La Piloto 2 Monday 9/17/18 #35


The two Mexican police officers take Yoli and Arley back to their truck. Whatever her explanation is she can tell it to their boss.

Yoli begs the officer to let her go, but she gets the same answer. She’ll talk to his boss and if her story checks out, she’ll be released.

Monica and the mercs approach the tunnel. She hesitates until she makes out Yoli and Arley in the back seat. They block the cops in, tell them to hand over the woman and the kid, and start shooting.

Yoli takes advantage of the distraction to get into the front seat of the truck and make her getaway. This is kind of random, but wow, even after walking through that tunnel, Yoli’s hair is really shiny.

Monica jumps into the jeep to chase Yoli down herself. When she catches up to the truck, Yoli and Arley have already ditched it. They’re running for the closest road, ready to flag down the first car they see.

They get lucky–it’s a bus.


Yep, Tony’s doctor is dead. He was killed at least a day ago and someone took his body down to the morgue to hide it among the others. Hey, when was the last time Tony saw him?

Tony thinks this is starting to sound like an interrogation.

Matallana’s just asking questions. He can do that, right?

Tony says he saw the doctor yesterday when they released him.

Huh. And why would anyone want the doctor dead?

Tony doesn’t know, but maybe they were really coming after him and the doctor was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. They should keep investigating. Tony leaves ’cause it’s not like there’s anyone to do his checkup.


John meets his cellmate. The guards joke about him not being the most civilized person and John will find out soon enough what he did to get locked up.


Olivia and Wilmer are picking up their final paychecks, I guess. She’s complaining about him having his court date tomorrow for the whole hacking the hospital thing.

She gets a call from Mexico on her cell phone and picks it up, thinking it’s Yolanda. Instead it’s Rosalba. She went to visit Margot and everything was fine, but all of a sudden, Margot fell through a glass door. She’s fine, but she keeps asking for Olivia.

Club Diablo

Venancio’s got everything set up for “the ceremony.” Lots of red, a hammer and sickle, and the signature Kilichenko inverted pentagram. I’m laughing too hard to hear Irina and Venancio reminiscing about how Vasily created this place, etc.

Santamaría sneaks off to call Monica. She tells him the cops were there, they had some trouble, and Yolanda and Arley got away. He sends her to Mexicali to pick up Buitre.

Buitre’s instructions are to find Yolanda and Arley and lock them up. He still wants them alive for his stupid “plan.” He tells Buitre to check Yoli’s aunt’s apartment–Monica will know where it is.

So far, “The Ceremony” consists of Irina crossing herself, talking to the urn, and telling everyone to get back to work. But when Felicidad asks her to stop the fights she complains that they’re in the middle of the ceremony!

Venancio makes excuses–she’s probably high. He mentions her mother and explains to Irina that this is Julia’s daughter.

Irina screams at her–it’s her mother’s fault she can’t set foot in the house her daddy gave her when she turned 18. She wants Felicidad punished and sent to fight in the ring.


Buitre’s appalled at the stench. Camargo’s body is still lying on the living room floor. Monica explains he was the vet. But she’d rather not talk about it, ’cause it could’ve been her. All the guards took Muñeco’s stash and took off.

Buitre jokes about it being too bad they didn’t share. But anyway, they’ll track them down. In the meantime, he needs to get this place up and running again–orders of the new management. Oh, she didn’t know Vasiliy was dead? Yeah, John Lucio shot him and Santamaría and Irina are in charge now.

Buitre was surprised that John Lucio turned out to be a rat. They’re still looking for him. He’s not surprised Dave would work with him. But they know where Dave is–about to be sent to prison for allegedly working with the Kilichenkos.

Club Diablo

The helicopter’s ready, but Irina’s not ready to leave. She asks Morrison to stick around for a bit and give his opinion on Santamaría’s new plan.

Santamaría figures USFLY is on the verge of bankruptcy. Morrison agrees. Santamaría thinks it would be a good time for The Organization to buy it.


