La Piloto 2 Friday 10/12/18 #52


Vasily’s enraged at the thought that Irina’s being used at the club. That’s apparently what OTHER women are for, but not his daughter. He tells his story about getting away from Buitre when White Velvet burned down, getting taken to the hospital, and recovering enough to escape.

Monica’s not impressed. Vasily wants them to help overthrow Santamaría. Monica’s face says “no,” but Dave suggests they all team up, the Kilichenkos, him, and Monica and split everything four ways. Vasily agrees to that.


Mina sees the feds gearing up to go capture a dangerous fugitive and asks who it is. When he hears it’s Yolanda, he invites himself along to the meeting in the parking garage.

John and Mena are sitting in Flores’ car, waiting. Mena gets out to see what’s going on with a car across the way that two people are just sitting in.

Flores calls John in a panic–Yoli went to turn herself in. She left a note and didn’t take her cell phone or her gun.

Next Mina calls. The cops heard Yoli would be at the airport. Is it true?

Hell if John knows! Yolanda got a call from someone threatening Rosalba if she didn’t turn herself in. He and Mena were going to take care of it, but Flores said Yolanda left. She doesn’t have her cell phone. The only thing he knows is she’s on a motorcycle. So if Mina can’t stop the cops, he needs to stop Yolanda.

The cops start rolling into the garage and John ducks down in his seat. The prison director and León are sitting in the car Mena noticed, watching everything happen. Yolanda shows up, getting off the motorcycle and putting her hands up. John’s pissed. The prison director and León are thrilled.

Club Diablo

Santamaría confronts Gilberto about the cell phone. Gilberto says it’s Andrea’s and he didn’t make calls or anything, he just looked at her pictures.

Santamaría complains that cell phones aren’t allowed among the “slaves” and hey, he’s going to see Andrea soon. She’ll be coming to the club as a new sex slave. Isn’t Gilberto going to thank him? He could have killed her.

He reminds Gilberto that around here, if anyone breaks the rules they have to pay. He gets a couple of guys to take Gilberto to the “torture room.” Felicidad begs him not to, saying Gilberto’s a good person.

According to Santamaría those are the most dangerous–the ones who wouldn’t break a plate, but will stab you in the back. He tells her to learn that she can’t trust anyone.

He uses Andrea’s phone to call Yolanda’s which is how John answers. Santamaría wants to talk to Yoli? Well, too bad he doesn’t read the news.

Santamaría’s pissed. But no worries, he’ll get her out of jail. He sends John a picture of Wilmer with his face all bloody and says John and Mena are going to have to go turn themselves in to Monica in Nogales tomorrow. (Well…that could get interesting….) And now he’s got a show to watch.

Wait, what?

It’s Irina, Kaya, AND Venancio in the ring. Felicidad looks like she’s trying not to cry. Santamaría calls Irina their matryoshka, which one of the guards had done before. I guess they’re meaning it more as “Russian doll” and not the actual nesting dolls.

Kaya comes over near Felicidad and makes her promise that if she dies it’s up to Felicidad to get revenge for all of them.

The next time they show the ring, Kaya’s dead. Venancio and Irina are refusing to fight with each other. Santamaría reminds them only one gets out alive.

Venancio tells Irina to kill him, but she won’t. He says he won’t hurt Irina, the real owner of this place, etc. Then he starts in on Felicidad not being with him for “love” and Felicidad gets up and shoots him with a gun from who knows where.

Santamaría’s surprised for a second, then he takes the gun away from her and tells her she did good.


Yoli arrives, has her mug shot taken, tells the guards she doesn’t want any problems.

Which is apparently code for “harass me.” León’s buddy taunts Yoli in the bathroom about kidnapping a little boy. What was she going to do with him? Everybody knows criminals have no maternal instinct.

Yoli’s like “Don’t even talk about my son!” The guard brandishes her club and makes like she’s going to attack Yoli with it and then all by herself falls over and potentially breaks her leg. All Yoli did was move out of the way.

