La Piloto 2 Monday 9/24/18 #39

The cave

Monica has Dave brought in to what looks like a good old-fashioned dungeon cell with some medical equipment and a kidnapped nurse. The guy gets that she wants him to check Dave out, but he needs to know what happened to him.

Monica says he passed out while running and I’m wondering whether that’s true or not.

He’s got a pulse, but he’s not coming around. All the nurse can do is start him on an IV and wait for him to wake up. Did he by any chance suffer a blow to the head?

Monica tells the nurse he was in a car accident and now he’s worried this might be a trombo (thrombus–yeah I don’t know either) and Dave needs immediate surgery. He’d have to run tests.

Monica insists Dave can’t be moved.

Dave wakes up, but he’s locked in his cell. Ohhh…when Monica said to turn on the electricity, she meant “to the bars” hence the “no tocar” sign.

Monica comes back with food, water, and two bodyguards. She thinks she and Dave need to talk.

Casa Irina

Santamaría’s packing for a trip and enjoying that he gets to take guns and ammo without hiding them.

Irina says she’s spending the night at the club, but denies that she’s fighting. They have a quickie before she takes off.

Casa Mena

Operation Save Toribio is a smashing success. Mena has misgivings about shooting the guy who was left behind to catch him. He remembers Arley saying he was a bad man. He lets the guy live and takes Toribio with him.

Club Diablo

Venancio brings Irina into the dorm to pick out her opponent. She sneers that they don’t even look like women and Felicidad’s up like a shot. She says she’ll accept the challenge, unless Irina’s too scared to fight her.

Irina says she’s too “insignificant.” But she’ll fight Felicidad and one of the women from the prison.

Casa Flores

Wilmer managed to disable the ankle monitor.

Yoli found John’s Hollywood baseball cap. He kept it?

John says he looks good in it. But it doesn’t remind him of anyone.

OK, well…Yoli knows what his plan is–he needs money to pay off the judge. Well, guess what. He’s not going without them and without the monitor.

John thinks he doesn’t need any help, but Yoli says she’ll call the cops if he leaves.

Wilmer interrupts their fight to show them the news on his cell phone–Dave was being transferred and apparently escaped. John and Yoli trade a look.

After checking out a news report on the laptop, Yoli and John agree there’s something going on here. Maybe it’s Santamaría’s doing? Or Waters? John says it’s the same difference, everyone’s working for the Kilichenkos

Yoli noticed Ana San Martin in the video and decides to call.

Ana and Matallana are both agreeing they need to be the ones who find Dave first. Yoli calls. Ana doesn’t have any news for her, but she does say she might be able to give her some details that weren’t on the news. Matallana asks to speak to Yoli.

Yoli says she doesn’t know anything–that’s why she was calling San Martin. And if Matallana has any clues he’d better follow up on them because if Santamaría or Waters has anything to do with this, Dave’s dead.

Well, he hasn’t shown up in the morgue, so Matallana thinks they can discard Santamaría or Waters as suspects.

But then who did it?


Dave assumes Santamaría ordered Monica to kidnap him. He knows they’re in Mexico because the labels on the pill bottles are in Spanish.

Monica sidesteps his questions and says he might have a trombo and he needs to eat and drink and they’ll talk tomorrow.


Bill checks in at USFLY and says the Coronel is his copilot. The Coronel insists on being Coronel. You know, just in case we’ve forgotten what kind of a total jackass he is.

Santamaría calls Buitre and tells him to pick them up at the airport in about four hours.

Buitre reports that they’re waiting to interrogate a prison guard they think has information about Lucio.

In the cockpit, Santamaría starts asking if all the little buttons are necessary or just to make pilots feel all badass. He starts touching things and freaking Bill out.

Regueros calls Bill, screaming at him about the new partners and Santamaría’s threats. Bill says Santamaría’s right and Regueros should avoid problems with the Russians. Look, he wanted to help the airline and he did. If he goes to the cops, they’ll shoot him and best and do who knows what to his family at worst.

Santamaría decides to do the pre-flight announcement ’cause he’s in such a good mood.

Casa Flores

Mena gets back with Toribio and puts his cage on the bed. Arley’s still afraid of him.

Mena checks in with the rest of the team and he agrees Santamaría doesn’t have Dave. If he did, he’d already be calling to torment Yolanda.

Yolanda suggests calling Irina. Wilmer has to get her number out of his laptop and they can only talk for 30 seconds. John says he’ll call her and act like he’s still in prison and see if she has Dave.

