La Jefa del Campeón Monday 9/24/18 #51

At the pensión, Frida shows off her grades. Puros diez, except for that one 9.8. She’s going to apply for a full scholarship and between her grades and her economic needs…Salomé goes off about Froylán having nothing, etc. and Frida asks her to quit talking about him like that. Why’d she marry him if she had such a low opinion of him? Salomé snaps at her that she was dying and wanted to be with her family.

Martina tells Frida not to listen to Salomé. And not to make the same mistakes they made. She means not closing herself off to love. Martina spent so many years alone and it wasn’t worth it.

Fabi’s upset that her mom didn’t ask Quique to do the commercial, but he’s really not comfortable with cameras just yet. Fabi hopes that at least having Rey busy with that and fútbol will mean fewer fights with her dad. She complains about Rey and Tita making him hurry up and sign a bunch of paperwork.

Ángela’s not buying Daniel’s “Tita and I aren’t back together until after the divorce is final.” She asks if he’s thinking of quitting the Chapulines, since Fabi’s so close to her dad. She thought it could be uncomfortable. It’s why she wanted Fabi to find another therapist, to not mix personal and professional.

El Coronel, Martina, Beba, and Tita have a celebratory dinner. It feels a little improvised, just chatting about the ad and about how well Tita’s going to do with the new company.

Tita and Beba are closing down the physical store. Beba tells Froylán they won’t see each other much anymore. Froylán pouts.

Maika rearranged José Antonio’s kitchen cupboards. He complains, she pouts, he gets over it, and he’s off to work.

Waldo’s out of his casts. Getting his death annulled is going to be a process. And he’s also not fully recovered yet.

Nadia’s annoyed that Valeria’s doing HAMU for Tita. She wishes Valeria would do something more useful with her time. “What, you mean like Maika, shacking up with José Antonio to see if she can get him to marry her?”

Fabi took Waldo to the doctor (real one or not, who knows) and he’s still in a lot of pain and Fabi says it’s Tita’s fault. She pushed him into resolving his non-death and so he took the casts off and now he’s fractured two vertebra. OK, that doesn’t make sense in either the medical way or the Tita didn’t “make” him do anything way.

Emiliano has Daniel look over a copy of the shooting schedule and his contract. Now they’re just waiting for the client to decide whether they want Rey or Nelson, because there’s not enough in the budget for both of them. And he also mentions José Antonio’s on the board. Daniel plays it cool for now, but I’m predicting another tantrum.

Morning 2 of living together and José Antonio’s getting even snippier. Maika was supposed to make breakfast this morning. She didn’t, but somehow she left a mess in the kitchen. She wants to just hire a live-in housekeeper, but José Antonio likes his privacy.

Waldo’s still laying on the guilt trip, moaning and groaning and saying he doesn’t want to live off Tita and he’ll go get his own place. Tita tells him to stay until he’s recovered.

Fabi’s still being snippy, she still thinks it’s all Tita’s fault, and I don’t believe her when she says she’s back in therapy.

Dante has had it with Nelson’s selfish playing. One more practice like that and he’ll bench him. Nelson snots that Dante won’t bench him–Dante’s his rep, so he won’t get paid if Nelson gets benched. Dante’s face: “I can live with that.”

Nadia’s back at work, but crankier than ever. She sneers at Tita, she sneers at Tita bringing Beba in as her assistant, she sneers at Emiliano and José Antonio actually liking and encouraging Tita and Beba. Her eyes are going to get stuck if she keeps rolling them like that.

Beba wants to bring Delfino in as the assistant to the assistant–he’d be the shipping department for the online store and the messenger delivering things locally.

Joel was apparently the one behind all the memes about Rey not scoring goals at the last game. Nelson pays him off for that and they talk about turning his participation in the Dandy commercial into hot gossip. Joel says he’ll do whatever for money. (How very consistent of you, Joel.)

Nelson shows up in Nadia’s office, thinking he’s got the job but Nadia says their little partnership is over. Tita is the majority shareholder of the agency now and Rey’s doing the campaign. Nelson just figures he’s got two people to annoy now.

After Tita’s business makeover, Rey suggested Valeria study diseño de imagen (stylist). Tita’s glad to hear she’ll be studying something. What? She doesn’t understand people who don’t do anything.

Rey figures Tita’s about to hold up Frida as an example.

Well, yeah.

Rey says they’re nothing alike. Valeria is fun and a little “crazy” and he likes that. Frida is more mature, she’s his example, she put everything aside for the sake of their child.

And would Valeria have done that?

Rey says it’s not fair to talk about something that didn’t happen.

José Antonio comes over to tell them people are already talking about the commercial. They’re complaining that Daniel and Rey were only hired because of nepotism. So basically, everyone’s dying for this commercial to come out and see what all the fuss is about. Tita’s laughing at the idea that someone wanted to hurt them, but accidentally helped them instead. “Lo que viene, conviene.” Aw, she hasn’t said that it a while 🙂

Dante comes over to Daniel’s. He suggested to Búfalos management that Daniel get the job as technical director. Dante only agreed to do it temporarily and he can’t keep on due to conflicts of interest. Daniel’s so happy it makes him want to call Tita and tell her…but he won’t. Because Waldo’s still living in her house, etc.

Ooh, time jump

Nadia’s ex approaches her in the garage at the agency. He wants money. And he has videos. Walter jumps in to keep the ex from hurting Nadia and says he’s a fed. When ex is gone, he tells her he was lying, and besides he totally respects her right to a little something something. Nadia takes him up on an offer to go get coffee and discuss getting the videos back from the ex.

Beba’s new look is cute goth businesswoman. I don’t know if I like it, but if anyone can pull it off it’s Beba. I think the whole point of this scene was to establish that Waldo hasn’t moved out yet, Fabi isn’t going to go with him, and Rey’s not paying for his new place.

Over coffee, Waldo ups the offer to bumping the ex, Crisóforo, off. He keeps talking about how they might be able to help each other, but Nadia still has no idea who he is. “Tita Menchaca’s husband.”

The ad campaign is coming out next week.

Frida got a full scholarship. And Martina’s making her a special dessert to celebrate. Salomé’s annoyed that Martina knew and she didn’t. And she’s annoyed that Martina says Tita and Beba have been better mothers to Frida than Salomé has. And also, Salomé doesn’t deserve the family she has. If she loved Froylán she’d let him be happy.

Yep, Waldo, Celso, and some other guy beat Nadia’s ex and threaten to kill him if he doesn’t leave town.

Martina apologizes for being mean to Frida when she was a kid. But she and Bonifacio are there for Frida if she needs them.

Now that Waldo’s done her this favor, he wants Nadia to help him get Tita back. She has no intention of helping Tita. Waldo explains he doesn’t want Tita, he wants Rey’s money. Nadia agrees to help him IF he can get Tita out of the building and get Rey away from Valeria. He talks about moving and Nadia says she can help him.

José Antonio is spending more time at work now that he can’t work in peace at the apartment. Maika whines and complains because he dares say positive things about Tita. She tells him he can have Tita if he admires her so much.

Nadia moves Waldo into the ex’s apartment. Waldo warns her not to let Tita take control of the company and watch out for Beba. Nadia doesn’t trust Emiliano to look out for her anymore and she doesn’t know if she can trust José Antonio, since he and Maika are fighting all the time.

Tita and Daniel look over the photos for the ad. They get all smoochy in her office. Tita shows Daniel the latest draft of the divorce papers. All that’s left is for Waldo to sign them.

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