La Piloto 2 Monday 10/8/18 #49


Arley presents fake ID and plays innocent. Women’s and boys’ clothes? Must have belonged to the previous renter. Mina says they’ll see what his fingerprints say.


The guys in the weight room are playing cards and drinking beer when they hear gunshots outside. They shrug it off and Vasily (I mean, come on, it’s gotta be him) walks right in and shoots them both.

From the garage level, Vasily makes it into the house, beats up on Tony, and then makes his big reveal.

He’s looking for Irina and he’s willing to kill Tony if he has to. It’s not like Santamaría cares about him anyway. Vasily lets up on Tony’s arm, which is currently around Tony’s neck, and Tony shouts for the guards.

The only other live person in the house is Felicidad. She comes running downstairs in her robe and slippers, skids to a stop in front of them and then heads for Tony’s gun. Tony takes it from her and chases Vasily out to the garage, where Vasily hides under an SUV, trips Tony and makes a run for it.

Tony calls Santamaría and leaves a message–they got attacked at the hideout and Vasily did it.

We get a shot of Vasily changing his bandages and drinking lots of booze.


Santamaría and Bill arrive at the ranch with Andrea. He wants Bill to interrogate her. What? He thought he’d just be coming along on a fun trip? He needs to get to work.

Santamaría chats with Indio while Bill goes to check on Andrea. He doesn’t interrogate her so much as tell her this is all her fault.

Indio’s hesitant to tell Santamaría that Irina came to the hacienda a few days ago, but OK, yeah, she was here. She was checking up on some information about Dave’s rescue.

Dave’s what?

Yeah, Dave’s rescue. Did he not know? Irina found out that Monica paid to have Dave rescued and brought here.

What? (Oh, how fun, he’s genuinely surprised for once.)

In the bedroom, Bill’s still blaming Andrea and saying there’s nothing he can do to help her and there’s nothing he can do to help himself. He’s in too deep. Bill brings up Wilmer and Andrea breaks it to him that Olivia’s in on this too. She knows everything. She knows he’s not in Chicago. She knows he lied about the charter flight. If anything happens to her, Olivia knows she’s here and she’ll never forgive Bill for it.

Santamaría interrupts the non-interrogation to ask Bill if he got anything out of her.

Andrea replies that she explained everything that’s going on to Bill. She addresses him as “Coronel” and he wonders if they’ve met.

She says she used to work at White Velvet.

OK, so what is a “stripper” doing here, following him and Bill all the way to Nogales?

Andrea says she’s looking for her dad.

Santamaría buys it. He tells her Gilberto’s alive, he’d been working for them at White Velvet, but the club had to shut down (again) and now he’s at Club Diablo. So he and Andrea are going to get reunited soon, but Andrea’s going to have to be a sex slave like all the other women at the club.

Actually, now that he thinks about it maybe Andrea could help with his despecho (pain of a breakup). Yeah, see, he was dating Irina, but then she went crazy…and then he found this other girl, cute girl, to be her replacement…but maybe Andrea could be the replacement for the replacement. He tells Bill to take a hike–they’ll handle it from here. The more he talks, the harder time Andrea has keeping from scowling at him.

Meanwhile, the “free the prisoners” op STILL hasn’t even started. John and Yoli have bought some guy’s car and they’re sticking a rag into the gas tank to set it on fire.

Santamaría’s trying to mack on Andrea when the car explodes. Santamaría goes running out of the room to find out what happened and start giving orders.

Yoli and John get to the building and start cutting chains, but that guy who got ditched by all the other previous guards, the one who had been giving Monica such a hard time, is in there and he keeps saying John and Yoli are lying. And OK, now that they’re all free they should take the hacienda! He knows where the weapons are!

Yoli’s like…dude, stupid plan…but he insists. Yoli says whoever’s leaving had better leave now. John gives his gun to the loudmouth.

While loudmouth and his friends are raiding the armory, Yoli and John are getting the others into the van.

Indio comes back from his field trip and says all they saw was a car burning up on the bridge. Santamaría starts shooting at someone or something behind Indio. It feels really random, just shots going off all over the place. And then for that added bit of the surreal, Santamaría says they’ve gotta get to the Jacuzzi.

