La Jefa del Campeón Monday 10/1/18 #56


Waldo pretends Nadia’s just his landlady, bringing him a set of keys he asked for. Aw, darn, he didn’t realize who she was–that’s too bad. He signed a lease for a year.


Delfino and Martina assume the Coronel has a thing for Rufis. Which he doesn’t, as far as I can tell.

Rufis is staying to watch the game with the Coronel.


With teammates like Nelson, who needs opponents? Daniel listens to him bugging Rey about winning the highest goal scorer trophy. Daniel says Nelson’s not going to win it if he doesn’t play with the others as a team.

Daniel gives a pre-game-warmup pep talk, as does Tovar (the club president). Daniel calls Rey over to see what’s going on with him. Rey’s thinking about Frida even though he’s dating Valeria. He likes them both, but Valeria doesn’t want a commitment. Daniel tells him to figure out what he wants and not hurt people.

And now–personal problems off the field, remember.

At Nadia’s, Valeria presents Maika with the cutoff-tied-in-front version of the Búfalos jersey. They’re also teasing each other about their respective boyfriends winning the highest-goal-scorer cup. Maika went to the hotel where the team were last night and slept with Nelson. Well, not that they slept, but…he’ll definitely be thinking of her when he holds up the trophy.

In the stands, the topic of a cornea transplant for Doña Sara comes up again. Waldo tells Pedro he’s a whole new Waldo. Pedro will believe it when he sees it. Fabi whines at him to give Waldo a chance.

Tita gives Rey a last pep talk from the stands. She sees Daniel kissing Ángela, or the other way around.

Sergio’s still bitter about Gonzo not being on the field. Karina tries to run interference, but Sergio’s still bitter about her taking advantage of his son.

Ángela hopes being married will be good luck for Daniel. Tita wants in the stands for him to turn around so she can wish him luck.

The game starts. Nelson’s completely ignoring Rey and the rest of the team. He tries to score a goal instead of passing it to Rey and misses.

Maika doesn’t get it. Why would Nelson pass to Rey if he needs to score? Valeria gets on her for screwing things up for Nelson–there’s a reason the guys are supposed to get away right before the game and now Nelson can’t focus. (OK, but in all fairness, Nelson let her in. And I imagine if he wasn’t sleeping with Maika he would have been sleeping with somebody else, or drinking, or doing some other stupid thing that would mess with his focus.)

Quique passes to Rey and Rey scores. And there was much rejoicing!

José Antonio was trying to get home in time for the game, but he doesn’t make it until halftime. Emiliano invites him in to watch on TV and grabs some beers. José Antonio was negotiating with a client and the contract is going to depend on the Búfalos winning. Plus, whoever wins the trophy for most goals gets to represent the brand.

Emiliano says Rey had better get on it, then.

Rey passes to Quique and he scores.

Salomé’s talking about Rey getting paid for scoring and gets into an argument with Frida about taking advantage of Rey’s money.

Rufis keeps nagging El Coronel to stay calm or she’ll shut off the TV.

Rey scores another goal. The whistle blows. The Búfalos win the tournament and Rey wins the trophy for most goals scored.

Tita goes out on the field to congratulate Rey, but Daniel nabs him first before sending him over.

Waldo’s up in the stands with Fabi acting like he regrets missing so much. He congratulates Tita and she’s like “Yeah, you know this is the first time you’ve sat through an entire game of Rey’s. What about that ‘one in a million’ thing you said to me?”

Fabi asks them to stop bickering and party instead. The pensión peeps are off to celebrate, but Waldo’s not invited. Which is awkward because he’s standing right there.

Emiliano and José Antonio celebrate their new contract. José Antonio wants to hear about what Tita was like when Emiliano knew her before. He talks about her always asking to leave work to take Rey to play fútbol. José Antonio mopes that he’s in love with Tita and she won’t give him the time of day.


Mr. Entitled is upset he didn’t win the trophy and Rey did. He doesn’t know what happened, but he wasn’t at his best today. And now he’s grumpy because everybody’s making memes of Rey with a crown.

Nadia thinks that sounds better than the mean ones Nelson and Joél were doing.

Nelson tells her to never mention that again!

In that case, she wants him to take her to New York. He can rest and she can shop. Nelson agrees.


The grandpas convo in El Coronel’s room. Pedro’s glad he’s got a backup in town because he really can’t stand the climate. El Coronel’s determined to get better because Tita needs support.

Beba thinks Daniel still has a thing for Tita. And she won’t put up with Tita thinking Ángela’s better than her–Tita’s also beautiful and Beba doesn’t mind that she flubs her words sometimes. They trade I love yous and Beba’s like “Marry me already.”

Valeria suggests the young’uns go celebrate at an antro. Fabi invites Frida to come along, but she says she has plans. Dinner. With a friend (male).

Tita praises Rey. Rey thanks people. I wonder how it is that no fans have figured out where Rey lives. The pensión parties never get crashed.

Delfino finds the baaaaad tequila and Sergio says they’ve gotta get rid of it!

Gonzo and Karina are having a private celebration.

Rufina tells Beba they don’t make ’em like El Coronel anymore. Any woman would be lucky to be with him. Martina overhears and complains to Beba.

Delfino’s ready to step things up with Beba, but she’s not. She tells him to put on some music and they can dance.

Oh nooooo, Delfino’s been hitting the bottle of special tequila. And since he says that Sergio says two drinks will make you more horizontal than vertical, she passes. Delfino keeps trying to talk her into sex and it’s kind of creepy.

Casa Waldo

Waldo and Nadia congratulate themselves for fooling Fabi. Waldo complains about Beba and Nadia has the idea to make sure all the fake receipts go through her so it looks like she was in on it.


José Antonio comes over to Tita’s and gets invited to stay for dinner.

Tita, Pedro, and José Antonio play cards and they’re all good bluffers. José Antonio asks if he can repay them for this game with lunch tomorrow.

Ooh, Pedro can’t, but Tita can go. She needs to relax. Yep, 2 is a perfect time. And sometime he and Pedro will try dominoes.

Tita doesn’t think now is a good time to date, but Pedro says you’ve gotta go fishing after a storm.

She doesn’t want to fish.

Look, he knows she still loves Daniel, but he doesn’t want to see her mourning Daniel the way she mourned Waldo. It’s time to cast a net again.


Froylán gives Frida money for fixing a computer. She suggests they go out for breakfast and celebrate The Day Froylán Goes Out To Avoid Seeing Beba and Delfino Together. Yeah, she noticed.

Frida knows why he married Salomé and Froylán’s still thinking she needs support…but he hasn’t spoken to her doctor at the last few visits. Frida tells him to just approach the doctor himself and see what’s going on. She wants him to put his life back together.


Daniel comes over with news about Rey and Tita decides this is a good time to give back her wedding ring. They end up arguing about their relationship. And Tita’s just finished saying she doesn’t have anything going on with José Antonio when he shows up for their lunch date.

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