La Jefa del Campeón Monday 10/8/18 #61


Salomé says her goodbyes to Froylán and says she loves him.

She apologizes to Frida for being a bad mother and a bad example. She only thought of herself when she gave Frida advice and she wasn’t around when Frida needed her most. Frida says it’s not important. Salomé wants her to promise she’ll be happy…and then she dies.

The next day, they bring her ashes home. Martina comforts Frida. El Coronel asks Froylán if Salomé had any last wishes they could help him carry out.

All she wanted was for her ashes to be given to all the people she knew.

Tita checks up on Frida. She tells her she’ll always be there for her. Frida’s like her other daughter. Frida thinks this is going to sound really stupid, but could Tita promise not to die, ever. (*sob*)


At Waldo’s apartment, Fabi’s waiting to see if she got into med school and Joél’s trying to get her to go out. Waldo thinks becoming a doctor is a waste of time since Rey’s going to give her money.

Well, right, and money was the one thing she needed to get into med school so now she’s doing it. Waldo gives her some BS about enjoying life and says he’ll leave the kids alone “Behave badly!”

Sara calls Fabi all worried because someone threw something at Quique’s head at the game and she can’t see yet and Lupis freaks out around blood and can she please come over and check on him?

Joél’s angry that she’s going and complains about her “playing games” and Fabi’s like “I’ve always been clear with you that we’re friends and that’s it. If you didn’t get that, it’s your problem.”

At Quique’s, Fabi checks out the cut and the lump on his head. He says he was taking a corner kick and someone threw a full can of beer at him. She says she’ll give him an antibiotic shot and an anti-inflammatory one and he’ll feel better. She tells him to pull down his pants and she doesn’t care if he’s embarrassed, just do it.

Quique agrees, he feels better after the shots. They both get all weird about whether Fabi’s staying until his mom and Lupis get back or not. Fabi’s still angry about the party thing and Quique finally awkwardly confesses that what with fútbol and having to support his mom, he didn’t exactly get time to…be with anyone…yeah, he had girlfriends, but they’d always break up with them because he didn’t have time to spend with them or money to take them out and certainly not time to…go somewhere alone…to be with them. And he was hoping his first time would be with Fabi. *smoochies*

Well, here’s hoping Sara and Lupis don’t get home to soon….

Did they…? Yeah, I think they did. Sara and Lupis come hope and Sara’s got the bandages off her eyes. She’s mostly seeing shadows, but she can see again.


Daniel gets released and he’s annoying me again, so let me make this short. He’s pissed off that Ángela didn’t believe him and Tita did. And from my POV he didn’t deserve that from Tita after all the times he had his jealous fits and didn’t believe her.

At the ad agency, Daniel says he’s been cleared of the charges thanks to a witness who lived in Isabel’s building, who saw him drop her off and not come inside. He also said she’s not a minor.

As everyone starts speculating about someone hiring her to frame Daniel, Nadia leaves.


Quique and Frida have just finished watching one of Rey’s games on the internet when he calls. He’s getting along much better with the mean boys now. (I guess for once, he didn’t have his mom around for the pep talk and just had to do it himself.)

Ad agency

Emiliano and José Antonio have figured out someone’s embezzling. They’re just waiting for the results of an audit and then they’re going after that person.


She’s getting married. And Gonzo made the dress. He didn’t win that uniform contest.


He’s calling for an end to his marriage with Ángela. He doesn’t think he’s the person she’s looking for and they rushed into things.

Ángela’s furious. I’m not too happy with Daniel either. If he’s just gonna run off and be with Tita then he can get out now.

Daniel’s ready to go. He’s whining at Ángela about wanting to end on good terms. Wow dude…just leave already.

Partners in crime

Nadia tells Waldo the only way they’ll avoid going to jail is if Rey starts dating Valeria again.

Say what?

Well, yeah, ’cause if they’re dating, he’ll convince his mom not to press charges on them.

Waldo laughs it off–Rey’s his son. He would never press charges on him!

“Have you not noticed that your son hates you?!”


Froylán bought Frida a ticket to Spain.


Daniel seriously went over there to announce that he’s getting divorced. Tita’s sorry, but she really doesn’t want to know about this. She gives him a wedding invitation. He can keep seeing Fabi and Rey whenever he wants.


Gonzo visits Rey. They reminisce about the first trip. Gonzo’s glad he didn’t end up playing because it helped him figure out what he wanted to do.

Valeria shows up at Rey’s place, supposedly this was her parents’ gift for her after two months of being clean. Rey’s sticking to the whole “we broke up” thing.

And he’s working, so he really doesn’t have time to hang out with her, but Gonzo’s here. They can borrow his car and he’ll put her stuff in the guest room.

Gonzo’s disappointed that Rey’s back with Valeria again, though he swears he’s not. Rey asks him to please just babysit her and make sure she doesn’t drink or do drugs and don’t let Frida know she’s here.


Ángela comes over to accuse Tita of never having let go of Daniel. She knows he’s divorcing her to be with Tita.

Tita hands Ángela a wedding invitation.

Well, Ángela really doesn’t understand now.

The audit is finished and just as Nadia planned, all the fishy invoices were approved by Beba, making it look like Beba and Celso were embezzling money from the company.


Joél insists on meeting with Fabi to tell her that he heard a bunch of stuff about Quique from Celso, including that Quique was the one who ordered those guys to beat Rey way back when.

Fabi talks to Quique and he admits that he did do some bad stuff, and the time Rey got that beating, he knew who it was. The guy thought he was doing Quiuqe a favor. He doesn’t want to tell her who, because there are rules in the neighborhood and if he starts ratting everybody out, they’ll take it out on his mom.

Sara sees Fabi leaving the apartment and Quique tells her Fabi found out about some stuff he did with Celso. Sara says that’s why she always told him to stay away from that boy! If he loves Fabi then he needs to go after her.


Drunk!Valeria sneaks into Rey’s room. Or whatever it is when you’re sneaking but you’re also really loud. He wakes up long enough to remind her she’s not supposed to be drinking and by then Val has passed out.

Frida arrives. Gonzo knew she would be there, but Rey didn’t. They have some business stuff to do, besides just coming to hang out with Rey.

Rey’s happy to see Frida and kisses her enthusiastically. He admits that Valeria’s there. He doesn’t think she’s chasing after him and he didn’t invite her, he figures she’s just there to see friends. Frida declares she’s not going to let this ruin her trip. She’ll let Rey show her her room and call José Antonio and then come back down and meet Gonzo.

There are a few too many pronouns in this conversation, but I think what Rey’s saying is that Valeria left with a friend of hers and she was angry that they didn’t get back together. He doesn’t want to lose Frida again, and Gonzo suggests he tell Valeria to leave, which I thought she already had, but OK.

Rey and Frida go sightseeing.


Quique comes over to talk to Tita and hears about Beba’s trouble with this Celso Murillo guy. He’s not saying it’s the same guy, but he does know a guy by that name who scams people. He describes Celso to Beba and she agrees, that’s the one. So how do they find him?

Quique hasn’t been in contact with him, so he doesn’t know where to find him. He thinks Celso’s also the one who said something to Fabi so she’d break up with him. He explains that he never asked Celso to stab Rey, Celso just thought he was doing Quique a favor–Rey already knows.

Nadia and Waldo are celebrating their victory. The only one who might be able to rat them out is a messenger who used to work for the company. And Celso. Nadia plans to blame the whole thing on him.

Beba and Tita do some math and decide that Celso Murillo the guy with the big invoices = Celso Murillo the doctor who was treating Waldo’s amnesia. And Tita’s got his number.

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