

Nadia’s complaining about Valeria and Rey again. What will people say when they see her with him! (Uh…lucky? Goal?) And then the music starts and Nadia’s complaining about Those People.

Ah, it’s a joint despedida with tacos by Sergio and music by Delfino. Enrique and Fabi tell Daniel and Tita they’re dating. Daniel threatens Quique’s bodily integrity if he hurts Fabi. El Coronel and Martina show up. It’s the sweetest thing–Martina brought the lazo that her great-grandmother used for her wedding. She was happily married for 60 years. Rey and Fabi bought the rings.

Nadia’s whining about having a migraine. Which, if she has one that does suck, but I think she’s just being a spoiled brat. And her brattiness interrupted Maika’s date.

José Antonio comes over to Tita’s to ask them to turn the music down. He recognizes Bomba, but he seems thrown off by the idea that he and Tita are getting married.

Sergio’s worried about Gonzo. He wants him to get a girlfriend. Gonzo’s focusing on school and getting a job. He’ll explain the job thing later.

Emiliano’s in town! Valeria was supposed to tell Nadia he was arriving today, but since they’re not speaking to each other for once…. Anyway, he can’t believe Nadia’s being so snooty when he started out collecting recyclables. Hey, isn’t it any consolation to her that they call Valeria’s boyfriend “Rey”?

Daniel walks José Antonio out and goes to check on Tita’s dad. Beba thinks Daniel caught on that José Antonio has a thing for Tita.

Things get awkward when José Antonio gets back to his place. Maika found the check Tita wrote him for his financial advice. He keeps talking about how nice everyone at the party was and Maika apologizes for ruining his night and goes on her pouty way.

Nadia’s a jerk to Emiliano at breakfast. So what else is new? But it seems like she’s extra tense about the business stuff.

Karina’s back in town and who cares about the rest of it, but she kissed Gonzo!

Fabi’s still doing therapy, but she’s not getting at the core of the problem and it keeps snowballing. Her therapist can’t prescribe drugs and she doesn’t think Fabi needs them because they’re just a crutch. (Um, no. It’s more like those cooking shows where if you can’t make your own, store-bought is fine.) She wants to forget Matías so she can start over with Enrique.

Enrique’s talking marriage and Doña Sara tells him to slow his roll. Right now he needs to shower Fabi with love and not put pressure on her. He likes that his mom always has a different perspective, that she’s looking with los ojos del alma.

Joel’s so over the anonymous Internet harassment of Rey. Nelson’s not letting him off the hook, though, and he has audio of their deal.

Nadia still wants Tita out of the apartment building.

Delfino and Beba’s separate blind dates are with each other.

Quique shows up at Fabi’s and Joel’s ringing the doorbell. He notices the watch and recognizes it as Nelson’s. Cue fight. Tita and Fabi have to separate them and Nadia comes upstairs to gripe. Fabi kicks them both out.

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