La Piloto 2 Thursday 10/4/18 #47

White Velvet

Gilberto’s buddy makes it to the dressing room, but he says everyone else is dead. He tries to contact them on the walkie, but instead reaches someone who says they won’t kill him right away, they have questions first. Gilberto tells him to shut that thing off!

Casa Irina

Santamaría has her lying on her bed, passed out, while his allies all just stand there chatting about how she was never gonna make it anyway. Santamaría says he’s keeping her around to get information out of her. Like who paid to rescue Dave. And who told her that he killed Vasily. Because she said Monica told her, but he’s not sure.

Santamaría gets a call from Montés that someone attacked the club, he’s the only guard left, and they’re hiding out in the dressing room.

Irina wakes up and finds herself guarded only by Tony. She calls him a traitor in Russian, but seriously, how can she complain when she specifically hired him for being a traitor? She offers him double what Santamaría’s paying, but Tony doubts she can follow through on that.

He’s willing to tell her Santamaría’s keeping her around to get information out of her.

OK, and now that he’s been so helpful, could she have her clothes back.

Tony says she’s like a poem.

Irina says she should have started the negotiations differently. But anyway, yeah, Tony tosses her dress on the bed and when she asks for help putting it on she grabs him around the neck and bites his ear. He complains that she’s “crazy.” Uh, excuse you, you’re trying to kill her–it’s all fair game.

White Velvet

Yeah, I know it’s “Black Leather” but that name is cheesy.

Santamaría shows up, someone’s shooting from the back of the club, and Montés dies. Which sucks because I’d just figured out his name. We can’t see the shooter because it’s too dark.

The guy who was shooting gets away, someone gets the lights back on, and now they hear sirens. Santamaría tells them to round up whoever’s left in the dressing room. Gilberto tries to introduce himself, but Santamaría’s not terribly interested.


Santamaría calls to tell him he took care of the Irina problem and he needs him to get to “the club” right now.

Olivia woke up when the phone rang, but Bill claims the airline was just calling to tell him he has a flight to Chicago first thing in the morning. Olivia’s furious, but Bill says this is how it is. Anyway, he’s going to go shower.


Santamaría’s totally OK with Irina nearly biting Tony’s ear off. He figures Tony had it coming for not being more careful.

He wants to talk about Monica, but Irina refuses to tell him anything.

Venancio’s trying to call Irina. Santamaría decides to send him a message saying everything went well, Santamaría’s dead, and she’s sending him more “slaves” by land.

Venancio messages back that he’s so happy to hear that Santamaría’s worm food.


Yolanda wakes up the next morning thinking about the ambulance. She wakes John up and says she’s sure the same one from the garage was parked in front of that hacienda they saw. John says all ambulances look alike, but OK, they can go check it out.


I’ve completely forgotten who the guy in the car outside Rosalba’s house is. He stops Mena to ask him if he’s seen some people and how long has he lived here and does he own the house.

Mena recognizes la capitana narca–no, hasn’t seen her around here. He’s been renting here for two or three months, since his wife kicked him out.


Olivia goes to USFLY looking for Bill. He’s not there, but he also doesn’t have any flights scheduled.

He’s over at Irina’s, gloating like the rest of those jerks. He tells her not to take it personally, it’s just survival of the fittest and they all think Santamaría has a better chance than her.

Santamaría comes in and tells the guys to get her on the helicopter and put something on her so she doesn’t freeze.

White Velvet

After seeing a news report, Wilmer and Andrea rush down to the club. The officers processing the scene don’t even bother to get her name when she says her dad worked there. The cops just want them on the other side of the tape.

Olivia, hanging out at the USFLY lounge also sees a report, but this time they’re saying the four bodies belong to members of the Russian mafia.

Andrea and Wilmer know now that none of the bodies belongs to her dad or Matallana, but where would her dad have gone? Tony saunters over, introduces himself, and says he needs to ask them some questions.

Wilmer’s VERY loud answering Tony’s questions. They get away as quickly as they can. Waters assigns an officer to follow them.


Yoli and John go in on foot. They see Indio and recognize him from the parking garage. They also see a guy carrying several bottles of water.

They follow the guy with the water and see the prisoners. Yoli wants to free them, but John doesn’t see how they can…and then one of the guards notices them and starts shooting.


Felicidad’s still walking. She can hear the helicopter and it looks like she’s decided to go in the same direction.

Irina realizes they’re going to the club and asks why. Santamaría says it’s going to be her home from now on.

She keeps screaming at him in Russian and Santamaría tells her the guards don’t fear her threats anymore. She spits in his face.

As they drive off in the ATVs, Felicidad walks out of a clump of trees toward the helicopter. She gets the back door open and slips into the back seat. She finds a gun and sits there waiting.

At the club, Santamaría’s guards want Venancio to gather all the rest of the guards in…I’m gonna go with Vasily’s chapel. They think he’s trying to intimidate them when he says Santamaría’s going to end up turning on all of them.

When they’re all assembled, Santamaría talks about wanting to remodel because the club is boring. He shoots at Vasily’s urn and orders Venancio locked up.

Irina he has dragged into the main club, where he announces that now he’s the one in charge and Irina’s their new “VIP” sex slave. Most of the people there look suspicious and confused. He’s gotta ask twice before he gets a volunteer to pay for Irina.

Three guards drag her down to the cage (what is it with these people and their cages?!) and zap her with a taser.

Santamaría chats with Gilberto, casually asking his daughter’s name and where she is right now.

Gilberto says Andrea took off and went back to Colombia so he’s decided it’s better to forget he has a daughter. Santamaría says he’s done the same. Yeah, he has a daughter that he can never see again and it’s…say it with me…all Yolanda’s fault.

Anyway, he offers Gilberto Venancio’s old job and Gilberto accepts. If he hadn’t, Santamaría would have killed him.


Dave calls the feds from Matamoros and tells them Russian terrorists have a chemical weapon in a refrigerated truck. Never mind who he is, just hurry up and get there!

Monica comes back out to the jeep and Dave says there was some guy who was driving by real slow and it looked like he made a call…and hey, are those police sirens?

Monica wants to go back inside because nobody knows they’re here. Dave says this is international terrorism–they need to leave.

They get out before the cops arrive. The others also try to make a run for it, but it’s too late. They end up in a pointless gunfight with the cops and lose.

Monica’s freaking out. She thinks they should go back, but Dave says the place will be crawling with cops. She can’t imagine how this happened, since no one knew…unless Santamaría set them up.

Dave jumps on that–it could’ve been Irina too. For now they just need to stay calm and figure out what to tell Santamaría, but they’re in this together.


Wilmer and Andrea show up to see Chavez, but so does their tail. They split up and plan to meet back outside. It’s enough to throw him off. Andrea calls Chavez to tell her they were followed. Chavez asks the receptionist not to tell anyone that there were people asking to see her–not even the cops.


So now that Olivia realized Bill has been lying to her, she calls Wilmer and asks to meet him. Wilmer thinks it’s best if they meet in the parking garage, building B.


Bill and Santamaría go back to the helicopter. Santamaría says they’re going back to LA and then they’ll head for Nogales. He needs to talk to Ortega since she’s the only one who knew Santamaría killed Vasily.

As soon as they get into the helicopter, Felicidad pops up from the back seat and tells them to stay calm or she’ll kill them.

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