La Piloto 2 Thursday 9/27/18 #42


Wilmer relives the breakup in the backseat of a taxi. He tries Andrea’s house–no answer. He tries Gilberto’s cell and Andrea’s got it. She asks him how things went. Did he and Olivia fix things?

Um. No. Can he come see her?

Andrea says she’s in Burbank, at Studio City, filming a music video, but she’ll send him the address.

Lola walks in and Andrea asks her what’s up. Oh, nothing, just that the Russians found her. Andrea says they came to her apartment, but she wasn’t there so they took her dad instead. Did she by any chance see him? Lola thinks she remembers a guy cleaning the bathrooms….


I’m annoyed that Dave’s playing Monica. The old Monica would have noticed. The new Monica just sits there talking about how great last night was and looks all worried when Dave says there’s just one thing bothering him…

It’s the headaches. He thinks he should go in for an MRI just to be safe. Monica’s nervous because that would mean going to the city.


Bill finally returns one of Regueros’ phone calls. Regueros complains about how careless Bill and the Coronel are being. He told Matallana he didn’t know anything, but he’s sure the police will figure it out eventually. Bill says that’s Regueros’ problem and hangs up on him.


Waters calls Matallana to complain that he didn’t hear back from him about that guy they took.

Oh, he didn’t know anything. The transaction was handled anonymously.

Still, Waters wants a meeting in…ten minutes at Matallana’s office?

Matallana, walking through a parking garage, says he’s not in his office. He can meet Tony in two hours at the DEA building.


Yoli ran across a notification online. The school where she originally wanted to study is shutting down and selling all their planes. John agrees, they should be able to find something good there.

The cops try to pull them over on the way to Tepic. Somehow John stops the truck, waits for them to approach his window, backs into their car, and boom, they’ve got a flat. The truck takes off, but the cops are calling for backup.

John’s looking for a place to pull over and ditch the truck. They leave it on a dirt road with some cows for company. I think Arley’s still carrying Toribio around, without his cage. Yoli promises she’ll buy him a toy truck later for him to play with.


Monica bribes the guy doing Dave’s MRI to get the results back faster.


Andrea, Wilmer, and Aldo visit Julia. Aldo wants her to listen to the call that came in to 911 last night.

Julia confirms that’s Felicidad’s voice.

At Club Diablo, Felicidad is in bed with the judge, having champagne again. He’s telling her about how much he liked the Ring of Death and how he thinks that’s when he first noticed her. Felicidad sweetly said she loves the adrenaline rush.

Well, the judge can think of more things to get her adrenaline going.

Ah, and Felicidad has an idea for a new spectacle, so how about she tells him and if he thinks it’s a good idea, he can tell Venancio….

The judge proposes to Venancio that they add a new activity–fox hunts in the desert. (The “joke” being that zorra is both “fox” and “slut.”) Venancio digs it. They’d just have to make some modifications for security. But he’s sure Irina will like it.


Irina’s in the office, having a video call with Bartov. She tells Santamaría that Bartov was approached by a Russian extremist group who wants to make an attack in the US. They want to use USFLY’s planes and they have the money to pay because they’re financed by the Kremlin.


Monica’s surprised to see Buitre in the driveway when they get back from the hospital. She wasn’t expecting him. She’s worried it means he knows about Dave. She tells Dave to stay in the SUV–she’ll get Buitre inside and then he can follow.

Buitre’s surprised Santamaría didn’t call to tell Monica he was coming. She welcomes him anyway and hustles him inside.

Monica calls Santamaría to find out what Buitre’s supposed to do.

Oh, nothing really. Does she remember she owes him a favor? Well, Santamaría wants her to get Buitre bound and gagged and then call him back.

The new cook is Esthercita. Dave goes into the kitchen to get a taste of what she’s making for dinner and steal a knife.

Monica’s trying to play it cool and telling Buitre she’ll give him his instructions in just a minute, but he gets suspicious and attacks her. Dave comes running in to get Buitre off her and knocks him out.

In the cave, as Buitre’s being tied to a chair, Monica tells Dave she doesn’t know what she’s supposed to do exactly, but when she calls Santamaría he’ll tell her. Yes, Buitre’s the new head of security and no, she doesn’t know why Santamaría would want him dead. She goes off to clean up a little and Dave asks the other two guys to leave him alone with Buitre.


Bill insists Olivia sleep in his bed, but of course he doesn’t mean with him. Lots of blah blah blah brainwashy stuff about her moving on with her life. They kiss.

Andrea asks Wilmer what his plans are, but Wilmer doesn’t know what to do. She says he can stay at her place as long as he likes.


Yoli and co. have reached a river. On the other side, there’s supposed to be a road to Tepic. Arley refuses to let Mena carry him across, but he’ll let Tío John do it.

The river is shallow, but somehow Mena gets caught by a current. Yoli rescues the money and John rescues Mena and Yoli.

