La Piloto 2 Tuesday 10/9/18 #50


Bill calls Olivia and despite wasting a bunch of time on “Some water got on my phone and I couldn’t turn it on…but then it dried and I was able to use it again” Olivia still can’t manage to keep him on the line long enough for Wilmer to get a location.

But wait…he did! And the place where he is doesn’t have a hotel, it’s just the middle of nowhere.

Dave calls. He says he’s in Nogales.

Wilmer: “Yeah, we knew that because Yolanda said she saw you and Monica and you were shooting at them.

Dave: “But not for real, I just had to do it in front of Monica.” He gives Wilmer his “I’m undercover” line.

Wilmer wants proof, so Dave says he’s the one who sent Yoli a text message about the attack at the hospital–just ask her.

Olivia pipes up to say how happy she is to hear from Dave and she never thought he’d gone over to the other side. (But you fell for Bill’s nice guy routine, so I’d say that’s a wash.)

Anyway, Dave was calling because he just saw Andrea. She’s fine. Santamaría and Bill are keeping her prisoner, but she’s OK.

Olivia realizes that must mean “Hawkins” is Santamaría. Dave confirms it–he showed up in a pilot’s uniform. He and Bill are obviously using the airline to get around easier.

Wilmer wants to call the police, but Dave says the goal is to get to Club Diablo. He asks them to tell Yoli what’s going on with him.


Rosalba’s on a bus when the state cops get on. She sobs about not having ID because someone stole her purse, but he’s got a picture of Arley.

The state cops call Solano to tell her they’ve got Arley and he’s fine. She asks them to send him to Mexico City and she’ll make plans to go there to pick him up.

Yoli was on her way to go pick up Rosalba and Arley, but she gets a voicemail from Rosalba explaining that Arley’s getting sent back to the US and Rosalba’s going to be prosecuted for Garza’s murder.

Mina calls Tony to tell him that they found Arley and Rosalba. Rosalba hasn’t wanted to tell them where Yolanda and Dave are. Arley’s going to be transferred to Mexico so CPS can pick him up.

Tony’s furious–when did he tell Mina to do that?

Um, it’s protocol. Plus the DEA has no business with them–they’re out of his jurisdiction.

Tony tells him to follow the transfer process–

But that’s not his job. He’s supposed to be finding narcos.

Tony says his job is whatever Tony says it is.

Mina angrily agrees with him.

Back at the holding cells, Mina says he has questions for Mena and Rosalba, but he wants the truth. What do they know about Waters?

Rosalba takes that one–he’s corrupt, it’s his fault Fajardo died and he tried to blame it on Dave.

OK…why is he so interested in Rosalba and Arley?

Mena says he wants to use them as bait for John and Yolanda.

And where’s Dave?

Mena says he’s in Nogales.

Club Diablo

Irina was supposed to strip for this skeevy guy last episode, but I don’t think she did. Now he asks for a whip and Gilberto tries to tell him to go easy on her, but see above, re: skeevy.


Dave and Indio pick up Consino, the local chief of police, and head back for the hacienda. Indio’s all bitter, mumbling about yes boss, whatever you say boss, just like always. Indio sees the white pickup truck from the garage and starts chasing it. Normally, I’d applaud his initiative, but he’s supposed to be following Dave, so we’ll see how this turns out for him.

Dave gets Consino back to the house, where he meets Santamaría.

But hey, they didn’t need to go to all this fuss! All they’ve gotta do is pay Consino to have his guys look the other way. If they want he can also help with body disposal or assassination and he accepts payment in cash or merchandise.

Santamaría tells Dave to give back Consino’s cell phone so he can call and tell them he’s been kidnapped, he’s at la Teniente’s hacienda, and don’t come looking or they’ll kill him.

Consino gives a fabulous performance. He says exactly what Santamaría wanted and throws in a lot of heavy breathing for effect.

But Santamaría thinks he did a crap job and it’s going to be less expensive to kill him than leave him alive. He orders Dave to kill him.

Out back, Dave starts having a hallucination of Tony, telling him not to kill this guy. Dave’s not like “them.” Dave’s “justice” is only on paper.

Dave shoots Consino, turns around and tells Santamaría it’s done, and excuses himself.

Indio shows up finally and says he knows where John and Yolanda are.


Chavez shows up at Andrea’s and meets Julia. She explains that if they want to get the Kilichenkos, the first step is exposing Waters. They’ve got the DEA van he borrowed, but he also went by the morgue yesterday to check on Matallana’s body–probably checking to see what evidence they have or don’t have. The point is, Waters is making mistakes and they can use those mistakes to get to him.

Wilmer starts showing Chavez the information they have.


Mena begs Mina to help them, but at this point it’s out of Mina’s hands–it’s a federal police matter. Mena says if Mina lets him out, he’ll guard Rosalba and Arley.

The state cop comes to get Rosalba out of the cell to take her and Arley to Mexico.

Mina gives Mena a key, but doesn’t stick around for thanks.

Arley’s upset about going to Mexico and not going in the same vehicles. Rosalba has to convince him to go with the female officer and not get separated from her.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, Yoli explains to Flores that Rosalba’s in trouble for killing Garza and she needs his help. Fanboy Flores is on it!

Mena gets escorted out later, but he’s got the cuffs off before they even make it to the truck. He makes off with weapons, the watch someone took from him, a vehicle, and a cop to drive it.


Chavez is slightly amused at a text message she receives. She asked for a search warrant for the airline, but they said Matallana requested one two days earlier–specifically for the top floor.

