La Piloto 2 Wednesday 9/26/18 #41


Monica has been talking to Dave about being her literal partner in crime. I can’t tell if Dave’s really going along with it or not. He wants a phone and a gun, for starters.

Monica will give him a phone, but they’ll have to talk about the gun later.

Dave agrees to that and continues chowing down on the excellent food. I wonder who’s cooking.

Monica’s new guys found the camper. And the bearded guy whose name I can’t remember was in it. Dave asks who he is. “The guy who stole Muñeco’s stash, put me in a cage, and wanted to rape me. Isn’t that right?” He gets hauled away.

Monica and Dave check on him later in the cave. Indio’s been beating on him and all he’s said so far is that the other guys took all the gold and left him with the camper and some cash.

Well, then, he’s useless. Monica taunts him about wanting to have some “fun” just like he and his friends were planning. But she’d rather make this quick. She hands Dave her gun and says it’s time he shows her what side of the law he’s on.

Dave aims at beard guy and stares at Monica. He eventually pulls the trigger, but the gun wasn’t loaded. Monica says now she knows she can trust him. (I know she knows better than that.)

Club Diablo

Irina’s ready to get out of bed and annoyed that Venancio keeps fussing at her. She’s having some pain and he’s worried that what she has isn’t an infection, but tetanus. He goes off to find her some painkillers.

White Velvet

Gilberto spies as the former employees file in for a “meeting.” The guy in charge says starting tomorrow, they have to be ready to provide “services” at any hotel in the city. They calls will come in here and they’ll be sent out with guards. They’d better be ready to do whatever the client wants.


Wilmer’s driving the Barbermobile. John’s phone rings. Santamaría shushes Flores and starts chatting with John about whether he got to his stash or not, and would John say “hi” to Yoli for him.

John puts the call on speaker so Santamaría can listen to Yoli complaining that Flores has nothing to do with this.

Well, Santamaría’s willing to let Flores go…in exchange for Yoli and Arley. He’ll give them five minutes to think about it before he calls back.

John calls back to say they’ll take the deal–where will they do the exchange.

On a terracería (dirt road) outside the city. Santamaría will send him the location in an hour.

Buitre doesn’t think they’ll really go through with it. Santamaría thinks John’s stalling. He sends Buitre and a few others to go wait, just in case they actually show up. He’s headed back to LA to deal with Irina. Since they’ve got Flores sitting there, they talk about needing to make sure Irina doesn’t find out that Buitre’s the one who killed her dad.

It looks like for now they’re just hanging on to Flores.

Outside, Mena watches to SUVs drive out. There was one guy left behind with Flores. Mena takes him out…but there was another guy upstairs. Flores mentions him just in time and Mena takes him out too. And now, they’re off.

Buitre’s at the exchange site, but there’s no sign of John. Buitre calls him and John apologizes for not being able to come to his party. And they heard that Flores was safe and sound, so…tell Santamaría they said “hi.”

Everyone’s gathered in the neighbor’s apartment. He had been fussing at Rosalba earlier about whether she was associated with John Lucio, and now John Lucio’s there in his apartment and he doesn’t seem to care. He sees them all out, including a bloody Flores and doesn’t say anything beyond accepting thanks for his help.

Club Diablo

The women who came from the prison want to talk to Felicidad about escaping. They know she probably knows every inch of this place. All they need to know is where the guns are kept and what the guards’ schedule is. Between all of them, they’ve killed a lot of men and weapons will let them kill more.

Felicidad is in, but they need to plan carefully because they’re only getting one chance.


Monica stops by Dave’s room in a shimmery pink bikini to ask him to join her in the Jacuzzi.

Splitting up

John gives Yoli half a mil to work with. She promises to pay it all back–she doesn’t want ties to him or the business.

John thinks he’ll go south and find himself a beach. Maybe a girlfriend. Start over.

Andrea calls, wanting to catch up with Yoli. She’s got info about Dave, too…she’s been hanging out with Matallana and talking to San Martin and she knows Monica was paying for Dave’s defense. Since the guy they arrested for springing Dave said they were hired by a woman with a Mexican accent, she’s thinking…Monica?

That makes a lot of sense to Yoli.

She and John say their goodbyes, which drags out quite a bit, and then he’s gone.