Instead, when he gets through she starts accusing him of killing her dad, which is a complete surprise to him. John says that was some guy called Buitre.

“Buitre’s the one who told me you killed my dad!”

Uh, maybe to make Irina think John did it? On orders from Santamaría?

Irina insists he did it–with Yolanda and Dave. They’re probably the ones who rescued him too, or is he going to deny that?

Wilmer ends the call.

Well, if Irina doesn’t have Dave, John figures they’ll just have to wait for word. Yoli’s like “We’ve got nothing. No money, no weapons, no leads.”

John calls for Flores. He wants his car keys. Flores tells him to put gas in it. John hands Flores the ankle bracelet.

Mena tells John they have the mobile barber truck, and they can all fit in it if they need to. John’s starting to get an idea…he’s decided he does need their help to run a little “errand,” and they’ll have plenty left over to bankroll the effort to find Dave after.

Yoli looks suspicious, but she says she’ll go. She wants Mena to stay and take care of her aunt and Arley.

Club Diablo

Irina didn’t get enough time to trace the call. Venancio heard Irina yelling on the phone and asks what John said. He’s as inclined as John to blame it on Buitre. Why would John deny killing her father?

Irina tells him to get the ring ready. Venancio tries again to talk her out of it, and fails.

Venancio announces the fight between Irina (who looks like she should be in an ’80s pop video), Felicidad, and “La Mexicana.” They’re using a sickle, because Vasily or something.

I’m no fight commentator, so I’ll start where it gets bloody The woman from the prison slashes Irena’s throat non-fatally and before she can finish Irina off, the guards shoot her. Come on, now, that’s not how the Ring of Death is supposed to work.

Venancio freaks out and blames Felicidad. He has Irina taken to her room and tells the crowd drinks are on the house.

Back at the dorm, Felicidad has to break it to the others that their friend died–she was shot in the back, but at least she wounded Irina.

I’m kind of appalled that these guards seem to have no idea what to do about Irina’s injury. What’s the point of having bodyguards who don’t know first aid? Venancio’s at least holding a hankie to her neck. Irina asks for the first aid kit.

She’s having seizures and passing out from loss of blood. Venancio has no idea what her blood type is and tries to call “Santamaría’s friend” but gets sent to voicemail. He tries to shake Irina awake.


The Russians are back, looking for Andrea at her apartment, but Gilberto’s the only one there.

When Andrea gets home and sees the place a mess again she turns right back around and leaves.

Gilberto cracks me up. He’s hooded, hands tied, duct tape over his mouth and he calls the guys “parceruskis.” He keeps insisting he can’t tell them where Andrea is. She just packed her bags and left. She could be in Colombia right now for all he knows.

She’s actually in Matallana’s office, telling him she thinks the Kilichenkos’ people took her dad. The apartment wasn’t safe, but they didn’t have the money to go anywhere else. She stops him from calling the LAPD and says neither of them has “papers” and they’ll both get deported.

The Russian guy’s ready to shoot Gilberto and Gilberto tries to talk his way into a job. The Russian guy’s completely confused and eventually says if Gilberto can take care of the escombros (debris, crap) quickly, maybe.


The novelty has worn off. Now Santamaría’s griping that these airline pilots make money off of doing nothing–the plane can fly itself.

Bill gets testy. Not EVERYONE can be a pilot. It takes 8-10 years of training. It’s a serious job.

Santamaría turns off the autopilot for a minute and Bill freaks out and turns it back on.


In the Barbermobile, John tells Yoli he’s heading for Cielito Lindo. He and Oscar buried some money there–three million dollars–just for an occasion like this. If Yoli and Wilmer help him dig it up, he’ll give them a “commission.”

Yoli assumes the judge who got him out will get his share as well.

Hahaha! No! That corrupto?

Wilmer and Yoli both give him side-eye for that.

Wilmer gets a call from Olivia. Her mom’s in the high-risk wing now. It was the only idea Irma had–the director never goes there. Olivia doesn’t know what else to do. She asks where Wilmer is.

On the way to Morelia to dig up a stash. Yes, he knows that’s where her dad died, but right now they need that money to survive.

Olivia starts ranting about how John probably made that money. And doesn’t he have an ankle monitor?

Yeah, um…Wilmer took care of that.

Olivia hangs up when her mom wakes up.


Dave tries sticking a boot through the bars of his cell. Don’t ask me why. I mean, it’s not like it’s a big boot. He breaks up a table and now it looks like he’s trying to reach the switch for the electricity running through the bars.

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