La Jefa del Campeón Thursday 10/4/18 #59


OK, Tita was into the kiss, but she’s not telling Daniel that. He’s married, he screwed things up with his jealousy (and his getting married) and he needs to go back to his wife and be happy. Sorry’s not going to fix this.

Tita’s telling Beba what happened when Nadia comes over, dizque to apologize. Tita says they’re not gonna be friends, but they need to try to get along for the sake of the kids. And now that they know Rey’s not an addict (?) maybe they need to pay more attention to Valeria.

Emiliano tells Nadia they’ve really screwed up with Valeria. Yes, he went to Spain to put distance between him and Nadia, but that ended up separating him from the girls.

Valeria’s in her room playing video games when Maika comes in to tell her to quit borrowing her stuff. She makes fun of Valeria acting like she’s in grade school again and Valeria says she knows she can’t count on Maika. She’s just going to think of her as some other person who lives in this house. Like a roomie.


Delfino talks to Froylán in the kitchen. It really makes no sense to me. It sounded like a cross between Delfino wanting Froylán’s blessing and wanting Froylán to divorce Salomé if he’s so in love with Beba.

Froylán mopes to Frida that he should have listened to his heart.

Salomé catches Frida on the phone making a lunch date with Rey. Salomé’s pushing her to get back together with him. And hey, if he’s an addict, Frida can help him–um, no, the tests came back negative.

Pool hall

Nelson paid the guy at the lab to fake a negative drug screen for him. Maika calls and he thanks her for telling him exactly what she said to her mom about the party so their stories would match up. And hey, doesn’t her dad have contacts with clubs in Spain. Oh, of course he wouldn’t mind her talking to her dad about finding him a spot–she does want him to succeed after all.


Valeria comes over to Tita’s and she is definitely not OK. Rey says his tests came back negative, so she can tell her parents. But he still wants to know who gave her the drugs. She says it was some guy she didn’t know. Rey wants her to get some help and mentions Ángela. Valeria says she’ll go to therapy if it makes him happy.

They’re hugging when Frida comes in with Pedro. Valeria chirpily asks if Frida wants to go have lunch with them. Frida hands over the bag of ingredients for that dessert Rey likes and Pedro says he already invited Frida to lunch.

Before they go, Rey tells her he’s going to Spain after all. Frida wishes him luck. Now Valeria’s upset he didn’t tell her about Spain.


It’s the place to go, after all. Frida tells Pedro Rey always talks about him, and she can see where Tita gets her optimism from. She thanks him for helping with Valeria. Pedro admits Frida’s his favorite. He knows there’s nothing he can do about it, but he wishes Rey would come to his senses.


Daniel comes by Tita’s office to give her the news. Celta wants additional clauses in Rey’s contract–basically they want to make sure he behaves himself. Daniel’s not worried, since he and Tita raised him right. Tita thanks him for being there for Rey and gives him a very long hug that gets interrupted by José Antonio.


Quique’s bummed about Fabi breaking up with him. Gonzo doesn’t understand why he didn’t just tell Fabi he was trying on a dress.

Uh, does he know what that sounds like? He was only at the party for five minutes. He didn’t think it was worth saying anything about.

Gonzo says chicks always know everything.

Then why doesn’t she know nothing happened?

‘Cause they only know the things you’re trying to hide.

Quique agrees. His mom can’t see and she still figures stuff out. Anyway, he was suspicious as soon as Nelson called him and when he got there, yeah, the girls were pretty, but he didn’t trust Nelson. And no, he didn’t do anything with anyone! ‘Cause he wants his first time to be with someone he loves.

Gonzo’s surprised. He just figured Quique would have already…but hey, it’ll happen when it happens.

Gonzo gets a chance to talk to Fabi later. He says Quique was only at that party for five minutes and then he came to the pensión. And if she doesn’t believe him, she can ask Frida and Martina. He points out that Nelson and Joél aren’t exactly the best people to trust to tell her the truth.


After Valeria snuck out, Emiliano’s thinking she needs to go back to rehab.

It’s Rey’s birthday. There’s cake. Pedro’s birthday speech for him is to play every game like it’s his last and live his life that way too.

Waldo’s gift for Rey is a signed fútbol with a fake signature. Waldo makes snide remarks and I tune him out. Fabi decides it’s time she and Waldo leave.

Valeria’s suspicious about Waldo and her mom suddenly being so buddy-buddy. Nadia says she just happened to run into him downstairs and he mentioned Rey’s birthday party. Which Valeria’s not at because she wanted to give him time to celebrate with his family.