In the hotel room, Mena’s listening to Rosalba putting Arley to bed next door. He’s thinking they need to get a blanket for Toribio.

John knocks on the door and completely freaks Mena out. He’s nervous about Santamaría.

John says he was just coming over to say goodbye, but Mena tells him to come on in.

They have one of those junior high conversations where Mena tells John to go for it with Yoli. Dave’s not with her and she still has a thing for John.

“What, are you Cupid now?” (Yes, John, yes he is.)

It looks like Mena has convinced John to stay, at least for now.

John goes down the hall to knock on Yoli’s door and ask her if she’s looking for Dave so they can get back together. Yoli can’t see what business that is of his, but no she and Dave aren’t getting back together. She wants to find him because they’ve been through a lot together and she cares about him.

Rosalba interrupts the awkward conversation and Dave announces he’s going to help them find Dave. Rosalba’s face: “Find Dave. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?” He heads to Mena’s room.

Club Diablo

Felicidad’s entertaining a client. Venancio looks jealous. The client seems to be a judge? But he doesn’t want her calling him “your honor.” And if she’s up for it she can disrespect him all she wants to. I have a feeling he’s going to regret that later.

Actually, it looks like there was something in the champagne that knocks him out. Felicidad steals his phone and calls 911, telling them to trace the call and come find them. But the operator doesn’t speak Spanish. Felicidad replaces the cell phone and leaves the room.


Dave sneaks out of Monica’s bed in the morning. He tries to get into her laptop, but he’s having no luck guessing her password. He uses her phone to call Yoli, but doesn’t say anything.

Indio nearly busts him. At least he’s suspicious.


Wilmer and Santamaría were on the same flight to LA. When the flight lands, he shoves past other passengers trying to keep an eye on Santamaria.

Irina’s back in her own bed and Tony brought her some medication and syringes. The arsenic he’s keeping for himself. Irina’s trying to work herself up to stand, but so far it’s not happening.

Santamaría calls to says he’s on his way to her place and she should stay put. (Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.)

Wilmer’s been following him and now he’s sure it’s Santamaría. He calls 911.

Waters helps Irina out of bed.

In the airport parking garage, Santamaría’s into an SUV and gone before Wilmer can tell a security guard that Arnoldo Santamaría’s in that SUV and he’s getting away.


Yoli, John, and Mena put together what little they know and decide Nogales is a good place to start looking for the ranch.

Casa Irina

Santamaría’s back. Irina’s feeling the medications kicking in. He says he heard she talked to John.

Yep, but she couldn’t trace the call before he hung up. John said Buitre’s the one who killed her dad.

You know, Santamaría’s thinking about it and John might be right. Buitre’s been behaving oddly lately. He can think of a way to see if Buitre’s a traitor…he calls Buitre and tells him there’s been a change of plans. He should go to Monica’s to help her.

Santamaría and Tony argue by the pool. Tony’s got a notebook page of info that the guy they picked up had, but it’s not much. And no, Matallana’s not dead yet. Santamaría’s furious and he’s tired of hearing that Tony hasn’t done stuff yet. He tells him to get going and kill Matallana already.


Wilmer finds the hotel where Olivia’s staying with her mom. Bill’s still in the room when he gets there.

Olivia insists they take this outside so it doesn’t affect her mother.

Olivia’s still pissed off that they’re broke and that Wilmer accepted money from John. Which is not the same as her accepting money from Bill because Bill’s not a narco who killed half of her family.

And now she has finally decided that she and Wilmer should separate.

Bill listens to them breaking up through the door. Wilmer’s sorry he caused so much damage and he hopes she’s able to find the peace she deserves.


Matallana stops by Regueros’ office to ask if he’s met or heard from Santamaría. Regueros remembers his threats and says all he’s heard is what’s been on the news. What does Santamaría have to do with the airline?

Well, a passenger is sure they saw Santamaría on a flight wearing a captain’s uniform.

Regueros seems genuinely surprised, but says there’s no way that could be true. They have very strict security. He’s almost entirely sure this is a misunderstanding.

Matallana tells him to think about it–any information could be helpful in arresting Santamaría.

Barbermobile – Guanajuato

John’s working on the truck while Yoli’s searching the internet–it would be nice if they had wings.

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