La Piloto 2 Wednesday 10/3/18 #46


Wilmer can’t figure out how Morrison and Regueros factor into all this. He doesn’t see how Morrison couldn’t be involved. How could he not know he’s got a plane full of Russians and a lethal gas? Andrea agrees. Plus they’ve got a flight manifest and if they changed course that wasn’t the autopilot.

Wilmer suggests they go find Olivia and talk to her. Andrea doesn’t think Olivia will listen, but OK. Wilmer says she’s at Bill’s apartment and it looks like Andrea relaxes a tiny bit.

Club Diablo

Tonight’s event is a mêlée. They don’t even bother showing most of it. At the end Felicidad and her friend are the last two left and they give each other a nod before the other woman hits Felicidad with a spiked club.

Venancio’s all “goodbye my love!” after Felicidad and the other dead women are shoved into the back of a van. Little does he know, she’s not dead. This should be fun.


The DEA van rolls on as the guys who are bad at being bad talk about hoping the plane ended up entirely in the water.

Chavez calls Tony to ask if he’s coming back to the office because there’s some important paperwork he has to sign. Tony warns her never to call again for “stupid” stuff like this. (Um, you wanted to be the boss, right? This is what bosses do. Jerk.) She says people are asking why he took the van. “An important mission.”

The pointless conversation was long enough for her to trace the van. Chavez calls Matallana to report her call with Tony and his location. They’re hoping they can catch Tony.

The van rolls into the lower floor of the USFLY garage. Matallana tries to follow, but a parking attendant waves him away.


Güera does have some good news for Yoli and John about Ortega. Her guys asked around and there’s a nurse at the hospital who said a woman who looked like the picture they showed her brought a hot guy in for an operation.

John thinks it could have been Dave. Yoli agrees, she’s hesitant, but decides they’ll go to the hospital and check it out.

The nurse (not the one Monica keeps kidnapping) is extremely nervous, but she does recognize the photo of Dave that Yoli shows her. He was in for an operation to fix an aneurism.

John asks if that’s serious.

Well, yeah, but the operation went well. His name was “Alberto Ortega” and he was married to the woman who brought him in.


Wilmer and Andrea’s attempt to talk to Olivia about Bill goes predictably badly. She refuses to believe Bill’s anything but an innocent pilot whose flight disappeared.

Bill calls. Wilmer rolls his eyes at Andrea as Olivia’s all “Oh, Bill, thank god you’re alive!” He says he’s at the USFLY office and when he gets home he’ll tell her everything.


Bill’s looking for Regueros, but the receptionist says he’s not in the office. Guess who is, though…Matallana! He asks to borrow the conference room so he can speak with Bill.

Bill calls upstairs so Santamaría can hear Matallana asking him perfectly reasonable questions like “Were you the only one who survived the crash?” and “Were the Russians transporting any gas?”

Santamaría tells Tony to go down to the parking garage and see if he can’t keep Matallana from getting away from them again.

Bill walks Matallana out. As he’s walking through the parking garage, Matallana calls a judge for a search warrant. Tony’s waiting in the back seat of his SUV. I really hope this was “the plan.”

Irina’s assistant got her a strong sleeping pill. He assumes this is for Santamaría? He assumes correctly, but he needs to quit asking questions.


Felicidad and the other fighters are being buried in a shallow communal grave. The guards report back to Venancio that it’s done. They’ve barely left when Felicidad comes popping up, gasping for air and coughing.

She walks off, coughing and trying to get the dust off her. I say leave it–it’s camo and potentially a sunscreen.


Tony’s got Matallana heading for the warehouses. He takes his gun and cell phone. When Santamaría calls, Tony puts him on speaker so he can facetiously congratulate Matallana for getting so close to finding them.

Matallana tells Santamaría he may have bought someone in the DEA, but he’s got no one in the FBI. I’m not sure what that warning was about or if he was trying to see if Santamaría would bribe him rather than kill him.

