La Jefa del Campeón Thursday 9/20/18 #49

Natalia’s lover wants to spend more time with her, but she refuses to hire him as a model for the agency, especially now with Emiliano being around all the time.

Maika mentions to José Antonio that she met Tita’s fiancé and he was sooooooo nice! She thinks this little fight had run its course and they should invite Tita and Bomba over to watch the game. José Antonio is suspicious about her motives.

Rey passes on Waldo’s desire for forgiveness and Tita’s got no problem with forgiving him as long as he signs the divorce papers and gets out! Rey says he wants to be a family again and Tita’s like “Hell no! He can go back to his other family in Estela.”

Um, what?

She hesitantly tells them Waldo had another family. Beba helps out with the details–like that he’s got two other kids and he had both families at the same time and Tita’s so nice she sends his other family money every once in a while since Waldo’s not supporting them. The other family doesn’t know. When Tita and Daniel found out about them, they didn’t want to tell them. So they just pretended to be family members of Waldo’s and they think it’s their “aunt and uncle” helping them out. That’s who they got the death certificate from.

Ángela has suddenly decided it’s not ethical for her to keep working with Fabi as her therapist. She doesn’t explain the reasons and I’m kind of annoyed because unless something major has changed, it’s been unethical since the day they all ran into each other at the café. So why now have things changed?

José Antonio goes over to Tita’s to invite her and Bomba over to watch the game, but even she finds the invitation hinky, knowing how Natalia and Maika feel about her. She says she’ll think about it.

Daniel’s still annoyed about Waldo. And now Tita’s doing his laundry. And she won’t move out and go to Daniel’s apartment. He’s upset that she won’t let him help her and keeps insisting on being responsible for everything even though the kids are grown and Waldo can fend for himself.

Rey tells Waldo he knows about the other family. He can kiss his “forgiveness” goodbye and he should probably go make up with the other family while there’s still time. Waldo gets threatening about Rey owing him respect. Rey says he doesn’t owe him anything. Waldo blows his stack, talking about Rey has money and when Waldo was his age all he had was two families to support. Rey says if he wants any chance at all of getting his respect, he’d better leave Tita alone and let her be happy with Daniel.

The pensión peeps have dinner. Salomé and Sergio accuse Tita of not wanting to hang out anymore, now that she has money. Sergio complains about Gonzo. El Coronel complains about Sergio complaining about Gonzo.

Nadia hates the idea of hanging out with Tita and she’s not going over to José Antonio’s to watch fútbol. What a shock.

Daniel talks to Dante about what happened with Tita, but Dante doesn’t buy that this has anything to do with Waldo. It must be about the kids. And he knows what a generous person Tita is. He seriously doubts Tita will fall for Waldo again.

Tita goes to Ángela’s office to confront her about not wanting to work with Fabi anymore. Ángela says it’s because she and Fabi are getting too close, but Tita says she thinks it has something to do with Daniel.

Valeria got Rey to go out for drinks. He’s calmed down some, but he’s started thinking about that time he caught Waldo with…someone…and he didn’t tell his mom. Maybe if he had, he could have saved her some trouble.

Ángela admits that she does have feelings for Daniel, but she has no intention of coming between them. She just wants to make sure she supports him so he doesn’t start drinking again. Tita’s about to leave when Daniel shows up. Ángela wanted to talk to him about Fabi too because he’s concerned about her (and she signed a release form, right?). He’s an ass about not bothering to say anything to Tita because she never listens. Well, on that note, Tita says he doesn’t even need to come looking for her–he can have all the time he wants. Ángela tells Daniel he’s being too hard on her. He says Tita can do whatever she wants–mother adult children and exes, but he wants nothing to do with that.

Fabi feels bad about calling her mom to whine about Ángela dumping her. Eh, Beba can understand how that would have upset her. Fabi complains about everyone being “against” her dad. Beba’s like “Well, yeah, ’cause he’s a liar.”

Fabi visits Waldo’s room and tells him he really screwed up with the whole “two families” thing and if he wants to keep this family then he needs to give Tita a divorce. He’s already lost her and it’s the only way he’s not going to lose Fabi and Rey too.

Rey gets home. Tita gets home and tells Beba she thinks Ángela dumped Fabi because she’s going after Daniel. Rey tells Tita to chill. She should talk to Daniel and not jump to conclusions. Oh Rey, it’s way too late for that.

Valeria and Emiliano are talking in the kitchen. Nadia comes in and hears Valeria theorizing that she’s so jealous of Tita because she never dated after she and Emiliano divorced.

Upstairs everyone has put their two cents in and they’re solidly #TeamTitaYBomba, but Tita has decided she’s not going to see Daniel again until the divorce is final.

Waldo calls and tells Celso that as soon as he’s recovered they’re going to handle his “unfinished business.” He’s gotta get rid of Bomba because no way is Waldo going to let anyone besides himself spend all of Rey’s money.

Nadia heads back to Lover’s apartment, but if she’s not going to hire him to work for the agency, then he’s gotta go do a bachelorette party. Nadia begs him not to go and asks how much money he needs.

Nadia gets back home in the morning. Emilio wanted to take everyone out to breakfast, but since she’s being cranky…. Maika is up for breakfast, but if he wants to stop fighting with Nadia all the time, he has to drop this whole “audit” thing.

Karina and Gonzo. Still moving in together.

Tita wants to bring José Antonio and Maika to the pensión to watch the game. Maika and her slinky dress very obviously had other plans. Nadia tells her to move herself into José Antonio’s place and marry him quick if she wants to keep her extravagant lifestyle.

Nelson attempts to give a pep talk in the locker room, but Rey and Quique aren’t buying it.

Maika doesn’t want to go to the pensión. She says it’s because of the last-minute invite.

Frida’s happy that Karina’s moving in with Gonzo.

Daniel’s going over to Tita’s apartment uninvited to see if she wants to watch the game at the pensión and he sees her in José Antonio’s car.

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