La Piloto 2 Thursday 9/20/18 #37


It’s through the maze of Mena’s neighborhood we go. Including the obligatory run through someone’s laundry. They make it back out to the train tracks and I take exception to Mena telling Yolanda to run–she’s not doing half bad for running in heels.

A black SUV blocks them in and Yoli and Mena shoot two of Buitre’s guys and steal the SUV.

Casa Mena

Rosalba’s praying. She keeps thinking about shooting Frank. Arley asks where his mom is. He’s alarmed that she’s out there with the “bad man.” Are they going to see his dad again?

She tells him not to worry. He’s got her and he’s got his mom.


Solano keeps trying to convince Dave to give up information he doesn’t have. He reminds her that he’s incommunicado while he’s locked up. If she wants what’s “best,” she shouldn’t try to separate Arley and Yoli. He tried once and it didn’t go well.

His warning goes in one ear and out the other.

Ana tells Dave she’s going to represent him. He can think of it as pro bono.

Santamaría saw the interview with Ana and now he’s wondering what’s up. Tony tells him there’s nothing she can do to help Dave.

Sounds like Ana would agree with him. She tries one last time to get Dave to plead guilty, but when he won’t she tells him to forget about “probabilities” of winning. They’ll just go for it.

Monica calls her while she’s sitting in an empty courtroom working. She mentions that Dave told his girlfriend to start her life over in Mexico. Yep, she’s sure, Dave’s girlfriend is in Mexico. Anyway, Dave’s being transferred to prison tomorrow morning.

Club Diablo

Venancio’s trying to talk Irina out of fighting in the ring without sounding like that’s what he’s doing.

Irina wants a “worthy” opponent. She wants to use the dagger her father used to break out of a Siberian gulag. (*snicker*)

She tells Venancio to take Bill with her when he goes to prepare the ring. When Santamaría calls, she doesn’t tell him why it’s taking her so long to get back until the end of the call. Right before she hangs up on him.

Venancio announces the fight–Kazakhstan vs. Russia. I’m amused that Irina took the time to get into a leather leotard and braid her hair.

In the dorm, Felicidad’s still traumatized over killing someone. Her friend tells her Irina’s in the ring fighting right now. Felicidad doesn’t want to hear her words of comfort.

Irina wins, of course. Bill’s hiding his face like he’s worried Santamaría is going to blame this on him later.

Irina sends Bill to get the helicopter ready. Venancio congratulates her on a good fight, but Irina doesn’t think her opponent was worthy. For next time, he should call Monica and tell her she wants women who are rough–and if they’ve killed before, even better.

Venancio calls Monica right away. She’s furious about the special request. And Venancio’s suggesting off-the-wall stuff like “Just go get some women from a prison.” She reminds him she’s holding down the fort alone, but he says that’s not his problem. They need new women tomorrow. (Monica vs. Irina in the ring maybe? My money’s on Monica.)

Casa Mena

Arley and Yoli come running in, shouting for Rosalba and Arley. They’re in Mena’s living room, watching TV, and Toribio now has a cage. Arley asks if they can keep him and Yoli, still trying to catch her breath, says they can. Because hey, if you’re gonna be on the run why not add the responsibility of keeping a guinea pig alive?

Yoli calls John. Fanboy Flores is in his cell, waiting with him for the call. He’s probably disappointed to hear John accusing Yoli of not caring what happens to him. Yoli’s disappointed too–yes, she knew John was supposed to go back to prison, but she’d been talking to Dave, trying to convince him to get a judge to release him.

John tells her they have nothing more to say to each other.

Yoli tells Mena she talked to John and he hung up on her. Mena figures John thinks Yoli just wants to use him. He knows John’s hard-headed, but he never stopped loving Yoli.

Yoli confides in him about the kiss in the surveillance van. “What else?!” He swears he won’t tell anyone, but he’s all excited about Yoli and John getting back together.