Matallana arranges a private meeting in a courtroom. He didn’t want to have this conversation in front of Waters. Dave may not want to trust him, but he’s running out of friends. The DA from Miami has made it clear she’s washing her hands of this.

Dave explains that John was helping them get Arley back…which they did. He says Waters found out the location of the safe house before his accident. He’s guessing Santamaría pressured the doctor to wake Tony up to get the info and what happens? The safe house gets attacked. And then Waters made the attack on the DEA office look like it was Dave’s fault.

That actually makes sense to Matallana, and he’s convinced Tony’s hiding something, but it’s going to take time to gather evidence to prove it. He asks Dave to trust him, for once!


Wilmer stops by to pick up some USBs Olivia didn’t pack. He explains she’s off to Mexico to check on her mother and he didn’t go with her because he has his hearing tomorrow about the hospital thing.


John meets the public defender assigned to his case. The guy’s star-struck. John tells him to focus–what’s going to happen to him?

Flores says John’s got a lot of charges against him as he opens up, I kid you not, a three or four inch binder.

Club Diablo

Later, Irina’s still hanging around. She found out John’s in prison in Mexico and she’s furious. How are they going to kill him now?! Santamaría’s all “Don’t worry babe, I’ll get him for you.”

Venancio tells Irina there are things about Don Vasily’s death that still bother him. Like who made the call that got him to leave the club?

She guesses that was John.

Well, where’d he get the number?

He probably found it at COPTERS.

But why’d he kill him? If he was working with the law, why not just capture him and get him to reveal the location of the club? He’s just saying there are people close to her who benefit from Don Vasily’s death.

Irina says Santamaría would never want to hurt her father.

Santamaría notices them talking and goes over to remind Irina they need to get back to LA. He wants a word with Venancio first…

He doesn’t believe they were just talking about clients. It’s best for the organization if he and Venancio get along, but if he finds out Venancio’s trying to turn Irina against him he won’t cut off his fingers this time–he’ll cut off his head.


Matallana goes over to Andrea’s apartment. Andrea, her dad, and Wilmer are all freaking out until he tells them who he is and says he wants to ask some questions about Dave.

Meanwhile…Yoli borrows a cell phone from another passenger on the bus.

Wilmer finishes explaining that Tony’s the one working for the cartel, but they don’t have any evidence to prove it. Matallana says their story matches Dave’s. “Because it’s true!” Andrea blurts out.

Wilmer takes a call from Yolanda. Where are they? Are they ok? OK, can he call back later, he’s kind of busy right now. He hangs up on a confused Yolanda.

Matallana guesses that was Yoli. He tells them not to worry–he understands why she’s doing what she’s doing. All he really wants is to get to the bottom of this thing with Waters.


Rosalba’s thrilled to see Arley and Yoli. Arley talks about the long trip and how they slept most of the way while Yoli looks out the windows. She shows Rosalba the handcuffs she’s been covering with her scarf and asks her for a hairpin.

Across the street, a black SUV pulls up. Buitre explains the plan–they need to bring the kid and the young woman back alive. They might be with an older woman, but she’s not the target. Unless the kid and the young woman aren’t there–then they need to take the older woman, but they need her in one piece.

Parked behind them, someone in a tan truck watches them get out of the SUV and starts making their way across the street.

Inside, Rosalba’s having no luck picking the lock on the handcuffs. Yoli hears movement in the apartment and goes to check it out…it’s Arley! Big Arley! And he says they’ve gotta get out of this apartment now. Yoli gives him an awkward hug. He greets Rosalba and looks at little Arley sleeping. Yeah, the kid’s getting big.

Anyway, there are sicarios outside. He picks up little Arley and tells Rosalba to lead them to the roof.

After much running and screaming and shooting, Team Yoli gets away from the building and Buitre and his guys give up.

After making their way through a park, Arley tells Yoli to keep the kid from seeing this…he walks over to a guy who’s just parked his car and walks him away at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Yoli and Rosalba are asking Arley what happened to his arm. And oh, look, didn’t he say he liked red? Well, now they’ve got a read car. (This bit was awkward. It looked like they were trying for comedy and missed.)

