La Piloto 2 Friday 9/28/18 #43


Everyone but Toribio is enjoying the food. Yep, Toribio’s there with his cage and I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t notice that when Arley went into the water, Toribio was wrapped up in his shirttail.

Yoli starts muttering to Rosalba that she wants her to stay here for a few days with Arley, let him have a bit of normalcy, while she goes out with John to check out the border area.

Arley’s upset that Yoli’s going to “leave” him. She has to explain that it’s just for a couple of days.


Lola explains that the stripping isn’t the problem–the problem is they’re supposed to let the clients do whatever they want to. Yeah, as in whatever. Lola’s worried about safety and it doesn’t help that Matallana says he can’t just bring the cops in there and close the place up.

“What? Does one of us have to end up dead first?” He says that’s not it, but this is an opportunity to shut down the entire organization. She just needs to call if Irina or Santamaría shows up there.

Club Diablo

The judge is there again, waiting for Felicidad. But he doesn’t want her to get undressed, he just wants her to get in bed and sleep with him. (Which is almost creepier.) And no more of that “your honor” business, his name is Giuseppe.

White Velvet…er, Black Leather

Lola finds Gilberto in the kitchen and delivers a note from Andrea. She says there’s an FBI guy out front in a van waiting to see if one of the owners shows up.

Gilberto doesn’t think it’s likely. But he did hear that they’re waiting for some Russians to show up. He doesn’t know if they’ll come here, but they’re supposed to be special guests of the “Kilimanjaros.”

When his boss comes in, He segues smoothly into handing her the sandwich he’s been working on and scolding her to make sure she shows up to work well-fed from now on ’cause this is the last time he’s feeding her.

Kilichenko HQ

Irina’s working on decrypting the bank transfer to the gang who freed Dave. I’m not going to think too hard about how she’d be able to do that, but the money came from Muñeco’s account.


Yoli’s feeling bummed about getting dumped by Dave, getting dumped by Olivia, and worrying that someone’s going to recognize Arley eventually.

John tells her she doesn’t need to make a list. Everything will be resolved. Because she’s lucky. And she has a good heart. She knows how to see the good in people, she trusts in the world’s generosity. Fate’s going to repay her for that.

And then they kiss. And Arley sneaks out of Rosalba’s room and sees them. The little dude wants an explanation. Yoli goes with “It’s OK because Dave and I broke up.” Not because of John, just…it’s nobody’s fault, it’s grown-up stuff. And yes, he’ll see Dave again. They’re looking for him and they’re going to find him.

Club Diablo

Felicidad wakes up and Giuseppe’s watching her. He says she reminds him of his first love in Madrid. Only she’s prettier. Felicidad asks her name–she could be her for him. He’d rather she be Felicidad, because that’s what she’s been to him…pure happiness. (*barf*)

And then Venancio just busts in there, yanking Felicidad out of bed and telling the judge his time is up. I’m shocked. Venancio’s usually got way better customer service skills than this.

Casa Irina

Waters brings in a new pilot, “Cholo.” He’s ex-DEA on account of getting busted for working with narcos.

Cholo admits he sure did–they paid better than the agency.

Sounds good to Santamaría so far, but Irina insists on checking out his background.

Santamaría mentions going to Club Diablo and Tony, I kid you not, invites himself along. Did no one teach him any manners? Santamaría makes him ask again, adding the obligatory “Coronel” at the end and says Tony can come, sure, but Santamaría had better see him working even when they’re there.

Irina decides she’s not going. She’ll be tracking the return of…the plane? She tells Santamaría to enjoy the event.

What she actually does is go to the office, have her bodyguard take a picture of her in a red wig and glasses, and says they’re going to Nogales to ask Monica some questions.


The doctor calls Monica to tell her Dave’s got a brain aneurism and the sooner he gets it operated on, the better. Monica’s getting all freaked out. Dave’s just like “Huh, I guess that explains the headaches.”

Monica and Dave get ready to head out. She leaves Indio in charge and tells him to have a room ready for Dave. Indio wishes Dave luck, calling him “patrón.” That is really offensive! He’s been there for five minutes and you consider him your boss? Just ’cause he’s a man?

Club Diablo

Venancio asks who’s making the run. Felicidad and the other woman (I wish they had names!) raise their hands. As they exit the room, the leader of the women from the prison starts everyone shouting encouragement at them until Venancio tells them to stop.

Venancio announces the new “event.” This time, they guys are getting charged to participate and there’s only space for three. They’ll take jeeps that have been outfitted with cameras so everyone can watch. Santamaría, the judge, and some other guy take the three spots.

