La Jefa del Campeón Wednesday 9/26/18 #53

Called it. Daniel heard José Antonio “declaring his love” and jumps straight to “Tita must like him too” and he doesn’t even want to talk to her about it. Ángela’s face: “I can’t believe I ever dated you.”

El Coronel is in the hospital. Fabi tells Tita that he had been working double shifts, so yeah, it’s possible that what happened with Martina was too much for him. At the pensión Frida’s picking up poor Tulipán. Froylán apologizes to Beba for dragging his heels.

Waldo shows up at the Búfalos offices to tell Daniel that just like he stepped aside, now it’s Daniel’s turn–because Tita’s in love with José Antonio. (And you’re going to believe Waldo?)

So Daniel meets Tita and says they have to break up because they both want different things. Seriously, Ángela needs to get him a referral to one of her colleagues.

I wasn’t paying attention when Sergio was working on repotting Tulipán. The guys say they’ll take turns watching her(?) and then dump her on Gonzo.

Tita tells Fabi about the breakup and Fabi’s like “Did you TELL him how you feel?!” But Tita’s all “He seemed so decisive.” (That’s it, I’m breaking up with both of them!)

Nadia apparently was cheating on Emiliano way before the divorce and asked Maika to keep quiet about it.

Rey flips out when Gonzo mentions Frida invited him to pray for Bonifacio. Gonzo has to remind him he’s in love with Karina and she’s moving in tomorrow. He suggests maybe Rey is missing Frida and he needs to ask himself why he’s going out with Valeria.

José Antonio just broke up with her and Maika’s already dating Nelson, of all people. And she’s going “no protocol” so they’ve skipped right to kissing in public.

Emiliano asks Tita what she thinks of Valeria. ‘Cause from what he understands, Valeria getting back into school was one of Rey’s conditions (implied) for dating her. So, Rey’s good for Valeria, but what does Tita think? Tita says they’ve gotta leave the kids alone to do whatever they’re gonna do. (Before today I was glad Emiliano didn’t crush on Tita, but right about now, I’d be OK with it.)

Karina’s moved into the pensión and Sergio insists he’s moving out.

Fabi tells Rey about running into Daniel and Angela. They start talking about how much both Tita and Daniel are hurting, but Frida calls to tell them that El Coronel is being discharged from the hospital.

Tita hasn’t told her dad that she and Daniel broke up. She doesn’t want to worry him.

Waldo lets Nadia know, post-sex, that he doesn’t plan to be a kept man. They’re going to work “together.”

Emiliano finds Valeria in the apartment, studying. They talk about Rey and he warns her not to monopolize his time like Maika did to José Antonio. She tells him it looks like Nelson Coppola is going to be his next son-in-law and Emiliano groans and hits the counter with his head.

El Coronel is home. I think Martina tells Frida that he did have a heart attack, but also a stroke and he might not walk again.

Tita goes over to Daniel’s and Ángela answers the door in one of his shirts and not much else. If she was going to say “This isn’t what it looks like” she took way too long to do it and Tita takes off.

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