La Piloto 2 Tuesday 10/2/18 #45

Everybody’s doing it

Yep, John and Yoli did it. He says he thought about her the whole time he was in jail. He’s laughing about the day he got her that pilot’s uniform and then he nearly killed himself by having champagne. He always knew they would get back together.

This wasn’t exactly how he dreamed it.

Yoli asks if he ever remembered the day he ordered her killed. (Oops.) We get a flashback.

John says that’s all in the past and he’ll always want the best for her…for them.

Gilberto calls Andrea from the club to see what she heard on the radio. Andrea explains they lost the signal.

No worries, ’cause a guard just told him Lola and the others are on the way back and everything went well.

Wilmer tells Aldo what Gilberto said. After he hangs up, he and Andrea are so happy they have sex. This is going to be awkward when Lola and Matallana show up, but I guess they’ve got time. Points to Andrea for making sure Wilmer wants to do this. He takes off his wedding ring.


Güera has news for Yoli and John–she heard from a reliable source that Muñeco’s place is west of Nogales. She warns them to be careful.

You killed my father….

Irina calls Venancio and gets a little poetic about it being better to get smacked with the truth than kissed by a lie and she got a really big smack. Santamaría’s the one who killed her father. She tells Venancio he has to keep quiet about this. Santamaría’s in DC, but when he comes back, he dies.

Road trips

Santamaría, Bill, the Russians, and whatever that gas is land somewhere.

Wilmer and Andrea check the computer and the signal is back, but it’s not heading towards White Velvet. They call Matallana and he wonders if they’re going to Club Diablo. He tells Thomson, the guy driving, to turn around so they can catch the 10 going east.

The van stops for gas and I’m surprised there are only two women in the back–Lola and Felicidad. They whip the bags off their heads and start talking into the locket at top speed–they’re being taken to Club Diablo, the Russians are planning something big in DC, they said something about Novichok?

Wilmer looks that up–it’s a chemical weapon. Wilmer starts trying to trace the private flight Bill and Santamaría were on while Andrea calls Matallana.

And then one of the guards catches Felicidad and Lola talking into her locket. He correctly guesses it’s a microphone and rips it off her neck. Andrea starts freaking out. Felicidad keeps yelling at him not to hurt Lola. Matallana comes on the line and Wilmer tells him the last location before he lost the signal again was a gas station. (Hopefully one with cameras? That saw the license plate number on the van?)

An Air Force jet hails the charter flight. They panic.

Irina checks the computer and asks her assistant for the satellite phone, but no one answers. Irina types furiously on multiple computers, as one does when one is trying to look like they’re doing some SRS HCKG.

The jet threatens to shoot them down if they don’t land in Phoenix.

Bill tells the jet he’s not in control of the plane. He’s been hacked. Of course he’s not carrying terrorists. Chemical weapons? No, not as far as he knows.

Santamaría tells him to descend for a landing and then go south to Mexico.

At her computer bank, Irina mutters that the police can’t get Arnoldo. Regueros starts knocking on the door and Irina screams that she doesn’t have time to deal with him right now.

They didn’t land. And now the Air Force jet is saying they’ll shoot them down. Santamaría tells Bill not to sweat it–they won’t shoot because they don’t know what they’re carrying and they don’t want to risk it. He calls Monica and tells her to take armed men to Puerto Peñasco. She’s confused, but she’s on her way. She hangs up on him.

Puerto Peñasco

John notices a couple of jeeps that look like the ones Monica used. He tells Yoli to follow them.

So Monica’s left, and Dave decides he should go too.

From the jeep, Monica radios the other one and tells them to make sure they’re not being followed.

OK, so what’s she want to do about the plane flying over them?

Yoli tries to get closer so John can get a better look at who’s in there.

The Coronel’s plan is to crash the plane into the water and jump out. Bill complains it’s too high to jump and brings the plane down lower. Bill’s the last one to jump. He tosses something out ahead of him.

Monica pulls over so the guys can see what’s going on. She sees the plane coming around again and tells them to shoot.

Damn. There’s nowhere for Yoli to land, but she finally sees a spot in a little valley.

Out of the four jumpers, three are OK and one thinks he broke his leg. Wait, maybe there were more than four–one had a canister of gas and it’s being released. Santamaria starts hurrying to get everyone out of there.

Matallana tells Andrea and Wilmer he got a call about a plane that crashed near Puerto Peñasco. He doesn’t know who was on it, but he knows the pilot was Bill Morrison.

Yep, they know Bill–he’s a pilot for USFLY

Olivia sees a news report and leaves Bill a desperate voicemail message.

