El Gran Final de La Jefa del Campeón Wednesday 10/10/18 #63


So here we are, with the pensión peeps, watching the players come out of the tunnel. But Rey’s not there, and neither are Tita and José Antonio.

Quique wishes they could wait for Rey, but Dante and Tovar say they’ve gotta put Bolanos in.


Yeah, Waldo’s dead. Ask me if I care. Tita’s crying. She’s a nicer person than I am. Although, she could be crying because of how difficult this is for Rey. Daniel’s got a wound in his gut despite the bulletproof vest. José Antonio watches Tita crying over Daniel.


Rey finally shows up. He goes right over to Tovar and Dante and says it’s a long story. His mom’s safe, Daniel’s in surgery, and he’s ready to play. Rey runs out to midfield and tells Quique it’s a mess. Daniel’s hurt and his dad…well, let’s play.

In the stands the pensión peeps are nervous. The other team scores first.


José Antonio’s sorry the kids lost their dad. Tita’s sorry to put José Antonio through this. And now that all this stuff happened Tita realized she still loves Daniel. Any woman would be lucky to have José Antonio, but she still loves Daniel.

OK, then go be happy with him.

Daniel’s out of surgery and conscious and wondering what Tita’s doing there. She gives him a kiss for an answer. She’s not marrying José Antonio. Daniel starts looking around, asking if he’s awake. They should operate on him more often.


Rey misses a shot. Quique’s taking the corner kick and one of his teammates heads it in.

As they head for the tunnel, Beba asks “Where’s your mom?” The only thing Rey will tell her is “It’s all good.” Dante and Tovar hustle him towards the tunnel.

Tita’s in a taxi, hurrying to get to the game.


Aw, last one. I totally downloaded the theme song too, ’cause whatever else the show did badly they definitely got this right.


Tita shows up. She’ll explain later–she’d rather they just watch the game. Some guy with bleached hair takes José Antonio’s empty seat.

Rey scores.

A reporter asks to interview Tita. She’s proud of her son, they know how hard he’s worked and she’s the proudest mom in the world.

They want a picture of her with Rey, but Dante’s calling Rey over. Daniel’s out of the ICU and he’s going to be fine.


Waldo’s dressed for his funeral. Fabi cries over him. She’s the only one who wanted to be here. He was never there for her, but she’s there for him. Rey’s dream came true. She’s glad he left her Tita. She and Rey are the best thing that have ever happened to her.

And of all the men who have hurt her, and lied to her, he’s the only one she won’t forgive.


Frida’s packing up. She tells a picture of Salomé she graduated and she’s moving to Spain with Rey. And she misses her.

She finds a box in Salomé’s nightstand filled with cash and a note.

Salomé knows she wasn’t the mom Frida deserved, but it wasn’t for lack of love. She didn’t know how to support her or show her love, but Frida was the best thing in her life. She became the woman Salomé would have wanted to be. Decisive, independent, generous, and above all, with a great heart.

She’s been saving as much of the money she could from Rey to give her for her studies. She’s sorry she didn’t enjoy Frida more.

Rey comes in to hug Frida. Salomé’s in heaven now, taking care of their baby. Rey wonders if they’ll have another one. Frida wants to.

Froylán walks in on them kissing. Rey asks his permission for Frida to come live with him.

“You’re old enough to make those decisions, aren’t you? But thanks for taking me into account.”

Rey mentions maybe getting married now that they’ve both graduated.

Froylán tearily says all he wants is for them to love and respect each other. Rey promises Frida comes before everything–even fútbol.

Froylán wants them to wake up every morning dreaming like they did when they were kids.


Rey bought out José Antonio’s shares of the agency. He’s thinking he’ll go to Canada for a while.

José Antonio tells Daniel he’d better take care of Tita ’cause one phone call and he’ll be back.

Rey asks if they’re going to pick up where they left off and get married finally.

Daniel figures he’d better ask her again.


Woo hoo! Fashion show! Gonzo designs for men and women.

Gonzo thanks his mom, Karina, Frida (his partner), José Antonio (financial advisor), and Tita (moral support). And also his dad, who’s not there today. Hopefully one day he’ll be proud.

Sergio’s at the back of the room, being mopey. He tries to sneak out, but Inés catches him. Sergio’s going on and on about how he should have supported Gonzo from the beginning. But Gonzo doesn’t need him anymore…

Gonzo interrupts. He’ll always need him and he’ll always love him. Sergio gets weepy. And he’s going to support Gonzo from now on, ’cause Gonzo’s stubborn and he knows what he wants.

Well, since Gonzo and Karina are here, Sergio wants them to witness him asking Inés to please, please, please let him out of the doghouse already!


Everybody’s looking sharp. And they’re all watching Froylan flirt awkwardly with Rufis.

At the church, Dante laughs at Daniel in his tux. Rey starts shouting that the novia has arrived.

Everyone files into the church.

Quique and Fabi are the padrinos del lazo. Delfino and Beba are the padrinos de arras. Rey and Frida are the padrinos de anillos.

This time we get to the kissing the bride part.


Emiliano and the girls visit Nadia. Maika’s studying again. Valeria’s working at the agency. Nadia wants them to forget about her, but the girls refuse. Emilio tells them to pray this experience changes her.

Months later

It’s time for family and friends video call time. Tita’s pregnant with twins. Everybody has opinions about what the babies will be…fútbol player, mathematician, doctor.

Karina and Gonzo want to turn the pensión into Gonzo’s studio and hire single moms to work for them and live there.

Beba and Delfino are singing karaoke. Beba gets a little dizzy all of a sudden. Before they get the music going again, Beba announces she’s pregnant.

Froylán’s going back to school. Martina makes him a lunch to take with him. She tells him not to let the other kids bully him.

Tita and Beba hang out at the apartment. Beba wonders if there’s a way to delay the twins so they have their babies at the same time. They argue about which one’s the older sister and which one’s the younger.

Martina’s in the sewing room giving a pep talk when a soccer ball comes flying through the door. She carries it into the courtyard where El Coronel’s telling a little girl that he coached Rey.

Quique’s going to miss Fabi. And he loves her. She loves him too. Rey’s saying goodbye to Frida. Ah, it’s time to depart for Russia.

In Russia, Rey sneaks over to Tita’s hotel room to get her blessing. She hands him something he shouldn’t open until tomorrow. Daniel comes in and kicks Rey out of the room.

He tells Tita he thinks he managed to order dinner. Tita’s been trying to learn to say kiss me in Russian, but she hasn’t been able to. Daniel tells her to kiss him in Spanish then.

At the pensión, Rufis and Froylán are getting ready for the game. Beba and Delfino arrive, and Bonifacio and Martina, and the little girl who was playing in the courtyard and her mom.

In the dressing room, Rey opens the note Tita was writing at the beginning of the show. She knows he’s proud to wear the green jersey, like she’s proud to be his mom. He’ll always be her son, but today he’s her campeón.

Rey lines up in the tunnel with a little kid and ruffles his hair. They stop before they get to the field.

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