La Piloto 2 Friday 10/5/18 #48


Felicidad assures Santamaría and Bill she won’t hesitate to shoot them. She’s had time to check the gun and she knows it’s loaded. She wants Santamaría’s gun and she wants to get the hell out of this desert and see her mom.

Well, Santamaría knows where her mom is, so maybe she should point the gun elsewhere. Bill argues that if she kills him there won’t be anyone to fly the helicopter.

Santamaría further threatens that if she kills him, the people who have her mom will kill her, and worse.

But hey, she’s got the gun, so she calls the shots. She wants to see her mom, they’ll go see her mom. He tells Bill to go to the same place as always.


Julia finds her way to the CPS offices and asks Solano for help finding her daughter who was kidnapped by the Russian mafia. Who also kidnapped her and stole one of her kidneys.

After telling Solano the whole story, Julia mentions she had a little guardian angel helping keep her motivated. Solano can’t believe she’s talking about Arley. She shows Julia a picture and yep, that’s him. They get into an argument about whether Yolanda’s a good person or a criminal.


Tony’s berating the receptionist when Chavez interrupts to say a couple came by earlier looking for Dave. That gets his attention.


Well, Olivia knows Bill’s lying about where he is, but what she doesn’t know is where he really is or what he’s doing. Wilmer’s wondering if the Russians being killed in the crash is also a lie. Olivia suggests Wilmer get into the USFLY system, but he and Andrea tell her Irina’s got it locked down.

Andrea wonders if they could go to the lounge, but Olivia’s not sure. Wilmer announces that the last time he got in, he added them back to the payroll list, so anyone who looks will think they’re still working there.

In the lounge, Wilmer checks the computer and says Bill’s supposed to be piloting the next flight to Mexico along with copilot Hawkins. Olivia says that’s the new guy.

So it all looks legit, but at the same time it seems fishy. They tentatively decide someone’s gotta get on that flight and follow Bill, but then Andrea wonders if “Hawkins” is Santamaría. Didn’t Wilmer say he was wearing a pilot’s uniform?

In that case, Olivia doesn’t want anyone following him. It’s too dangerous. But Andrea insists she’s the best choice.

Wilmer’s worried. Andrea calls to say she hasn’t seen Bill and he must be in the cockpit already. She’s gotta hang up. Wilmer and Olivia decide they’ve been there long enough and it wouldn’t do for someone to notice them.

Before they leave, Olivia gets a call from Julia. She’s out of the hospital, but she doesn’t have anywhere to stay. She’s at a police station where they were kind enough to let her borrow the phone. Wilmer says they’ll go pick her up and they can all go over to Andrea’s.

Same place as always

Bill lands the helicopter. Felicidad tells him to stay inside. Santamaría’s taking her to see her mom…who’s behind that door there…in the weight room with a bunch of guards who disarm her. Santamaría wants her cleaned up and taken upstairs.

He thinks she’s pretty and she’s got guts, which makes her a candidate for novia.

Uh, isn’t he with Irina?

Well, he was, but Felicidad leaving created a vacancy and Irina’s doing her old job.

Felicidad seems amused by that. But why? Santamaría gives her a bunch of BS about Irina started it, trying to get back at him for killing her dad before her dad killed him and anyway the relationship wasn’t going well.

So does she want to take Irina’s place?

Felicidad takes the deal. Santamaría tells her to clean up, get changed, and she’s free to wander the house as long as she doesn’t try to escape.

And now it’s an op

Güera scored them a van big enough for all the prisoners they saw, so she, Yoli, and John are ready to go spring them.

So much for that

Waters calls Santamaría before he and Bill report for their flight. He tells him the Russians got busted in Matamoros and nobody was left alive. Santamaría complains that this was their biggest job. He sends Tony to Irina’s hideout and tells him to find Felicidad and find out what happened to her mother.

Tony meets Felicidad and “jokes” that he’s supposed to check her out so she should take off her robe. Yeah, not funny. Felicidad asks if it’s true that Irina’s at Club Diablo. She doesn’t think anything bad that happens to her would be too much.

Club Diablo

Gilberto’s been given the task of getting a drugged Irina ready for the club. He gets her untied and takes her down to the dorms, but he really doesn’t know what to do at this point.

Luckily for him Felicidad’s friend and a few other women saunter in to marvel that now blondie’s going to find out what it means to be a slave. Oh, no worries, they’ll get her ready for him.