Mena thinks he broke his foot. They see the cops on the other side of the river and damned if Mena’s not willing to limp away as fast as he can!

When they get to the far side of the river, Mena’s in pain and Arley is worn out. Rosalba suggests they get to Tepic and rest at the house there. Arley takes them seriously when they say they should flag down a car and goes running out to the road when he hears one driving by. Cue adult panic.

The good news is no one got hurt. John offers the driver of the truck that stops a wad of cash to help them.


Dave wakes Buitre up, tries to get him to pipe down, and explains that Santamaría wants him dead. But if he helps Dave, Dave will help him.

Monica’s still cleaning up when Santamaría calls. He wants her to get Buitre to confess that he shot Vasily on John’s orders, make a video of it, and then kill Buitre.

Monica doesn’t understand. She though John shot Vasily.

No, Buitre did, but on Santamaría’s orders. And now that only he, Buitre, and Monica know this information, he hopes he can count on her discretion.

Oh yeah, totally.

Dave asks why Santamaría would want to get rid of him. Buitre figures he’s covering his tracks and trying to blame everything on John. But it was Buitre who shot Vasily on Santamaría’s orders. He’s trying to take over the organization.

John asks if he knows where Club Diablo is.

Sort of. He can’t give him an address because it’s an underground bunker in the desert, but if Dave wants, he can take him there.

Dave gives Buitre the knife from the kitchen. HE tells Buitre to get out and meet him at the back where all the cars are parked. Then he starts choking Buitre and telling him to talk when Monica and Indio show up.

Indio starts pounding on Buitre again. Monica wants to talk to Dave.

The next time we see them, they’re back in the cave watching Indio try to beat a confession out of Buitre. And Monica tells him what she wants to hear. Dave gets Indio to back off a little bit and asks Buitre if he has any other options. No? Then confess.

So Monica gets her video and shows it to Irina over video call. And yeah, of course they killed him. John’s location? Uh, he didn’t know.

Irina’s still upset.

Indio taunts Buitre, who has just managed to cut his ropes and gets the hell out of the cave. Dave’s waiting in one of the jeeps, but Buitre doesn’t show up. Instead, Monica does and Dave plays it like he heard her over the radio calling for backup.


Tony’s planning to kill Matallana with arsenic in his coffee. Santamaría says that’s a “feminine” way to kill someone.

Yeah, well, arsenic has a delayed reaction and Matallana will go into cardiac arrest somewhere outside the DEA office, so Tony will have an alibi.

Aw, damn. Matallana arrives at Tony’s office and he’s in the mood for coffee.

Matallana’s supposed to be updating Tony on Dave’s case, but there is no update. And Tony’s being just a little too obvious about wanting Matallana to drink the coffee. Tony keeps talking, but Matallana’s somewhere else after he got a whiff of that coffee.

Suddenly Matallana has to leave. But how did Tony know he liked his coffee with ajo (garlic). His dad was a chemist and the smell of garlic reminds him of his childhood. Tony’s starting to look a little nervous.


Oh, damn. She slept with Bill. On the couch. Making this both icky and physically uncomfortable. She’s going to feel awful when she finds out what he’s really like and I’m expecting him to unleash that any second now. Oh, yeah, they were talking. I ignored it.

When she goes to the bathroom, Bill checks his phone. He apparently missed a call from Irina. Oops.

Club Diablo

Venancio comes to the dorm to announce the new “event.” Two of them will get a chance to escape assuming they don’t get killed first. They’re going to be hunted like the zorras they are. And they’ll get to pick who’s going.

I’m noticing all the prisoners are wearing athletic shoes. After Venancio leaves Felicidad and one of the women from the prison look at each other like they’re trying not to laugh.

They hold a meeting to decide who’s running, but no one wants to volunteer. Felicidad says she’ll do it. And the woman she was laughing with earlier volunteers another woman she says is good at escaping.


Being in her old house in Tepic makes Yoli a little nostalgic. John has already been out to buy a plane. And he bribed the guy to shut up about who bought it.

Yoli’s talking about getting to bed early and heading out in the plane in the morning, but John says he brought home dinner. Tostadas and aguachile and ceviche…so Arley won’t think life is all hamburgers and fries.


Lola comes over to meet Matallana. She’s nervous that this isn’t a good idea, but they talk her into telling them what’s going on inside the club.

First off, it’s gone from White Velvet to Black Leather and now it’s become a hotel-room-delivery service for women.


Santamaría tells a nervous-looking Waters that they’re getting into the international terrorism business. Right now USFLY is picking up Russian terrorists in Beijing. And he’s going to need Waters to help with security in LA.

And hey, what happened with that guy Waters was supposed to kill?

Waters says he checked at his mom’s house, but Matallana had left for a trip.

Santamaría wants him to just get things done so he doesn’t have to do it himself.

Waters asks when the terrorist attack will happen, ’cause he’d like to not be here when it does. (Creep.)

No worries, it’s happening in DC at the White House. (And just when I thought the shark had already been jumped.)

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