Matallana’s trying to make small talk, asking if the warehouse belongs to the Kilichenkos. Tony tells him to shut up and drive. Matallana speeds up, then slams on the brakes, throwing Tony up into the front seat. They fight over the gun and it goes off.


So now Monica’s in charge of figuring out how to get the gas to DC. Talk about “above my pay grade.” Dave interrupts her meeting with Olianov to say he has an idea.

Indio comes to find Monica. He heard John and Yolanda were asking around at the hospital. He begs her to let him be the one to take care of them, since Dave’s busy with the Russians.

When Irina and Santamaría call, Monica outlines “her” plan to go over land, then the Gulf, then back over land to DC. That threw me off for a second, but she can’t very well tell them it’s Dave’s plan. Santamaría wants her to go with Olianov and make sure it all goes well.

Dave doesn’t like that part of the plan, but Monica says there’s no way around it–if Dave goes, he might be seen.

While they’re prepping to leave for Matamoros, Indio’s team are getting ready to go to Nogales.


Crap. I was hoping Tony had gotten shot. Instead it’s Matallana with a hole in his gut, sitting in the infamous warehouse. Tony offers to bring in a doctor for Matallana and all he’s gotta do is name names.

Wilmer tries calling, so now Tony knows Matallana’s been working with him.

Matallana dies after telling Tony at least he’s doing it with a clear conscience and head held high. Um, I don’t think this was the plan. Tony tells the guys with him to bury Matallana, whole–no acid, no cutting up in pieces. They search the body and find his notebook.

Wilmer and Andrea are getting nervous because Matallana’s not answering his phone. They call Chavez and tell her they’ve been working with him. Chavez says the last time she talked to him was to tell him where the DEA van was.

And has Tony gotten back yet?

He just walked in. He leaves the van keys on Chavez’s desk. She gives Wilmer and Andrea her cell number.


The ambulance parks in the garage and Indio tells the nurse to just walk in there like nothing happened. He doesn’t need to understand why, just do it.

Monica tells Dave that Indio’s hoping to attract John and Yoli to the hospital. Sounds like a good plan to Dave.

So good that he texts Yolanda to tell her it’s a trap. Güera, Yoli, and John are already thinking the vibe is a little suspicious. Yoli gets the text right after Güera has gotten out of the truck to go find the nurse. She screams that it’s a trap. Indio’s team start pouring out of jeeps and the back of the ambulance. Güera’s guard gets shot, John shoots out a tire on the jeep, and they get away.

White Velvet

Wilmer’s looking for anything about the plane crash online when Gilberto calls Andrea. He’s worried that Lola hasn’t come back to the club.

Andrea breaks it to him that she won’t. They find the microphone on her and killed her.

Gilberto’s incensed. They can’t keep letting this happen to those women! They need to tell Matallana….

Well, that’s the other problem, Matallana’s missing.

Gilberto hangs up when one of the guards comes in. He’s joking with the guy about not paying the light bill because it’s so dark and someone starts shooting.

Gilberto huddles with the women. They hear someone saying there’s an intruder and he leads them into the dressing room.

Déjà vu

It’s been a long, hard day of evildoing and Santamaría’s wiped. Irina pours him a glass of fancy liqueur and adds the sleeping pill/drops to it. She convinces him to drink it all, while she pours herself a glass to join him.

Santamaría starts getting sleepy and Irina gloats that maybe it’s his age. She talked to Monica and she knows the confession about her father’s murder was false. Everyone tried to tell her–Venancio, John–but she wanted to think what they had was real. She pulls the fancy knife out from under the mattress…

And he was faking. Damn, I hate that guy! He tells Irina her little game is over and starts to drop the knife behind the bed, but she kicks him right in the kidney transplant incision.

Irina’s guards hear the sounds of the fight and start to go check on her, but Waters and another guy shoot them. Repeatedly.

Irina starts calling for help. Santamaría bashes her head into a mirror and then he has to lie down himself, holding his side

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