La Piloto 2 Tuesday 9/18/18 #36


Monica watches an interview with Ana San Martin, who still says she’s defending Dave, and makes some notes.


Morrison and Bartov get back to the SUV. Morrison tells Santamaría Regueros was interested, but he’s going to have to sell it to the board. And he’ll be researching Bartov’s company. Irina gloats–she’s made Bartov look like just a successful businessman online. Santamaría tells Morrison to take note: whoever controls information has power.

For some reason, Santamaría wants to go to White Velvet. Irina’s not interested in going to the place her father was killed. She has things to do at Club Diablo.


Mena takes the car to what I’m guessing is a chop shop.

The “only” thing of value Buitre’s guys found in the truck was a bullet and a card for a garage.

Mena thinks the guy’s offering too little for the car. He complains that it’s new and the money’s not for him–it’s for his son. Not that he cares if the guy believes he has a son. The guy hands over a wad of cash and a business card. Mena laughs and says karma’s coming soon.

Casa Irina

Irina has Bill get the helicopter ready and calls Venancio to say she’ll be there in half an hour. At first she’s not interested in watching the fight, but he reminds her that kid is fighting. Irina calls her “Julia’s mouthy daughter.” She tells Venancio to save her a seat.


Monica calls San Martin to ask how Dave’s case is going. She laughs when Ana tells her Dave refused to plead guilty. When she says she can’t do a case this long and complicated for free Monica offers to pay for it. But she can’t tell Dave or he won’t accept.


Margot wakes up and wants Olivia to call Omar and Cristian. She asks why Rosalba told her they were dead.

She keeps insisting that Olivia go get them and Olivia starts to argue with her. They’re screaming over each other and Olivia says Rosalba told the truth. They’re dead. Margot picks up something that was sitting on top of a chest of drawers and starts to stab herself with it.


Wilmer’s off to his hearing. Andrea apologizes for everything–she feels like everything, especially what’s going on with Wilmer and Olivia, is her fault. She reminds Wilmer to be happy and not settle for anything, because he’s a great guy. There was a kiss in there somewhere too.

Casa Mena

Arley has a guinea pig. He’s named it Toribio. The girls who gave him the guinea pig had named it Otto, but Arley changed his name.

Mena shows up with ingredients for chilaquiles and Arley takes off running. He pouts to Yoli, who tells him to give the kid some time and be patient.

Well, anyway, he’s got jitomates (tomatoes), platanos (plantains), ammo for the guns, and what’s left of the cash.

Yoli contemplates the bullets. Did he say John was in prison in Mexico? Mena says he’ll call the head of security, Mololla, and ask.


Mololla comes to John’s cell with Flores. John’s got a hearing.

As John and Flores are walking off, Mololla’s phone rings. He tells Mena that muerto de hambre Lucio sure is there…but right now he and his lawyer are off to the courthouse. Which one? Hold on, he’ll check….


Buitre shows up, as expected and asks to speak to Paco in private. Paco sends his guys out for beers so they can have some privacy for their shootout.

Yeah, Buitre wasn’t expecting Paco to get nervous and pull out a shotgun. But there’s three of them and only one of Paco. Buitre asks where Arley Mena is.

Santamaría’s at White Velvet, talking to a couple of henches about needing to get it cleaned up so they can make money off it again. Buitre calls to tell them Paco gave them the name of Arley’s neighborhood, so they at least have somewhere to start looking.

Club Diablo

It’s almost time for the fight. Venancio goes to get Felicidad out of the room where she’s chained up. He says there’s nothing he can do for her now.

In the ring, Venancio announces this is Don Vasily’s memorial fight. Yay! And they have his successor Irina here. Yay! And to keep things interesting the two fighters will be handcuffed together. He tosses down a sledgehammer and tells them to fight.

The beginning of the fight is just La Guatemalteca trying to get to the sledgehammer and Felicidad trying to keep her from getting it. Guatemalteca swings it at Felicidad a few times, but when Felicidad gets her hands on it, she delivers what looks like a knockout blow to the head.

