La Piloto 2 Friday 9/21/18 #38

Monica has a busy day

Monica gives her guys orders on making the “delivery.” She warns them the place they’re crossing the border has a lot of activity by paramilitary who will decapitate first and ask questions later. “Indio” is the guy apparently in charge–the one with the red bandana.

Ana has Dave sign one last piece of paperwork before he’s transferred. I’m going to guess it’s something officially handing him over from the DEA to the Bureau of Prisons. But why he’s the one who has to sign makes no sense to me. I mean what if he doesn’t sign it? Then what happens?

Monica’s guys are in a black SUV following the DEA truck.

Monica calls Indio for an update–they’re crossing on foot. No sign of anyone watching them, but they left a warning–skulls on sticks and a pile of clothing.

Monica calls the guy in the SUV, who says they’re waiting for the truck to get to the highway before they make their move. In the back of the truck Dave’s having another one of those headaches he’s been getting since he checked himself out of the hospital AMA after his car accident.

Ana is also following the truck and updating Matallana. He seems a little annoyed that Dave’s insisting on declaring himself innocent–he’ll have to be locked up during the trial. Ana says she told him that and he wanted to do it anyway.

She rounds a corner and sees the truck blocked in by the SUV…she tells Matallana they’re attacking the truck. He calls for backup.

Dave jumps out of the back of the truck, drags a dead officer behind the police SUV, and gets the key to the handcuffs. He takes the officer’s gun and starts trying to run away from Monica’s guys, but they catch up to him and drag him back to the SUV.

And the whole time, Ana was just sitting there watching, which is what she tells Matallana when he shows up. Being Matallana, he wonders if this was a kidnapping or a rescue.

Suddenly Tony’s there saying it was definitely a rescue.

Uh huh…but the dead guy with the ski mask on is from a gang that doesn’t work with the Kilichenkos. (Yes, it has a name, but I’m tired of hearing about them.)

Tony: “As far as we know.” So the DEA’s going on the hunt for Dave the Dangerous Fugitive. What’s the FBI going to do?

Matallana cryptically says the FBI helps anyone who follows the law and escorts Ana back to her car.

Casa Mena

Nobody really knows what to feed Toribio, but Yoli tells Arley to try a little bit of bread. She encourages him to eat his own breakfast so they can go see his Tia Olivia. Arley wants to take Toribio with them, but Rosalba says they don’t allow animals in places like that.

Yoli starts talking about getting Rosalba something for her insomnia. Mena suggests tequila, and then says he’s just kidding. He’s off to go get his car.

Arley worriedly asks Yoli if the bad man is going to steal another car. “He’s not bad and no…we’re just borrowing one.”

Yoli calls Olivia to let her know they’re coming over.

Mena picked up a mobile barber truck, saying it’s got a plate from the ’90s that won’t even be in electronic records. Yoli and Rosalba have misgivings. Arley’s focused on wanting to take Toribio. Mena tries offering to put him back in his cage, but Arley snots that it’s HIS cuyo (cuy, guinea pig).


Mololla and Flores come to John’s cell. Mololla’s annoyed that John’s been saying he didn’t have money and now here he is getting released by order of the court. Mololla gives John’s cellmate one last chance to fight him.

So after John’s thoroughly kicked his ass, Mololla lets him out of the cell and Flores hurries him down the hallway.

Outside John says there’s just one little problem…he doesn’t have anyplace to stay. He’s inviting himself to stay at Flores’ while he gets himself situated. Come on, aren’t they friends? He takes Flores’ keys and insists on driving his car.

Inpatient facility

Mena, Yoli, Rosalba, and Arley meet up with Wilmer and Olivia. Olivia tells them there’s an experimental treatment her mom can get in the US. She found a hospital in Berkeley, but they’re out of money after Wilmer had to post bail. Yoli vows to find a solution.

And then she asks Olivia to help them get something to help Rosalba sleep.

Olivia asks Irma, the nurse, to steal a dose of something to help someone sleep. I mean, she doesn’t say it like that, but that’s what she’s asking.

And of course, Irma gets busted by her boss and gives Olivia up. They both recognize Yoli as the “capitana narca” and call the cops.

Mena sees them first and tells the others to run for it. Olivia stays behind to throw them off, sending them in the wrong direction. They make it to the Barbermobile and drive off.


