La Jefa del Campeón Wednesday 10/3/18 #58

The party

Fabi takes off without verifying what Nelson said.

Rey and Valeria show up and Valeria accidentally drinks a glass of alcohol spiked with cocaine that Nelson intended for Rey.

Joél spills the non-story to a reporter and then calls the cops with a complaint about minors drinking.

Valeria’s high and she won’t quit drinking. Rey decides he’s taking her home and calls Fabi for help.

Meanwhile, Nelson slips cocaine in Rey’s jacket.

The reporter gets a good shot of Rey carrying Valeria out of the party.

Nelson tells Maika he’s so sorry, but Rey was the one who drugged Valeria. She mentions that Valeria had been in rehab in Spain? When did they tell us that?! Maika has a hard time believing Rey did it, but Nelson says “everybody knows” he’ll do whatever drugs he can get his hands on.


Daniel wants to take Ángela out for tacos. They end up at the Tacoche while Tita and José Antonio are there.

Sergio’s happy to hear about Rey going to Spain. He can’t help wishing Gonzo was going.


Quique left the party, went looking for Fabi at the Chapulines offices, and then tried the pensión. Gonzo called Tita’s and Fabi was there…but since Quique’s here, could he maybe stand around to help Gonzo?

He’s almost the perfect size for Frida’s dress, but he’s embarrassed when Frida and Martina show up. As he’s hurrying out of the dress, Martina’s crying and remembering what a pro El Coronel was at taking off dresses.

Martina confronts Bonifacio about having a thing going on with Rufis. He tells her to go back to Sergio. And it doesn’t matter if it was Sergio or not, she would’ve cheated on him with somebody. Yeah, he really said that.

Sergio’s annoyed that Karina and Gonzo seem happy. They explain that Gonzo got an order for more dresses. Sergio’s says that’s nice he’s making a little money. He’d be making millions if he’d kept playing fútbol.

Beba and Delfino

Delfino wants a dozen kids and he wants them now before they’re too old. She says she’s not that old. And how ironic that Frolyán never wanted kids and now here’s Delfino wanting a dozen.


José Antonio drops Tita off at home and challenges Pedro to a dominoes rematch. Pedro thinks Tita looks happier when she’s around José Antonio

Quique shows up at the apartment and Fabi asks if there isn’t anything he wants to tell her. When Quique doesn’t mention the party she kicks him out.

She tells Beba later she’s breaking up with him because he was at one of Nelson’s crazy parties and even Rey went and now he’s saying Valeria’s high and–

Tita and Pedro wander in and Tita asks what Fabi just said.

Um, yeah, Rey sent her a message and said Valeria was high. Tita thinks they should tell her parents, but Fabi doesn’t want to end up fighting with Rey if they do. Pedro trusts that Rey didn’t take drugs, but he doesn’t trust Valeria.

Emiliano, Nadia, and Maika come over. Nadia’s convinced Rey’s an addict, Maika repeats Nelson’s fake gossip. Emiliano’s furious when Rey empties his pockets and finds the coke. He decides they’re not going to settle anything like this. If it was a team party, then the club needs to be responsible and all the players need to get tested. Tita thinks that sounds fair.


Quique tells his mom about the party and says he didn’t feel like staying. Nelson was being really friendly, but wouldn’t look him in the eyes. He doesn’t trust him. And to tell the truth, he doesn’t trust Fabi’s dad either.


It’s STILL going and Maika doesn’t mention to Nelson that her dad’s demanding the entire team get drug tested. Nelson bribes the bartender to go tell the press Rey’s date had an overdose.


Salomé’s complaining about feeling tired. Martina suggests she get some tests run, but Salomé doesn’t want to waste more of Rey’s money. Martina says now that he’s making millions she wouldn’t be surprised if Salomé considered him son-in-law material.

Salomé tells her to go take care of the Coronel.

Martina’s scandalized that Rufis is prepping Bonifacio for a lower back massage. Granted, Bonifacio’s not that comfortable with it either.


Celso comes to drop off more fake invoices for Beba. Aldo wonders if she’s got the hang of dealing with invoices. Beba thinks so. They have some pastries for breakfast before Nadia shows up and the camera keeps focusing on that envelope of invoices.


The gossip is all over the news in the morning. Rey has, as usual (sorry, but it’s true) given up and decided no one’s going to believe him anyway.

Dante gets to be the one who scolds Quique. He doesn’t believe at first that Quique left the party–sure he worked hard to get where he is, but so did Nelson and Nelson doesn’t care. Why should he think Quique does?

Quique reminds him Nelson doesn’t know what it’s like to train on an empty stomach and to have to work to put food on the table. Quique’s not doing that again and he’s not having his mom go through that again either.

Dante vouches for Quique with Tovar.

Unfortunately, the Spanish team no longer wants Rey.

Daniel comes running into Tovar’s office swearing this is all a mistake and he vouches for Rey. (Are they ever going to get around to Emiliano’s demand for drug testing? Because all this talk isn’t settling anything.)

Ah, now we have a press conference announcing that they’re drug testing the entire team, plus a bunch of “Rey is innocent!”

Emiliano is keeping Valeria in her room. He reminds her it was scary enough for them the first time (I really don’t remember that at all) and he doesn’t want to go through it again.

Fabi tells Waldo about what happened with Quique. Waldo uses this as an excuse to remind her that she’s not Tita’s “blood” and of course Tita and Rey don’t care what she’s going through, etc. Fabi asks if she can move in with him.

Daniel drops Tita off at home, says he’ll call when Rey’s results are in, and kisses her in the hallway.

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