Monica gets to where the Coronel and the others are limping down a dirt road. Santamaría says he and Bill will head for LA. He wants Monica to take the two Russians and the gas to Nogales. And he nearly died today–he wants to know who ratted them out.

Santamaría tills Bill to hurry up and he hikes down to the jeep muttering about terrorists and gas and how’d he get involved in this.

Monica tries not to smile. From a ridge above them, John and Yoli are watching.

Monica sees them and starts shooting.

Dave’s racing down the road when he sees one of the jeeps coming back and wonders who that could be.

At the shootout, Monica has decided her guys should get the Russians back to the hacienda. Monica gets shot in the arm. And then Dave shows up. Monica tells him Yolanda and John are attacking them. Dave tells Indio to take care of Monica while he goes after John and Yolanda.

Well, that settles it for Yoli–Dave’s with Monica. John tells her to calm down. People change. They need to get out of there and get their plane repaired. He’s going to call La Güera.

Getting closer

Santamaría calls his gofer (aka Tony) to come pick them up at the border and he doesn’t care that it’s going to raise questions, Tony just has to figure out how to answer them because he’s almost there.

DEA Agent Chavez calls Aldo. She noticed he was arguing with Tony? He’s been acting strangely for the last few weeks. She’s starting to wonder if he’s involved with the Russian mafia.

Matallana says he also has his suspicions, but no proof.

Chavez says Tony just left in a DEA van and didn’t take any agents with him. If he wasn’t going to need backup, then why not take a car? She doesn’t know where he went, but she knows the license plate number of the van.

Tony picks up Santamaría and Bill in the desert. He says there’s no reason for them to get stopped in the DEA van.

And they don’t. Tony lets Santamaría and Bill know when they’re past the border and they can quit hiding in the back of the van.


Monica tells Dave not to talk to the Russians. She doesn’t want anyone finding out he’s here. She puts Indio in charge of making the Russians comfortable and getting someone to check on Olianov’s leg.

Dave’s upset about Monica’s arm. He checks the back of his jeep and asks what this is.


Dave flips out. This stuff is dangerous!

Well, that’s why Irina told them to be careful with it. But she doesn’t want Dave handling it, she’ll get Indio to do it. (Right, ’cause Indio’s not busy with anything else.)

The nurse checks out Olianov’s leg while Monica hovers over him saying she thinks it’s broken and infected.

Santamaría calls. He heard gunfire as they were leaving. What was that?

Monica says John and Yolanda were shooting at them. No, she didn’t catch them–she was prioritizing the Russians and the gas.

Well, now Santamaría says she’d better catch them before they catch her.


Monica’s screaming about the plane flying overhead again. She tells the guys to get the jeeps hidden and stay out of sight and shoot it down if they can. Indio tells Dave he’s got a rocket that should be able to bring it down….

John’s flying this time. Yoli can see plenty of haciendas, but she has no way of knowing which one is Muñeco’s. She doesn’t see the jeeps either. But she does see an ambulance parked out front of one of the houses.

Indio pulls out a rocket launcher, but Dave says it’s too loud.

They go to the north part of the property but Dave tells Monica it doesn’t look like the plane is going anywhere near there. He tells Indio they should go back to the house.

What’s wrong? Does Dave have a problem with shooting that plane down?

No. He just doesn’t want the state police coming around. Or is Indio not worried about that?

The plane’s running out of gas. John says they’d better get back. They can process what they saw later.

Club Diablo

Venancio brings Felicidad to the cage. Later, he comes back with an armload of red fabric and tells the women to get changed.

Irina tells her assistant to get her a sleeping pill. She calls Venancio, who brags that he’s getting the women ready for the new “event.” She’s sorry to miss it. She tells him to set up a camera and put it on the internet, but make sure to take it down after.

In the cage, the women are all wearing identical red satin shorts with athletic tops that materialized out of nowhere. Felicidad’s trying to suggest a strategy when one of the guards comes to get them.


Santamaría asks Bill and Tony if he can trust them. They both say he can.

OK, he’ll try again…Irina’s been trying to get rid of him, so he needs to get rid of her first. He’ll ask again–can he trust them?

Oh yeah, sure.

Even though they’re talking about Irina Kilichenko who has dozens of guys who would be willing to die for her?

Yep, totes. They’re in.

Except Tony does have a small question–how exactly are they going to kill Irina?

Santamaría tells him to just drive to USFLY and then he’ll tell them what they’re doing.

Gosh, Santamaría’s just so happy to have them both.

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