La Jefa del Campeón Friday 9/28/18 #55

José Antonio tries to cheer Tita up by telling her a funny story from his class trip to Chichen Itza. While the tour guide was talking, he reached back for his girlfriend’s hand and heard a voice saying “I think you’re holding the wrong hand.” And when he turned around there was an older woman standing there and he was so embarrassed he had to go hide on the tour bus. Jaja…yeah, no. Tita appreciates the effort but it’s hard for her to laugh right now.

Valeria and Rey just don’t understand what happened with Daniel that he’s suddenly married to someone else. Rey figures that’s love–unpredictable.

Gonzo and Karina are planning a trip to Vallarta to see him mom and Guadalajara to see Karina’s grandmother.

Waldo stops by Tita’s office to gloat about Daniel’s marriage. I mean…to tell her she’s still the mother of his children, so he’s there for whatever she needs. Tita thanks him and say he can get out of her office now.

Meanwhile, in the Twilight Zone…Daniel’s cooking pasta and talking about having kids. With Ángela.

Valeria’s worried that things with her and Rey aren’t quite the same as they used to be. Maika’s sisterly advice is that men are disposable. Go get a new one.

In the kitchen at the pensión, Martina, Karina, Beba, and Frida mope about Tita’s bad luck with men. Although, Frida sees it more as a test from life. Salomé intrudes to say that Rufis is still in the Coronel’s room and it’s late.

Well, the Coronel is running a fever, so Rufis is not going home tonight. She’ll sleep in the chair and since he’s not sleepy, he can tell her old war stories. He starts talking about a disaster in 1985.

Frida asks her mom to be a little more tactful with Martina. Um…has she met her mother? Salomé’s all “Hey, I’m just trying to warn you, men don’t need love to have sex, blah blah blah.” Martina says Salomé would know–she’s the voice of “experience. Oops, sorry, just slipped out!”

José Antonio took Tita to the movies to cheer her up. And then he kisses her at somebody’s door…hers, his, a generic hallway in this apartment building…and Maika sees and starts flipping out about José Antonio trading her in for That Woman. (Oh, please, she’s just jealous because Nelson can’t hold a candle to Tita.) Maika does a lot of shrieking and José Antonio shoves her onto the elevator and apologizes to Tita. (For Maika? For kissing her? For what?)

Just in case we didn’t get it already, Waldo and Nadia lounge around in bed while he tells her he doesn’t really care about Tita, he just wants to manage Rey’s money and his career.

Just in case we didn’t get it already, José Antonio declares his like for Tita. She tells him not to get his hopes up.

On the way up to Tita’s in the Slowest Elevator Ever, Beba begs Delfino to be cool about Tita’s breakup. Not throw himself at her and stuff. But Delfino says he’s realized that was his mistake–not telling the woman that he loved that he loved her and he’s not going to make that mistake again. Beba’s like “Dude, no, be cool” and Delfino’s like “Oh, I wasn’t talking about Tita.” And then he snogs her in the elevator and Maika gets an eyeful. Apparently her horoscope today read “You will see people snogging today. Lots of people snogging.”

As the elevator opens, Maika yells at “José Antonio! Oops…sorry.” and runs off.

Beba doesn’t want to lie, though, she still has feelings for Froylán. Delfino gives her the whole “we swim the same currents, you’re my dolphin” speech and Beba’s digging it. But she’s afraid he’s confusing their friendship for love and the minute he sees Tita again he’s gonna be throwing himself at her. Delfino says he feels good around Beba and she could be his one and only sirenita (the dolphin thing sounded better).

Everybody but Tita knew José Antonio was into her. Fabi thinks she should go for it, so Daniel doesn’t think she’s busy crying in corners over him. Tita wouldn’t do that unless she was ready for something serious, but Fabi’s thinking if Tita had no feelings at all she would have kicked him out of the house.

Maika complains to Nelson about Tita making a fool out of her. Nelson suggests they add stuff about Tita to the memes of Rey. Yep, that’s been his doing.

Nadia and Maika are complaining about Tita, Tita, Tita at dinner. Emiliano listens to all their innuendo about Tita having been after José Antonio from the beginning and Emiliano’s like “Whatever.”

Maika’s opening salvo: there’s an article online in the morning claiming that Daniel broke it off with Tita because she was cheating on him with José Antonio.

Valeria goes over to the pensión looking for Rey, but hey while she’s there she’ll roll her eyes at Frida for making a remote-controlled car for a school project instead of just buying one and said she made it. And BTW, José Antonio wasn’t the one who broke up with her sister. She’s into telling the truth now, like Rey does, like how he and Frida are such good friends and he’s know her forever and he’s paying for her mom’s medical treatment–what? She didn’t know?

Waldo has breakfast with Rey. He claims he’s worried about Tita and oh yeah, he’ll stay away but if she needs anything, Rey has to tell him because Tita’s always been there for him and it’s the least he can do. He even “lets” Rey talk him into accepting an allowance. For Fabi’s sake. So she won’t worry about him.

Ángela shows Daniel one of the memes of Tita like it’s proof that she had a thing with José Antonio. (Sometime around when Ángela decided she couldn’t work with Fabi it feels like they switched writers and the new one really has no clue who these characters are.)

Tita and Rey hang out with the pensión peeps. Delfino flirts with Beba. Since he’s saying he loves her, she tells him to clean the kitchen.

Fabi and Quique have the whole apartment to themselves, but after two tries to get past kissing, Fabi decides she’s just not ready. They have an awkward conversation about neither one of them being mad at the other.

Frida asks Rey why he never told her he was paying for her mom’s treatment. Rey didn’t think he needed to tell her. OK, but Frida thought once they broke up they didn’t have any ties. She thought she was letting him go because he wanted to be with Valeria. He thought she didn’t care that she was with Valeria. Frida doesn’t really do drama, but Rey would have liked just a little bit of jealousy. Frida’s like “dude, I had tons!” And then she kisses him. And apologizes. Because he’s dating Valeria.

Daniel watches Ángela get ready for bed and thinks about Tita. She kisses him and he thinks about Tita. She tries to have sex with him and he thinks about Tita and says he’s thinking about the game. Yeah, the game. And he can’t concentrate.

Valeria tries to get Rey to go out, but he’s likewise busy thinking about “the game.” There’s something about him “going into concentration” that I don’t understand–like he isolates himself or something? And she wants to go out before that happens. Anyway, Abuelo Pedro showed up for the game and Quique and his mom are coming over for dinner and Valeria excuses herself. Tita breaks it to her dad that she and Daniel broke up and he’s married to someone else.

Days Later

Delfino’s hooking up the TV in El Coronel’s room. Martina tries to convince Rufis to take some free tickets and go to the game, but she insists she’s staying to watch Bonifacio.

Salomé invites herself along to the game, since she’s feeling better. Oh, and did Rey give Froylán the money for this month yet? He says he needs to go pick up her prescriptions first, but she takes the money and says she’ll get them. The pharmacist always gives her a discount. Froylán goes to tell Frida that Salomé’s coming with them. Salomé calls someone and asks if something’s ready for tomorrow. She’ll see them then.

Fabi stops by Waldo’s apartment. He tells her it’s thanks to Rey that he can afford it. And then Nadia walks in without knocking and Fabi wants to know why she has keys to this place.

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