La Jefa del Campeón Thursday 9/27/18 #54

Nadia’s plan is to bilk the company and she gave Waldo some suggestions for fake receipts. Making them is Celso’s department.

Nadia doesn’t approve of Maika dating Nelson, even though he makes a ton of money.

Bonifacio’s home and enthusiastic about starting physical therapy. He won’t let Martina help him–he’s hiring a friend of Fabi’s as his nurse. He asks to see Sergio so he can ask him to take care of Martina and make her happy.

Delfino has decided he needs to date someone his own species and he thinks his delfina is Beba.

Beba and Fabi are still trying to piece together what happened with Martina and Sergio. Even Martina doesn’t know.

Daniel and Ángela are back together again. Dante choking on his water is all of us.

So I guess all that happened after Tita saw Ángela at Daniel’s is that she decided that means they broke up. José Antonio sees her face when she gets home and decides to keep her company until the kids get there. She didn’t even tell him what happened and he’s suggesting they might not want to leave her alone.

Fabi’s friend “Rufis” (Rufina?) comes over to get started with Bonifacio’s rehab. Fabi has to drag Martina out of the room. I think Rufis seems like a good fit for him–she’s got a good energy. She says they’ll start right away and he has to do his part and follow her instructions if he wants to recover quickly.

Fabi has breakfast with Waldo and tells him about Tita’s breakup. Waldo’s still playing “poor me” and saying he’s living in low-income housing.

Frida and Gonzo are getting ready for a work session, but Frida wants to talk about what he remembers from “that night.” All he remembers is Sergio stumbling in all drunk and then deciding he needed to go to the bathroom. And as far as Gonzo knows, he never came back from the bathroom.

Nelson sarcastically (I hope) suggests a triple-date, but Quique says he doesn’t think Fabi would be interested. Maika didn’t even thank her for helping when Nadia passed out. Daniel comes to tell them to get on the field already.

Beba has a hard time believing Daniel moved on so quickly. Tita says it’s her fault–she always thought of him as the father of her children, but she never treated him like it.

Frida interviews Delfino. He remembers seeing Sergio coming out of the bathroom drunk and Sergio saying he was going back to his room, but going the wrong way. From inside the bathroom Delfino heard a woman’s voice telling Sergio to stay where he was and laughing. And he’s sure it was Martina ’cause she’s the only one who laughs at her jokes.

Ángela stops by Dante’s school, looking for a couple of witnesses to a legal trámite (process, procedure). Gonzo volunteers himself and Dante. Ángela won’t tell them what it’s for, but it’s going to make her very happy. (*side eye*)

The next person Frida interviews is Salomé. Salomé gives us a convenient flashback to show that she set the whole thing up to get back at Martina for drunkenly rambling that Salomé’s soul was rotted and Frida shouldn’t be like her. She’s the one who guided Sergio into Martina’s room and pulled his pants down for extra effect. Of course, she tells Frida she can’t remember a thing.

I hate to even say this, because I don’t want to believe it, but I just watched Daniel and Ángela get married. Legally. Maybe I need to get my eyes checked…yeah, that’s it….

Karina asks Martina for one of her vegan recipes. She wants to help Sergio because the Tacoche isn’t doing so well without Martina.

Frida and Gonzo are going to enter a competition to design uniforms for an airline. Salomé’s glad that for once Frida told her first.

The triple-date thing is actually happening. At an antro. Quique can’t believe how lucky he is to have Fabi. Fabi’s flattered that someone who’s been through so much hard stuff in his life needs her around to feel sure of himself. Tita accidentally interrupts them snogging and does her best to disappear.

Martina brings Bonifacio some dinner and tries to give him a dose of his medicine, but Rufis did that already. At the correct time. Martina tries to cheer him up with the news about Karina moving in, but he thinks she’s happy because Sergio hates Karina. He tells her to take the dinner tray–he just wants to rest.

Gonzo announces to Tita and the family that Daniel married Ángela. (I disbelieve!)

Karina’s putting groceries away at the pensión and Sergio gets snippy with her about making sure she doesn’t label them “Coyote” because he’s the only Coyote around here. She tries to tell him she and Gonzo are sharing expenses, but he gets all pissy about her supporting Gonzo.

It’s technically Daniel’s (alleged) wedding night, but he has plays to work out. Ángela’s suddenly worried they got married too fast, but he insists they’re fine, he just needs to turn these plays in tomorrow.

Celso’s apparently a very good fake invoice maker. Nadia’s thrilled with what Waldo shows her. And then she tells him about Daniel’s wedding and how she’s got a surprise waiting for Tita.

Beba makes ice cream sundaes and tells Tita to let it all out. Beba’s not convinced that Daniel really loves Ángela. And then they focus on the sundaes.

El Coronel whines about getting a massage, but Rufis reminds him it’s going to help his circulation. She takes advantage of Delfino stopping by to go to the pharmacy. Delfino’s teasing the Coronel about Rufis, but Bonifacio insists she’s just a nice young woman.

Frida asks her dad for money for a school project, but he says he bought the stuff for her and left it in her chair. The other night. When Salomé was helping Sergio to his room.

At the ad agency, everyone’s celebrating the success of the “Dress like a crac” (fútbol slang for something like pro, expert) campaign for Dandy. When Tita arrives, Nadia makes sure to congratulate Daniel on his recent wedding.

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