Why? Because the Jacuzzi’s at the bottom of a set of stairs that have a gate to close them off. So they’re trapped, but it’s also hard to get to them. Indio tries to convince Santamaría to call Monica, but he doesn’t know if she can be trusted.

Santamaría decides to listen to his messages and now he’s like “What do you mean Vasily Kilichenko?” Yeah, this day’s full of surprises.

Club Diablo

Irina’s dancing on a table for some guy who says he heard it’s cold in Russia, but he could keep her warm (shyeah, like we haven’t all heard that one before). Irina responds by getting up in his face and headbutting him. Then she steals his bottle of wine, smashes it on the table and starts screaming at everybody not to touch her.

The guards call Gilberto in. Why? I dunno, his rapport with Irina? The tray he can use as a shield? Mostly, him talking to her lets two guys sneak up behind her and drag her back to the cage. She gets shot up with drugs again.

Gilberto takes her back to the dorms, asking the other women to go easy on her. Felicidad’s friend says she’ll put this in context for him–Irina hasn’t even begun to taste how bad it is for the rest of them. They’ve been forced to kill each other, to be hunted like animals, and all for the “entertainment” of the clients. Because she’s not considered pretty enough, she doesn’t get used as a sex slave, but every other woman in here does. So he’d better think about that next time he’s feeling sorry for Irina.

Parts unknown

John hands out some cash to the prisoners to get them back home.

Rosalba calls Yoli, explaining they had to flee the house. They’re waiting for a bus. Mena was supposed to be here by now, but he hasn’t shown up.

John tells her to get on a bus going to Culiacán and ask around about Rancho El Águila. He and Yoli can pick them up there.

Yoli calls Wilmer to see if he knows where Andrea is. Nobody does at this point, besides in Nogales somewhere.


Mina keeps asking where the others are and Mena keeps telling him if he knew, Mina would be the last person he’d tell. He tells Mina he’s part of the corrupt DEA headed by Waters. He’s on the Russian mafia’s payroll.

Mena wants his phone call, but Mina has him put in a cell.

For some reason, Mina comes back to the cell and asks Mena if what he said about Waters is true. He follows his orders and he doesn’t think Waters is doing anything wrong.

Mena asks what the DEA is doing chasing a kid and his grandma?


More pointless shooting.

Dave and Monica get back and find the prisoners gone. They hear someone shouting that they’ve got five minutes to come out or they’ll blow the place up.

Dave sends Monica and the guy with them around the back of the house while he goes inside and deals with Mr. “You’ve got five minutes.” He also shoots the guy with the beard. Monica and that other guy get the other two and tell Indio to keep an eye out for more.

Indio opens the gate and Santamaría and Dave end up pointing guns at each other. Monica and Dave announce to Santamaría that Dave’s one of them now. Dave says he’s tired–Yoli went off with John, Monica saved him from spending years in prison, so now their “cause” is his.

Santamaría asks for their guns and gets everyone to sit at the dining table and talk this out. Indio gives Dave and Monica the short version of what happened while they were gone. Santamaría wants to know who was behind it.

Monica and Dave think it must have been Yolanda. Not that Santamaría doesn’t agree, but he’s angry that they haven’t caught her.

Monica blames Matamoros on John and Yolanda too. They’re still figuring that out.

Santamaría says they’d better or Monica’s going to end up like Irina. Oh, they hadn’t heard? She’s not in charge of this organization anymore.

So Dave’s in the club now. Santamaría’s giving orders about cleaning up and tightening security and Club Diablo needs more slaves.

Well, Monica’s got some on the way, but she’s worried that the ones who escaped might talk to the authorities.

Santamaría suggests they “invite” the local cops. Dave gets it–if they have the head of the local police with them, they’ll be left alone.

Monica has doubts–he’s got a lot of protection.

Eh, well. Santamaría sends Dave to go grab him anyway. He and Indio have two hours.

Indio watches Dave and Monica smile at each other and looks suspicious.

Esther’s cleaning up the kitchen and sobbing. She’s all freaked out about all the shooting. Dave asks her to make the woman who’s locked up something to eat.

Meanwhile, he goes down to the Jacuzzi/spa/salon area to give Andrea a glass of water and tell her food’s on the way. Andrea doesn’t trust him. She can’t believe he’s on Santamaría’s side.

Dave says he’s undercover.

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