As far as Wilmer and Olivia know, there’s nothing up there. They just use it for events. Wilmer thinks they can get upstairs with his card.

Club Diablo

Felicidad’s making her first appearance at the club as Santamaría’s girlfriend. Gilberto tells the guy giving him this info that the emphasis is definitely on “girl.” The guy shushes him.

Gilberto goes over to see if she needs anything to drink…or if she’s looking for someone….

He takes her down to the cage to see Irina. Venancio’s talking about Felicidad being dead when she walks in with Gilberto. She’s amused by Venancio freaking out. She gloats at Irina being stuck in the prison her father created. And she’s going to make sure Irina and Venancio never leave here.

Back upstairs, Gilberto and Felicidad catch up on what’s going on with the people they have in common. He’s sure Andrea’s safe in LA, working with an FBI agent. “Matallana?” Felicidad says he’s dead–Tony killed him.

Gilberto says they have to stop these people somehow.

Another trip down to the cage so Felicidad can asks where her mom is. Not that Irina’s going to tell her.


Güera and John are toasting to friendship.

Outside, Dave disarms one of Güera’s men and tells him to get on the walkie and tell them they’ve got unwanted visitors.

Güera and John make a run for it. Güera thinks they must have followed her. She tells John she and her guys can take care of this–he needs to help Yoli with the kid. Just one thing first…she grabs him and kisses him.

John tries to make it out on a motorcycle, but Monica stops him. She’s threatening to shoot him, but Santamaría wants him alive. Not that she doesn’t have a bunch of reasons to shoot him. John’s like “Can we get this over with?”

He watches Dave come up behind Monica and whack her across the back of the head.

Indio tells Güera all her men are dead. She asks him for a moment to toast to the ones who are about to receive her. She pours some tequila from a flask onto the floor, then takes a shot.

From outside we hear a shot as John and Dave hover over Monica. John gets that Dave is undercover. He tells Dave Monica’s in Mexico because the cops picked up Rosalba and Arley. They hear Indio saying they killed everyone, including Güera (I find that really disappointing. I liked her.) and John wants to go after him.

Dave tells him to just go and he’ll be in contact. He pretends to shoot after John and Indio’s pissed that he’s getting away, but Dave tells him to help with Monica.


Mena has the cop handcuff himself to the steering wheel and give him the keys. He’s sure some of his friends will be along soon.

Yoli and Flores are staking out the DIF office where he thinks Arley will be brought. Yoli gets a call from Mena–he says he’s out of jail and a guy named “Mina” is on his side. He’s still in Tepic. He begs Yoli not to let Arley get locked up.

Dave brings Andrea a sandwich and some water. I’m not sure where they are. Dave says they have to get her out of here, but Andrea doesn’t want to risk it. They’re so close to finding the club and her dad and she can’t let anything happen to him.

Santamaría’s the only one who knows where it is, right?

And he’s in Mexico. The police got Rosalba and Arley. Andrea tells Dave to call and warn Yoli.

Dave can’t even talk when she first answers the phone. They spend precious minutes on “I was undercover,” “I knew you were! John told me!” and then he gets around to “Santamaría’s in Mexico.”

He puts Andrea on speaker so she can tell Yoli she’s fine. Well, she’s Monica’s prisoner, but she’s fine and they’re close to finding out where the club is.

Dave and Yoli do a few rounds of “thanks for being there for me” before they hang up.

Andrea thinks Dave’s still in love with Yoli. He says things have changed.

Flores goes into the DIF building and tells Arley to hang tight–he’s not alone, his mom loves him, and Flores is going to help him get out of here, but he has to be patient. He slips a necklace into Arley’s sweater pocket.

Arley and Solano are heading down the front stairs when Santamaría pulls up. He says he wants that kid and if anyone gets in their way–shoot them.

Yoli watches his men approaching Arley and fires into the air. There’s confusion. One officer gets shot, but Arley and Solano get away.

Santamaría tells Bill to step on it, but Yoli shoots out their tire before they can leave the parking lot. Oh yeah, I cackled.

In the back of the police car, Solano asks if Arley’s OK. He says it wasn’t that bad and she’s like “Oh, the things you must have seen!” The police have decided to take them to their own airport to avoid any more trouble like this.

Solano asks if they have any idea who that was, was Yolanda behind it? As the female officer says she’s not authorized to give that information, Arley pulls the necklace out of the sweater and starts playing with it.

Flores gets back to the car with Mina and has to explain he’s on their side before Yolanda shoots him. They’re guessing that the police wouldn’t take Arley to a commercial airport, but maybe a military one. And there’s no telling which.

Yoli thanks them both for their help. She guesses she’s going to have to get back to LA and deal with it from that end.

Mina assures her he’s on their side, he’s sure they’re the victims here and he wants to help them. He especially wants to take down Tony. And he wants to talk to Dave. Yoli offers him her phone.

Club Diablo

Something’s not adding up for Venancio. Felicidad hates Santamaría.

Irina says she takes every advantage she can get.

Right, but she attacked him when he said he had her mother’s kidney. If she’s just faking, maybe it would be a good idea to find out what her goal is.

Irina starts shouting for the guard, who comes in with Gilberto. She begs them to help her see Felicidad. She promises she won’t do anything to her, she just wants to make a deal with her. (Wow, um, way to give away too much information.)


Wilmer and Olivia are going to try to get to the top floor of the building. Chavez is going to keep an eye out to make sure they’re not disturbed. And she’ll call if she sees anything, so they’d better put their phones on silent.

The last thing we see this episode is Wilmer’s tablet hooked up to the innards of the elevator as he tries different combinations.

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