La Jefa del Campeón Tuesday 10/9/18 #62


Aldo’s back and he remembers Nadia giving Beba the “Celso Murillo” invoices.

Emiliano’s disappointed, but if Nadia did the crime, she’s gotta do the time.

Daniel stops by to talk about Waldo, but Tita already knows Waldo’s associated with Celso.

Daniel asks her not to get married. He knows, she’s probably thinking that he needs to get over her. Tita doesn’t answer.

She’s going to go confront Waldo, though, and she could use some backup.


Rey tells Frida that Vale’s in town. Frida doesn’t think Valeria realizes she’s not welcome. And he no longer has any doubts–he wants to be with Frida.

Rey shows Frida his room and asks her if she’ll live with him.

Valeria stumbles in in the morning and finds them in bed together. Frida’s like “Yeah, I’m in MY bed with MY boyfriend.” Valeria’s ranting about Frida having pushed Rey into getting back together with that whole “baby” thing and now she probably wants to have another one!

Frida: “Do you want another baby, Rey?”

Rey tells Valeria to just go, but Valeria says Frida’s in her place.

Oh? Well, she’s welcome to it, but Rey’s not going to stay.

Rey says he absolutely wouldn’t! He’s in love with Frida.

Frida laughs at the sound of Valeria slamming the door.


Rufis is back for a visit. She’s over her Coronel crush. Martina thanks her for all the rehab she did with Bonifacio. Rufis has nothing to apologize for and she’s part of the family now. There might have been a look between Froylán and Rufis, but I’m not sure.


Basically, Tita tells Waldo he’d better not have anything to do with that Celso Murillo guy. Waldo whines that it’s not his fault the guy who scammed the company and his doctor have the same name.

While Waldo’s arguing with Daniel, Tita looks into the hallway and sees Nadia. They give her the “She’s my landlady” excuse.

Tita issues a few last “You better not!”s and she and Daniel are outta there.


Valeria goes to whine to Nelson, who really doesn’t care. But if she wants she can stay at his house…he’s not with her sister anymore.

She’d rather have drugs. Nelson waves a little baggie in front of her face, which Gonzo, Rey, and Frida all witness. Rey’s sure Nelson’s the one who planted drugs on him at the party and Valeria knew it.

Nelson tries to get out of there, but Gonzo grabs his wallet and says Nelson’s team will fire him for this…and he’s recording so Nelson had better not get any closer.

Nelson’s coach or team owner watches the video and fires him. Nelson vows revenge on Rey.


Waldo shows up at Tita’s, making a big fuss about Tita coming over to his place to try to score points with Fabi.

Sara recognizes his voice as the one who argued with Pedro the day he died.

Fabi takes them over to Waldo’s apartment where they find a note . Waldo say he loves Fabi and he’s coming back for her. (Yeah, right.)

Waldo finds Celso and asks Celso to find him a hiding place. Celso suggests Sara and Quique’s old apartment–no one’s living in it.


Emiliano’s worried about what state she’ll be in when she gets home. Nadia’s still blaming it all on Rey and Maika’s actually surprised to find out Nelson’s her “dealer.” He’s got video and everything.

I guess Gonzo drew the short straw. He pushes Valeria’s wheelchair while carrying both their bags and explains to Emiliano that they gave Valeria a sedative to help with her anxiety.

Emiliano takes Valeria to the car and Maika’s going to take her bag…but Joél shows up. He’s there to cover Nelson’s return after getting kicked off his team. Gonzo and Maika watch as Nelson babbles about things not working out.

Maika cuts in front of him, grabs the mic, and says Nelson got fired for being an addict and he gave drugs to her sister, who’s a minor, and he’s the one who planted drugs on Rey Menchaca. She grabs the nearest available cops to bring them over.

As Nelson’s being dragged away he tells Gonzo to tell Tita they did all the negative articles about Rey. Joél takes off without confirming or denying that to Gonzo.


Rey’s hanging out in the stands when his coach comes over. With all the stuff going on with Nelson, he didn’t get a chance to tell Rey that Dante Chimal called. He’s going back to Mexico.

Rey’s disappointed. He’s been working so hard. Why is he getting sent back?

The coach finally cracks a smile and says he got called up for the national team.

And just like that, Rey’s back at the pensión having a welcome home party. Oh yeah, Froylán and Rufis are making eyes at each other. Martina and el Coronel decide to matchmake.

Fabi tells Quique Joél got fired after Nelson ratted him out for accepting bribes to do negative stories about Rey. Her phone starts beeping…she got into medical school! She kisses Quique and runs over to tell Tita.

Tita gets everybody’s attention and says they have three big things they’re celebrating today. Rey’s on the national team, Fabi’s going to med school, and Quique’s on the national team too (awwww).


Ángela tells Daniel that she always kind of knew he was still in love with Tita. The quickie marriage was both their fault–they both wanted to think it would work out. But she’s sure now the two of them are not made for each other. She told him she’d never let him down again, and she did let him down right when he needed her most.

She’s signed the divorce papers already. If he has any questions, he can talk to her lawyer.


Nadia’s trying to get Maika to help her pack her bags. Emiliano tells her not to bother–she won’t need all her clothes in prison.

