La Jefa del Campeón Friday 10/5/18 #60

Well, damn.

Pedro’s dead. Tita and the kids sob. Waldo opens his mouth and some meaningless words fall out.

Pedro was an organ donor, but they still need Tita’s permission (yep, having the card is great, but you need to make sure your family knows that’s what you want, because they’ll be the ones who end up making the decision). Tita gives the doctor permission, but she wants his corneas to go to Doña Sara.

Quique gets to the hospital, excitedly hugging Fabi. He didn’t realize his mom was getting Pedro’s corneas. He and Fabi cry together.


Everyone at the pensión finds out Delfino and Beba are dating. Froylán doesn’t take it well…in a sort of speechless way.


Valeria blackmails Nelson into giving her more drugs. If he doesn’t, she’ll tell everyone he’s her dealer and he can kiss Spain goodbye.

Valeria comes home high. When Maika tells her Don Pedro died, Valeria insists he can’t die, he’s immortal. She’s bouncing around talking about going to hug Rey and Maika tells her to get in the shower and come up with a good excuse for Rey or she won’t let her out of her room.


Pedro’s vigil is at the pensión. Waldo spouts a bunch of meaningless crap at Tita and Rey tells him to shut up already–they all know he didn’t like Pedro.

José Antonio hired a priest.

Daniel hugs Tita.


Daniel shows up to check on Sara and Quique. He offers to stay behind with Sara if Quique wants to go to the funeral. Sara’s sure Fabi would want him there.

As soon as he’s left, Sara tells Daniel she doesn’t think Pedro’s death was an accident. She just never found the right time to tell Tita.


Tita sets a photo of Pedro on the sideboard and everyone reminisces about the things he taught them.

Daniel arrives. He knows this is SO not the right time, but he needs to tell Tita…Pedro’s death might not have been an accident.


Waldo and Nadia are toasting Pedro’s death and their avoidance of jail…until Fabi calls to tell Waldo Pedro’s death wasn’t an accident. (And isn’t it just the tiniest bit suspicious that Waldo’s basically telling Fabi to spy for him?)


She’s still a little hyper when she meets Rey for coffee. He wanted to know how her therapy is going…because he asked Ángela and she said Valeria’s not seeing her. And now that Valeria has lied about that, it’s over.


Martina hears Rufis and El Coronel talking about “the kiss.” She leaves before she can hear Bonifacio tell Rufis that she’s just confused and she’ll realize it when she meets someone her age. As for him, the only woman in his life is Martina.

Frida packed up the ingredients for the gelatina Rey likes. And the recipe in case he wants to make it in Spain.

Rey tells her he broke up with Valeria. And Frida’s welcome to visit him any time and he’ll pay for the plane tickets. Frida’s sad that Rey’s giving her a “goodbye” kiss, but he says it’s a “see you soon” kiss.


It’s time for Rey to leave. Since they’re all there, Sara thanks Tita and the family for the gift of Pedro’s corneas. Soon she’ll be seeing with his generous way of seeing things.


Rey checks out the stadium and meets his new coach. He wanders around Madrid taking selfies.


Waldo invades the apartment and invades Tita’s personal space. Daniel hears Tita telling Waldo to get off her as he approaches the open door and attacks Waldo.

When they’ve gotten rid of him, Daniel says he just came by to leave Rey’s sunglasses.

Nelson won’t tell Maika who sold the drugs to Valeria, so she figures if she can’t trust him, she’s not going to Spain with him.

LOL…did she think she was coming to Spain with him? Aw, hell no. He’s already gotten tired of her.


Tita tells José Antonio that with Pedro gone and Rey in Spain and Beba with Delfino, she feels alone in the apartment. José Antonio says he’ll be there for her for the rest of his life if she wants him.

Nadia shows Emiliano a letter from Dandy. They’re not pleased with Rey being in Spain. She convinced them they could still have a successful ad campaign with Daniel and a model. Emiliano asks if she’s feeling OK…she’s handling a client! Is she on something? Nadia mutters that she’s always handled clients.


Salomé’s feeling sick. For real. Martina thinks it’s because she keeps taking that expired medication. Froylán walks in with the divorce papers and tells Salomé to sign them. She refuses and goes to her room.

Martina says she’s glad that Froylán is getting his life back in order, but the timing of this…Salomé’s sick, she’s been taking expired medications.

Froylán says with all due respect, Salomé’s always going to be sick and she’s always going to find a way to mess with everyone’s lives.


The people from Dandy are excited about the new ad campaign with Daniel and Isabela, the model. Daniel offers to pay the check so Emiliano and Nadia can get home. He sticks around talking to Isabela. She mentioned her dad was a fan–what does he do?

At the next table over some jerk’s snapping pictures with his cell phone.


Rey gets into the dressing room before his first practice and finds an anonymous note telling him he won’t be stealing anyone’s spot here.

The coach and a few of the players come in and the coach tells him not to take it too seriously, but one of the players says he should. They’re just glaring at Rey all hostile and the coach gives them one of those rah-rah speeches about being a team. I do not think these guys want to be on a team with Rey. I’m not even sure they want to be on a team with each other.

After practice, the coach is happy to see that Rey’s adapting. And he knows the other guys will be OK with him once he wins their respect. Can he handle it until then?

Rey says his mom put up with worse to put food on the table. He was born for this.


Daniel gets home. Rudy, his sponsor, calls from Monterrey. A friend of theirs had a relapse. Daniel says he’ll be right there.

Daniel picks up Hortensia and takes her to the ER. She informs him he’s off her friends list. He gets left with her flask.

He gets up late in the morning and Ángla can smell Hortensia’s perfume (or her booze) on his shirt.


Even though Tita just told him she’s done after raising the two kids she has, José Antonio still asks her to marry him and have more kids.


Daniel’s getting ready to go on a trip with Ángela when three guys show up to arrest him for sexual assault against Isabela.

She’s a minor. She told the police that Daniel invited her to have another drink and then assaulted her. Ángela’s having a hard time trusting Daniel when he came home smelling like alcohol and she found a flask. And rather than explain it, Daniel gets huffy about her not trusting him.


She’s really, seriously sick. She faints in front of Gonzo and Frida. When the doctor arrives, he says there’s nothing he can do for Salomé. Cirrhosis can get complicated from one minute to the next. All the alternatives he mentioned before are off the table now. Salomé doesn’t have much time.

Salomé tells Tita what really happened when she got run over. Tita forgives her. Salomé says she was just trying to survive. She wants Tita to look after Frida.

Frida has a videocall with Rey and says Salomé’s saying her goodbyes to everyone. Rey tells her anything she needs, just ask his mom.

Salomé tells Martina and the Coronel she was responsible for the misunderstanding with Sergio. She was angry at Martina because she felt like Martina was trying to take Frida away from her.

El Coronel’s angry. Salomé could have been a better person. It’s too bad she doesn’t have another chance to change.


Nadia pays off Isabela and tells her to go on vacation for a couple of days.

Tita shows up at the jail. She knows he didn’t do it. And Rey called and told her to hire the best lawyer. Daniel says Dante’s already taking care of it, but he’s glad she’s here.

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