Monica gives orders to her two heads of security. One of whom is scratching his scalp with his gun. She tells them to kidnap a big group of people, take a truck to Mexicali and take 4-5 women from the women’s prison. The ugliest and most dangerous they can find. I have absolutely no confidence in these guys.

Casa Irina

Irina and Santamaría argue about her fighting in the ring. He gives up eventually and tells her they need to go to USFLY, “gladiadora.” Aw, is the honeymoon over?

Bill calls Olivia to see what she’s decided to do. Nothing yet–other than get her mom into a clinic in the US. But she doesn’t think Wilmer’s going to like the idea of moving into Bill’s place. He tells her not to worry about what Wilmer wants.

And then he’s gotta hang up because Santamaría’s looking for him. Santamaría swipes the phone out of his hand and looks at the call log. Ha! Bill’s labeled Olivia’s number as “Mama.” Santamaría makes a crack about the Oedipus complex that Bill either doesn’t understand or pretends not to.


Flores is disappointed John and Yoli didn’t make up, but he’ll go work on John’s release.

In the cafeteria, John sits down alone. It’s not long before some guy named Otto and his two friends come over to ask about that money John said he’d pay them. Which I don’t think he did, but anyway how would he get the money?

Otto says there’s a rumor he bribed a judge to get out, so he’s had an opportunity to get his hands on some cash.

John says that’s just a rumor.

OK, then. Otto signals the other two to attack. John uses his tray as a shield and a weapon. When the guards break it up, John tells Mololla they started it.

Mololla takes John back to his cell, but John’s insisting he needs to see a doctor–he broke his hand. Mololla tells him to deal with it. He doesn’t have enough “credits” to see the doctor.

Casa Mena

Rosalba asks about Yoli’s call to John. She says it didn’t go well. It feels like Dave and John teamed up and decided to abandon her.

Rosalba thinks it’s better to look to the future. Yolanda has always known how to get things done, just like her father. Yoli’s a fighter.

Mena tries to spend some time with Arley. He offers him an iPod full of cool music and Arley runs and hides under the kitchen table. Mena: “This being a dad thing is hard!”

At bedtime, Yoli tells Rosalba to share the bed with Arley. She’s going to sleep on the couch and keep watch. Mena says he’ll do the same–on the patio.


The paperwork is signed, but Bill invites himself to Regueros’ office for some of Regueros’ private stash of whiskey and to discuss a few more details.

Bill uses some hand sanitizer before accepting the glass of whiskey. Yep, he’s in charge, since Bartov will be traveling for business.

Bill sets the glass just so on the desk and asks for the top floor of the building, the bottom floor of the parking garage, and complete privacy. It’s not a problem right? Oh, and also…Bill wants his job back, but not as a copilot. He thinks he deserves a promotion after what he’s done for the airline.

From the top floor, Santamaría calls Buitre. His team is back to four and they’re in a van now. They’re still roaming around Mena’s neighborhood. Buitre says they’re going to try bribing the neighbors.

Santamaría tells him about the airline, joking that once he finds Yolanda and they kid, they’ll fly back first class.

Bill comes in and explains that the airline typically kept this floor empty and used it for events. (And here I thought they were only going broke because of Yolanda.) They’ve got key cards to get in and there’s an elevator from the second parking level directly to here.

Santamaría says maybe Bill’s not as stupid as he thought after all.


Monica’s new henches actually came through. She has them bring in the women from the prison. She thinks they’ll do, except for one.


She’s been checking the news, but there’s nothing about Dave or USFLY. Gilberto hands her her ringing cell phone. It’s a modeling agency, sending over some information for a casting tomorrow for a hip hop video.

With the TV still on, she looks at a video on her phone of Tony Waters making a statement (in Spanish *roll eyes*) about how Dave’s a bad, bad man and they’re gonna lock him up.

Monica sees the same video. She calls someone to have them spring Dave when he gets transferred to prison in the morning.

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