Tony calls Santamaría to tell him Dave got sprung. He thought Santamaría was behind it, but no. In that case whoever hired the gang I won’t name has plenty of money.

Santamaría says that’s not Dave. He wants Tony to investigate and find out who was behind it, assuming he’s capable of that.


The group with Indio are almost to the armored truck they’re taking the rest of the way when the nameless American paramilitary group shows up. (Yeah, them they didn’t name.) Much running and shooting ensues.

At the handoff, Venancio complains that the women Monica sent aren’t attractive. (Hey, he said he wanted fighters.)

Monica calls to tell Indio to wait for another armored truck to come by and once they’ve got the person in it to bring him back to the ranch.

Casa Flores

Flores has a nice apartment, but not as grand as John would have thought. He helps himself to some leftover chilaquiles in the fridge.

John says he’s got the money, but it’s in Morelia. For starters he needs a phone. Flores is already complaining that John’s more trouble than a girlfriend with an appetite.

New digs

The top floor of USFLY is now Kilichenko central. Irina’s got access to airport security in more cities than just Los Angeles. Regueros calls Bill to complain about something weird going on last night. You can smell the inferiority complex coming of Bill when he says he doesn’t have time to talk and hangs up. How long has he been waiting to treat someone that horribly?

Bill goes to Regueros’ office to tell him the partners do what they want, he doesn’t have to consult with Regueros, and “his” employees have full access to the building. They didn’t tell him this during negotiations? Oh, well, they didn’t say the opposite either.

Santamaría catches Regueros in the bottom  floor of the garage and pulls him into his SUV. He introduces himself as “Coronel” Arnoldo Santamaría and says he just wanted to tell Regueros that he works with the Kilichenkos and that’s who just bought USFLY. So Regueros needs to chill and not ask stupid questions.

Regueros asks what they’re planning to do with USFLY.

See, that would be a stupid question. And Santamaría doesn’t want to have to visit Regueros’ family in Burbank, in the house with the back door that doesn’t shut right. So…welcome to the partnership. Santamaria puts his gun to Regueros’ head and reminds him one more time not to open his mouth.

Casa Mena

Someone coughed up Mena’s address, so Buitre and his guys are off to check it out. So far, all they’ve found is Mena’s neighbors, who have never been home as far as we’ve seen.

When they pull up outside the pensión, Yoli gets a call from John…asking her to hand the phone over to Wilmer. He’s got a job for Wilmer to do.

From inside, Buitre and his guys have been waiting, but Mena says that door is never closed and hustles everyone back into the van.


Indio gets to a checkpoint and seems nervous about letting soldiers look in the back of his van. He does have Dave stashed back there, but Dave’s knocked out and hidden, so he makes it through.

Santamaría calls Tony for an update on Dave, but he basically has no update.

Club Diablo

Venancio calls Irina to complain that the women Monica sent are ugly and dangerous. Irina takes his worries personally and tells him they’re the ones who need to be afraid of her. She wants the ring prepared so she can fight tonight.


Andrea shows off her dance moves and finds out she got picked for the video. They’ll have to pay her a little less, but she’s OK with that.

One of her former coworkers from White Velvet approaches her, but she looks way different–she was worried the Kilichenkos might find her. Isn’t Andrea?


Olivia’s mom is getting kicked out of the facility.


Monica sees the news report about Dave “escaping” just before Indio gets back with the van. She wants to be left alone with knocked-out Dave for a moment before telling Indio to get someone to help him carry Dave to the “cave.”

Casa Flores

John’s pissed that Wilmer brought the rest of the crew with him. He’s happy to see Mena, though. And Arley doesn’t have anything against John, so John gets a handshake. Arley’s upset about leaving Toribio behind, though.

Yoli and John are bickering. She refuses to step aside and let him talk to Wilmer alone. She’s acting like Wilmer’s agent. Can he hack the bracelet? Of course…but what’s he going to get in return. Wilmer agrees. Everything has a price. John offers to let them stay in the apartment (not that it’s his to offer).

While Wilmer works on the monitor, Arley goes to run an errand.

Yoli takes a super nervous Flores into the bedroom with Rosalba and Arley to ask him what John is planning. She knows John’s not paying him, so why is he so loyal? Flores says he’s a little afraid of John.

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