The guard tries to harass her in the caf, blaming Yoli for her broken/injured foot/leg, but the prison director tells her to back off and asks Yoli to come with him.


Dave and Monica go back to the cave and tell Vasily they’ll take his deal. He and Irina can have the US part of the operation back and Dave and Monica will have the Mexico side. Is anyone else worried about Indio just standing there listening?


Regueros gets walked into the police station and Olivia shows him the video she just got of Wilmer with his face all bloodied. She tells him there might be a chance he’s still alive, but not if Regueros doesn’t say something. Regueros agrees he’ll talk.

At the club, Tony has Ana and Wilmer relocated to the plastic-covered couches and he’s saying it’s time to die.

Chavez and the cops get to White Velvet and the shooting starts. Chavez tells Olivia to stay behind the SUV. Tony’s insisting on keeping them from getting inside, which is sure to end badly.

Julia’s cleaning up around Andrea’s when Bill comes knocking on the door begging Olivia to let him in so they can talk.

The shooting stops and Chavez can’t keep Olivia from going in to check on Wilmer, who’s still conscious, but pretty out of it. I can’t see if they caught Tony or not.

At the apartment, Bill’s still trying to get “Olivia” to let him in. Julia grabs a cell phone and ducks into the kitchen, trying several numbers. Bill uses his cell phone to take video through the clear glass panes at the top of the kitchen window and realizes that’s not Olivia.

Club Diablo

Gilberto’s been getting shocked all night so Santamaría thinks it’s a good time to question him. Gilberto sticks to his story–it’s Andrea’s cell phone, he only used it to look at pictures, and he doesn’t know who took it from him.

Santamaría asks about Andrea and Yoli’s relationship, but he says he doesn’t know. He knows they worked together at USFLY, but he doesn’t know if they were close or not.

And doesn’t he think it was weird that Andrea was following him around?


John checks out Monica’s ranch and calls Mena. They’ve beefed up security so they’re going to be giving him a big welcome with mariachis and all. If this doesn’t work out, he wants Mena to take care of Yolanda. And now he’s gotta go. He puts his cell phone and gun into a plastic bag.

I guess that wasn’t the plan? Flores is also upset. He’s off to the prison to see how Yolanda’s doing.

Olivia calls Mena to tell him Wilmer’s safe and John doesn’t have to turn himself in. But John’s not answering his phone anymore. You know it’s bad when Mena’s consulting Toribio for advice.

John gives himself up and after some banter with Monica, tells her Santamaría can let Wilmer go now.

Oh, Monica doesn’t get involved in Santamaría’s business.

She calls Santamaría and puts John on a videocall with him so they can go round and round about who’s supposed to do what and blah blah blah, OK, Santamaría will give John a chance to find Mena, but in the meantime he should get comfortable in his cage.

Yoli has a visitor. Flores shows up to tell her that John went and turned himself in to Monica. Mena’s going to go bust him out, but he needs the exact location of the ranch. Yoli starts drawing a map.

Club Diablo

Santamaría’s going to let Gilberto live “for today” and he’d better not spend a lot of time hanging out with Andrea. She’s there to work. And Santamaría might decide to punish Andrea for things Gilberto does.


Wilmer regains consciousness and has apparently had some memory loss. He’s calling Olivia “mi amor.”


Monica calls Dave to check up on the “shipment” and whether Vasily’s behaving. She still doesn’t trust him, so Dave had better keep an eye on him.

She tells him about John showing up and Dave pretends this is good news. Monica says whatever Santamaría’s planning to do with him is on hold until Mena shows up. Dave has to hang up–the train’s about to move.


The same guard’s taunting Yoli again. Yoli bumps into her totally on accident because she forgot she’d hurt her foot. Heh.

Yoli tells her the director doesn’t like her work. He thinks she’s a savage. Oh, she wants to hit her? Yoli gets the attention of the other prisoners and tells her to go for it.

The director and León hear the noise and come in to break up the “fight” which is really just Laguna beating on Yoli. He tells Laguna to take her to the infirmary.

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