On the way out of the building, the judge tries to talk to Felicidad, but Venancio won’t let her. He says he’ll see her in hell. She and the other woman are loaded into a van.

They get dropped off in the middle of nowhere and told to count to 100 before running. Yeah, screw that. They get each others’ hands untied and split up, agreeing to find someone and tell them where the others are.


Irina gets on a USFLY flight wearing a flight attendant’s uniform.

She gets called on by a real flight attendant to help with the pre-flight safety speech ’cause someone didn’t show up.

Oh yeah, it’s funny. Has she never paid attention to one?


So everybody’s back at Club Diablo watching video of Santamaría and the judge. Santamaría says he’s on the trail of one of the women, but the judge is like “What? Where?”

Felicidad’s still running in the middle of nowhere, where all the scrubby little plants look the same and don’t give any clues to where she came from or where she’s going. I suggested hiding in one of the larger bunches, but she keeps running.

The blonde guy who’s been weirdly enthusiastic about the hunt–I mean, they all are, but he’s just been really obnoxious and his hair is stupid–shoots the woman from the prison.

Santamaría and the judge catch up to Felicidad, but the judge has decided he wants to buy her.

Back at the club, Venancio grouches–yeah, yeah, he heard what Giuseppe said. Santamaría tells the guard with him to take her to get cleaned up and patched up. He says she has a lot more guts than a lot of other people here and he congratulates her for that. They’ll talk later.

Back in the dorm, everyone crowds around, wanting to hear what happened. Felicidad says she tried to escape, but she couldn’t. And Aurelia got shot. Felicidad explains her life has been spared, “for now.”


John and Yoli pick up their new plane from a guy who seems way too talkative to me. He’s already changed out the matricula (license) for a fake one.

Yoli says they need an airstrip and a hangar, so plaid guy calls his friend “La Güera.”

Yoli and John take the plane up, heading for Nogales probably. John keeps giving her instructions like she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Yoli’s still worried about Arley. John says he’s with Rosalba and Mena–he’ll be fine.

Yoli and John land and meet La Güera, who is thankfully someone we haven’t met before, because we’re running out of friendly people we’ve met before. They tell her they’re looking for Monica Ortega, an ex-teniente.

Yeah, Renata’s heard of her, but she doesn’t know exactly where she is. John and Yoli say their plan is to fly over the area and look for her, but they’ll need a safe place to stay, some people…Renata will rent them her ranch and help search herself if they’ve got the money. The get into and ATV so she can show them around.

Back at the house, John and Yoli have a convo. They both think this looks like a good place to set up. (I swear this house looks familiar, but I can’t remember from where.)


Monica drops Dave off for surgery. If he doesn’t make it, he wants her to promise to kill Waters for him. As the gas puts him under, Dave reminisces about Yolanda.

Dave made it through surgery OK, so Monica’s ready to have him loaded up in the ambulance and brought back to the ranch. And she’s taking the nurse, too. I think it’s the same guy from earlier. He tries to tell her it’s best if Dave stays there, but she says the city isn’t safe.


Mena has decided that today, right now, over breakfast, is the time to tell Arley that he’s his dad. Yeah, he and Arley’s mom were novios and they loved each other a lot and he was born. (I see he left out the part where he tried to kill Amanda.)

Arley’s got questions. If Mena’s his dad, why hasn’t he been around?

Um…work. And stuff.

OK, but Mena said he and Arley’s mom were novios, so why didn’t he stay with her?

Because back then things were complicated. And when his mom…left…he didn’t think he was the best person to take care of Arley. Because work.

Arley asks what his job is. To use a gun? To kill people?

Mena says it’s complicated to explain.

Arley asks him to leave so he can be alone.

Club Diablo

The judge is ready to negotiate a price. He says Felicidad is special and they get along well. He wants to take her to Spain.

Well, gosh, Santamaría thinks they oughtta start up a matchmaking service. But no, really, they can’t sell her. There are rules. The girls can’t leave. Not alive, at least. They’d talk and bring this all down.

Giuseppe says he can keep that from happening. When Santamaría still won’t budge, he asks to speak to Irina.

But Irina’s on the plane, trying to figure out how this whole “drinks cart” thing works. She gives up when the pilot announces their arrival in Mexico and plops down in her seat. She swears to the guy she brought on the plane with her that she’s never doing this again! She’ll be a Swiss tourist next time!

Aw darn, he can’t get her on the phone. Well, as the head of this organization he can definitely say a sale is not going to happen.

Giuseppe says they’ll see about that.

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