Daniel and Ángela show up. Beba doesn’t want to let them have cake. Pedro gets introduced to Ángela and pulls Daniel aside. He tells Daniel he’s disappointed in him (ouch) and Tita loved him more than she loved the father of her children, which is saying something. He knows Daniel is going to make his so-called wife suffer.


Tita has signed the contract, and it’s the last one she’ll sign now that Rey’s 18. Tovar asks her to stick around for a few minutes while he gets some seals put on it and she can take a copy with her.

Nelson shows up. He claims to have found out that one of the waiters at the party was the one selling drugs and the cops are already looking for him.

Tita says she can’t get it out of her head that someone wanted to drug Rey. Tovar agrees there was something fishy about the situation. Well, Tita’s sure whoever did it will get what’s coming to them. Nelson looks nervous.

Afternoon out

Pedro hangs out with Doña Sara and Lupe (her assistant). He says the next time they see each other she’ll be able to see. Sara has resigned herself to her blindness, but Pedro’s adamant. He tells her when she can see again, she’ll see that even the cloudiest day is beautiful. Sara says it’s beautiful to see the world the way he does. (I’m really starting to get nervous here.)

She and Lupe take their leave–Pedro’s gotta go where the king goes alone.

And on the way there, he hears Waldo and Natalia talking about how to embezzle more money. He’s furious. He says he’s going to go tell them right now.

Waldo follows him out front where Doña Sara is waiting for Lupe to hail a taxi. Sara hears Waldo and Pedro yelling at each other. Waldo runs back inside to tell Nadia to pay while he tracks down Pedro. Sara hears Waldo complaining again about that “nosy old man.”

When Lupe gives up on hailing a taxi from there and comes back, Sara says she heard Pedro arguing with someone.

Waldo chases Pedro to a park and not-really-accidentally throws him over the wall at the park entrance. The accidental part is that Waldo didn’t realize the entrance was elevated higher than what was on the other side of the wall. Nadia shows up and at least she has enough humanity left in her to be horrified. Waldo starts screaming for an ambulance as they hurry to get out of there.

Lupe and Sara try to catch a taxi from near the park, but Lupe sees a crowd and leaves Sara on the sidewalk to see what happened.

Once again, Sara gets the better part of the chisme–she hears Waldo and Nadia walking right past her and arguing about what just happened.

Lupe sees Pedro lying on the ground and runs back to Sara.


Tita catches Beba and Delfino kissing. She’s happy they’re together.


Valeria’s still whining about not being allowed to see Rey. Emiliano wants her to go to therapy. Valeria says she made an appointment…but she doesn’t have the number in her phone. Emiliano’s definitely not letting her out until he talks to her doctor.

News spreads

Waldo and Nadia get back to the apartment and have some booze to calm down after their stressful afternoon.

Tita and José Antonio are talking about the color palette for a diaper commercial. And he has a folder full of talent photos for Nadia to select from. Tita wants to do the commercial with a real father and son, if possible.

Sara calls Tita to tell her Pedro had an accident.

Tita calls Rey, who’s with Daniel.

Waldo assumes since no one’s called him everything is fine…and then Fabi calls with the news. And Waldo’s annoyed that Pedro didn’t die and he says he needs to go finish the job, because they’re not going to jail. (Express train to hell, party of 2)


Salomé’s doctor told Froylán she’ll be fine as long as she keeps taking her medication. So he wants a divorce. He married her because it was her dying wish and now she’s not dying. He knows he owed it to her, but he’s paid what he owed.

Bonifacio tells Rufis that Martina’s jealous of her. He thinks that’s silly–why would a young woman like her want an old guy like him. Um, why wouldn’t she? Rufis kisses him and then Martina comes in and she hurries to get out of his room.

OK, Bonifacio still thinks Martina cheated on him, we get it.


Pedro’s alive, but he’s lost a lot of blood. They’re doing what they can, but he’s in serious condition.

Fabi shows up with Waldo and Rey shows up with Daniel. Tita says Pedro’s condition is not good. She and the kids cry and hug each other. (Is it too much to ask that Daniel and José Antonio both catch Waldo and keep him from getting away?)

Tita gets to go into Pedro’s room for a few minutes. He wakes up, sees her, suddenly remembers what happen (I’m guessing), and tries to say “Waldo,” and then dies. Waldo better be going down for this.

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