And then she sits there. Irina tells her to kill or be killed and a couple of her guards step forward with guns. Felicidad says “forgive me” and apparently crushes Guatemalteca’s head. (They’re very…I dunno…tasteful?…about not showing the gore.)

Felicidad gets escorted back to the dorm. One of the other prisoners tells her she had to do it.

Irina comes in to congratulate her. She won and the clients were happy, so she’ll keep fighting until she dies.


The guy who brings John and Flores into the building says only John can be in this meeting. John’s like “Doesn’t my lawyer have to be here too?” But Flores is more than happy to step out into the hallway.

As soon as he does, Judge Corona comes in another door. He’s not used to meeting with the accused like this, but he was told it was urgent, so he was curious. He invites John take a seat.

John tells him he thinks he’s paid his debt with five years in prison in the US. He just wants a chance to start over.

Corona laughs. He can save his speeches for someone who believes them. What’s he gonna do–drive a taxi? Sweep streets? If they can cut the crap, they might be able to come to an agreement.

John gives him this sad little smile, ’cause he probably does think he’s been through enough and he probably does just want to start over but poor him, no one believes it. Corona will sell John his freedom for $1M. Cash.

Outside, Arley and Yoli walk up all casual and lean on a random car. They’re watching the van, waiting for it to drive John back to prison.

John agrees to the deal, but he needs to get the cash. He shows off his ankle bracelet–it’s not like he can get away with that thing on. Corona gives him 48 hours from his release to bring back the cash or they’ll go after him again.

Oh…and this meeting never happened.

John tells Flores they made a deal. Flores gets all excited and John has to tell him to cool it. Flores is like “The next time I have to negotiate with my ex-wife, I’m sending you in!”

John gets walked out to the van and Mena has to keep Yoli from going over to him. Instead, they wait for the lawyer to get into his car and they pile in with him.

In the back of the van, John remembers Dave telling him Yoli knew he wasn’t really released the whole time.

Flores is such a fanboy–he recognized Yoli from TV. She asks what’s going on with John. All he knows is that John’s getting paroled.

Hm…Yoli and Mena figure that probably cost him a lot of money. Money John doesn’t have. Yoli takes Flores’ card and says she’ll call him. He should save her number and call her next time he’s alone with John.


Gilberto’s trying to get Andrea to cheer up, telling her she’s way too much of a verraca (in Colombia, impressive, badass) to be crying over a guy. Now…he brought her the paper so she can look for a job.


It was a pen. Irma, the nurse, says Margot is very delicate. There’s a clinic in LA that specializes in caring for people like her, but Olivia says she doesn’t live there. She’s kind of homeless at the moment.

She calls Bill while he’s busy having sex at the club and he answers the damn phone and lets her cry on his shoulder about her mom. He offers her his apartment…and he can loan her the money she needs.

Olivia quickly hangs up because Wilmer showed up.


Solano came to visit Dave. She knows they’re lying about him. She came by to ask where Arley is. She’s got a family in Seattle ready for him. It’s what’s best.


Regueros calls Morrison while he’s walking through the club. The board is interested in Bartov’s offer and they’re ready to accept. Bill congratulates him on saving the airline.

Bill passes on the news to Irina. Venancio congratulates her on buying an airline. Bill says he’ll get the helicopter ready, but Irina wants to fight first. In the ring.


Mena and Yoli are walking along, musing about how John’s doing in prison. Mena says if there’s one thing John knows how to do, it’s take care of himself. He asks Yoli if she still has feelings for John.

Flores gets back to the prison and John wants him to find the girl outside the courthouse.

Oh Yolanda? Yeah, she was there with some guy…Mena. She gave him her number…he’ll just get her on the line here…hot, right? She and John probably had their little something something back in the day. They probably made a cute couple. (I cannot help laughing at this character. He’s such a fanboy!)

Yoli’s phone rings as she’s telling Mena that John helped her get Arley, so she wants to help him, that’s all. She’s about to answer when Mena sees an SUV parked at the end of the street and tells her to go the other way.

John gets sent to voicemail. Flores isn’t worried–she probably just didn’t see the call. Hey, he’s just wondering…how’s John’s relationship with her?

Yoli and Mena play it cool for a little while before they start running.

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