Yep, prison, because she’s been committing fraud and embezzling from the company and it’s been going on for a long time. First she ran the company into the ground, then they saved it with Rey’s money, and she started embezzling again along with her lover Waldo!

Nadia begs Emiliano to help her. Maika does too, but Emiliano says he has to set an example for his daughters that when you do something wrong there are consequences.

The cops are at the door and they’ve got an arrest warrant. Maika tells him to do something, but Emiliano says he’s doing this for her and her sister.

Party on

Daniel shows up at the pensión late for the party. But he was busy getting divorced.

José Antonio gets there in time to hear Daniel saying he never stopped loving Tita and Ángela knew it. “Why would you say that when you know she’s marrying me?”

Daniel says she has a right to know. Cue fight. Tita says she IS marrying José Antonio. Sorry.


José Antonio thanks Tita for giving him his place. He supposes this means he has a space in her heart.

Well, yeah, but he’s still in trouble for showing up late.

José Antonio gets serious. He was talking with Emiliano. Celso has already been arrested and he said he and Nadia and Waldo were working to embezzle money from the company. This is going to be tough for Fabi, but Celso said it was Waldo’s idea.


Bonifacio, Martina, and Delfino are doing the dishes after last night’s soiree. Somehow now everything is up in the air w/r/t Delfino, Froylán, Beba, and Rufis.

Beba and Rufis both spent the night. Delfino offers to take Rufis to breakfast. She mentions she’s vegan and Martina’s happy–she is too. If there was some shuffling of couples we really didn’t see it, so I’m not sure what’s going on now.

Delfino’s flirting with Rufis, but he gets nervous when she says this is never going to work because she likes older men. He freaks out and says he wasn’t trying to hit on her, he’s completely in love with Beba. And Rufis likes Froylán, so how great is that?

Beba comes into the kitchen while they’re celebrating and starts yelling at Delfino. Delfino screams at her to stop…Rufis here was just saying she likes Froylán. Rufis asks if that’s OK with Beba…uh, yeah! She can have him! Delfino goes to celebrate with Beba.


Quique visits Celso. He never stopped being Celso’s friend, but Celso just had to go and get involved with Waldo and steal from Quique’s best friend. Celso swears it was Waldo’s idea–he has no idea what Waldo’s capable of.

Quique believes him. And he’ll make sure Celso’s family are provided for, but this is the end of their relationship.

Celso begs him to wait. Quique’s doing him a favor and he’s going to do Quique one. Waldo’s in Quique’s old place at the vecindad.

Tita comes to visit Nadia…at Nadia’s request. She wanted to tell Tita that Waldo killed Pedro.

Waldo’s wasting no time talking people up and bragging about being Rey’s dad. Celso comes over to smirk at him. See, Celso hasn’t forgotten that Waldo’s the reason he’s in here and he’s been making friends. In fact the mero mero around here is one of them…dun, dun, dun!

It’s our old pal Chino Mendieta. So if Waldo’s Rey’s dad, that means he’s Tita’s husband, right?

Waldo starts talking about a plan to get out.

Oh nonononono, Chino’s the one with a plan and he’s lacking one final piece that Waldo’s going to provide.


Tita tells Emiliano and José Antonio that Nadia said she was there when Waldo killed her dad.

Waldo calls her to tell her to come visit. He has something to say about her father’s death.

Tita’s definitely planning to go.


OK, Tita shows up. She tells Waldo she’s not there to help him. She knows he killed her dad–Sara recognized his voice and Nadia was there when it happened. Waldo says Pedro was screaming crazy things and he just pushed him and he had no idea.

Tita says she’s pressing charges for murder. Behind her, the guard is getting taken out. Waldo starts babbling to Tita that it’s going to be OK…and then Chino Mendieta comes in and drags her off.

Big day

Daniel’s coaching the national team. Cue pep talk.

They’re supposed to be getting ready to play, but Dante comes in saying something’s going on with Tita and the jail and something about some guy named Chino Mendieta. He’s taken Tita hostage. They want money and they won’t negotiate with anyone but Rey.

Rey’s more than happy to give Chino money. Dante goes to talk to Tovar while Rey and Daniel head for the jail.

Daniel and Rey get to the jail. José Antonio, who’s already talking to the cop in charge waves them over.

All the leader, Chino, really wants is to talk to Rey. Rey’s fine with negotiating, but the cop’s gotta call his boss.

Tovar’s upset that Daniel and Rey left. And he hopes they don’t need Rey to qualify because they’re going out there now, without him.

Inside the jail, Daniel insists on talking to Chino on Rey’s behalf. Chino shouts to Rey anyway that the prisoners want their immediate release and a plane to take them out of the country. And if they don’t get that, the next time Rey sees his mom she won’t have her head.

Daniel wants to see that Tita’s OK before they agree to anything.

Well, she’s still alive.

Daniel holds a knife he’d grabbed from the hallway at Chino’s throat. For some reason, Chino’s taller hench stabs Waldo, possibly for complaining that this wasn’t part of the deal.

Now the police are coming in and Tita’s trying to make a run for it. The cops fire a smoke bomb or something. The point is, the bad guys lose, the good guys win, and Waldo’s apparently dead.

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