Wiping off that giant blood stain from her face makes a huge difference. She’s still groggy, so Gilberto helps her shuffle down to the club and then to follow the creep who paid. It looks like he set down a cell phone, but I didn’t think he had one.

So, they get to the room and this creep complains about the lousy service because Irina’s too out of it to undress herself. He calls for Gilberto as soon as he’s done to get her out of here so he can get some sleep. She mumbles at him in Russian that he’s going to regret this.

Back in the dorms, the other women sarcastically applaud. Gilberto asks if there’s someplace she can sleep, but Feli’s friend says she can sleep on the floor. She’s gotta pay for all the things she’s done and it’s a pretty big invoice. He’s not taking her side, now, is he? Gilberto insists he’s not, but look at her. Yeah, and if it were up to her, she’d wring Irina’s neck and kill her right here.

She gets out of Gilberto’s way and he puts Irina in an available bottom bunk, throws a rough blanket over her and pats her on the arm.

When Irina wakes up, she tells the other women to go to hell. Feli’s friend jokes that they’re there already. And now she gets to enjoy the hell that she created. And she’d better remember she’s not the boss anymore.


Dave and Monica are driving back to Nogales when their car overheats. Monica calls Indio, who’s busy drinking tequila and smoking cigarettes, but is happy to send them another car.

Andrea calls Wilmer. She never saw Bill getting off the plane. Wilmer says he and “Hawkins” are getting on a connecting flight to Nogales in half an hour. Andrea insists she’s got to at least try to make it to that flight or the whole thing is pointless.

Santamaría calls Tony for an update. I can’t figure out why Felicidad’s just gotta stand there instead of relaxing while she plots her revenge/escape. He tells Santamaría no one knows where Yolanda and John are and there’s someone else living in Rosalba’s house. He’ll send a picture.

Santamaría recognizes Mena and says they’ve gotta go attack that house now.

Waters calls his agent in Tepic and says the guy living in Yolanda’s house is Arley Mena and he’s got the green light to take him out.

Meanwhile, Güera, John, and Yoli are ready to go spring the prisoners at Muñeco’s old place.

Club Diablo

Gilberto comes to the dorm to check on Irina later…and take her to one of the clients. Orders from the Coronel. He doesn’t think either of them want to have problems with him.

Irina asks Gilberto if he knows where Venancio is. She asks him to help her visit Vinancio before he takes her to the client. She swears she won’t get him in trouble.

He takes her down to the storage closet and reminds her that she said two minutes. Venancio’s furious at Santamaría for biting the hand that fed him. She tells Venancio he made a mistake–he didn’t kill her. She cries and says Venancio’s the only one she has left.


Andrea texts Wilmer to tell him she’s on the plane to Nogales and she hasn’t seen Bill, but she knows he’s in the cockpit. Wilmer’s starting to get nervous.

Julia asks what’s going on and Andrea and Wilmer start arguing about whether Bill is definitely working with the Russians or just possibly. And then Wilmer realizes they’re talking about Bill and Santamaría headed for Nogales and Yoli’s in Nogales. He calls to ask her to go help Andrea and she gets him caught up on their rescue mission and asks John if they can do that first and then run to the airport. John’s face is not entirely convinced, but they’re going to try.


Mena hears the cops arriving and tells Rosalba and Arley to make a run for it. Arley’s calling him “papito” now. They’ll meet up at the bus station. Arley’s freaking out about leaving Toribio behind.

When the cops come inside the house, Mena’s gun is in the fridge, he’s got an apron on, and he’s chopping tomatoes. What? For salsa. They tell him to put the knife down, his hands up, and they start searching the house.


Yoli and John are ready to move. They agree not to lose sight of each other.


The plane should be landing now. Olivia tells Wilmer if Bill sees Andrea, she’ll have a story ready for him, don’t worry.

Agent Chavez calls Wilmer to tell him Matallana’s dead. He just washed up in the river.

Wilmer’s convinced Tony did it. He’s gotta go–Andrea’s on the other line. She’s following up a lead in Nogales, Mexico. He’ll call Chavez back later.

Andrea tells Wilmer she’s in Nogales, she’s off the plane, and she sees Bill, but he’s alone. She’s going to follow him and find out where he’s going and then she’ll call Yolanda. She hangs up on him before he can tell her about Matallana.

Parking garages

In one, a man with spiky grey hair and a mask on his face kills a guy in black.

In another, Andrea follows Bill to his car and Santamaría asks why she’s following them.

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