Buitre calls Santamaría. Yoli and Arley were at the aunt’s house, but they got away. With Arley Mena.

Santamaría thought he was dead. He’s furious that Buitre couldn’t handle two women and a child, but he orders him to find them and kill Mena, which is like…what makes you think he can do that? Buitre starts trying to get into the truck that I’m sure never belonged to Mena and has no clues whatsoever to where he lives.

Team Meeting

Well, after that disappointing call from Buitre, Santamaría moves on to Tony. Waters whines that Matallana was already at the hospital when he got there and he knows Dr. Mateos is dead. Well, then Tony needs to get rid of Matallana.

Irina thinks it’s time for them to go to USFLY. Morrison’s ready to present their deal.

Casa Mena

Mena lives in a pensión that’s painted a purply pink. He realizes he hasn’t introduced himself to the kid, what with all the shooting and stuff. He’s Arley Mena. Little Arley says they have the same name.

Rosalba and Yoli give him warning looks before he says anything about why. He gives Rosalba his first aid kit and points the way to the bathroom so she can get Arley’s arm cleaned up.

Yoli says they’ve never told Arley that Mena’s his dad. They figure he’ll find out when he’s older and besides, he’s going through a lot right now.

Mena says he’s so big! And his eyes…he looks like Amanda, doesn’t he?


Matallana talked to a lawyer friend about Dave’s case and she decided to represent Dave. She introduces herself as Ana San Martin.

Dave’s so suspicious he won’t talk to her. It’s all a big mistake and the DA in Florida’s going to help clear it up.

Uh huh. Well, she’s looked into the case and there’s no pending release paperwork for him. It looks like they’re trying to make him the scapegoat for what’s going on at the DEA.

OK…well, Dave doesn’t trust Matallana, so he doesn’t trust her. He does convince her to call the DA from Florida whose name I can never remember.

She agrees with Dave that the situation is as described–but not because she’s trying to hurt him, his case just doesn’t look good and there’s nothing she can do.

The offer

The receptionist at USFLY won’t let Bill in to see Regueros, but she’s happy to gossip with him about things at the company not going so well and Regueros probably getting fired.

Regueros walks by the desk and Bill appeals to him directly, insisting he’s going to be really interested in this.

Santamaría answers his cell phone from the SUV in the driveway and tells a guy in the back seat to go on in. Everybody gets moving when it comes to money.

So, Regueros is intrigued by the offer, but he needs time to do research. Bill tells him to hurry–they like to move fast.

Casa Mena

Mena asks what the plan is. Yoli has no idea. She’s got Santamaría breathing down her neck and the police after her for kidnapping Arley. He suggests el azafato (male flight attendant aka, Dave) could help.

Well…he’s locked up right now and when Yoli kidnapped the kid they weren’t exactly on the best terms. She can’t even call John. She’s alone. He went back to prison in Miami.

Well, Mena has a contact at the Federal prison and he heard John’s there.


John tells his lawyer, Flores, that everybody thinks he’s got money so they’re all trying to extort him. Flores is surprised to hear John’s broke. John says he needs a meeting with the judge handling his case. He knows it’s an odd request, but he also knows how things work in this country. He tells Flores to get a move on.


San Miguel is now officially Dave’s lawyer. She gets a call from Yolanda put through to her cell and gives Dave some privacy.

Once Dave hears that she and Arley are OK he tells her not to call again. He needs to be alone right now. He needs a clear head. She was right–he never wanted a family and he never cared about Arley. His work comes first for him. He didn’t know how to manage it all, but now his head is clear. He begs her to leave him alone.

Dave refuses to plead guilty, even if it means a trial that takes months. That’s why he said what he did to Yolanda.

San Martin says a trial would be long and expensive.

And he knows his accounts are frozen, so he’ll make do with a public defender.

She says he seems like a good guy. She wishes him luck.

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