La Piloto 2 Tuesday 10/16/18 #54

You’ve got to be kidding me!

The freakin’ military wannabes have now dragged Dave and Indio over to the Mexican side. How is this not considered an invasion?


Bill’s mom’s getting locked up in a warehouse full of old office furniture. Before Santamaría can blab about his nefarious plans, he gets a call that the house has been raided by the cops.


Yoli and Rosalba get a visit from Olivia and Wilmer. First things first–Oliva apologizes for how awful she was about John. Yoli says she had good reasons, but it’s done and now they’ve gottta move on.

Yoli tells the prison director her friends were there to pass on a message from John–he’s wiling to turn himself over as long as Yoli and Rosalba are protected.

He can handle that–and he’ll transfer Yoli into Rosalba’s cell. But, um, could they maybe take up that “conversation” that got interrupted.

Yoli says it would be her pleasure.

Irina’s 2nd home

Chavez is there with a crew, but the place is empty and suspiciously lacking in clues. She tells one of the guys with her to stay here, but she’s going to the hospital to see that guard from White Velvet and try to get info out of him.

Club Diablo

Santamaría calls for an update. The guy in charge is freaking out when his phone starts ringing. What’s he going to say about Irina? Gilberto tells him to just say they haven’t found her yet.

Instead, Santamaría asks if the shipment arrived and if Andrea was part of it.

The guy brags that Andrea was auctioned off to some jerk who says he’ll “keep” her until the Day of the Dead party.

Santamaría’s annoyed that he’d forgotten about that. He tells the guy to arrange everything. And now he wants to talk to Dave.


Yeah, what other Dave is there?

He breaks it to Santamaría that Dave isn’t there. He didn’t arrive with the shipment.


Irina flags down a silver minivan. She and Vasily force the driver to take them across the border after he says he was crossing anyway and he has access to Fast Pass.


The vigilantes get to Monica’s place and start shooting. They leave one guy to guard Dave and Indio. Dave and Indio take him out and Dave tells Indio to go find Monica and don’t be shooting off the weapon he took from the guy guarding them. Dave takes the handgun off the guy and shoots twice before knocking him out.

John and Mena are holed up in the chapel, trying to hold off the vigilantes. The make a big deal about getting the last two guys left, but they only get one. They’re ready to try again for the last one, the leader, but instead Dave walks up and shoots him.

Monica and her crew are all in the cage. They hear the shooting stop and Monica puts them to work trying to dismantle or knock over the cage.

John and Mena never thought they’d be this happy to see Dave. They’ve barely gotten their reunion underway before Indio comes up, insisting he needs to shoot them. John and Mena try to get him handcuffed, but Indio keeps fighting and accusing Dave of selling out Monica. The cops show up and John knocks him out.

Dave decides they’ll take some horses and hide in the forest…but he wants to go get Monica first. John and Mena refuse–she’s got all her guys in there, they didn’t come out here to save Monica’s ass, and she can take care of herself.

Indio heads for the armory and starts gathering weapons.

The cops get to the cage and arrest everybody. I don’t know if Indio made it that far or not.

He did not. He watches everyone getting loaded into the police vehicles and calls Santamaría. Yeah, he and Dave got captured by the gringo vigilantes and Indio held out as long as he could, but DAVE gave up the location of the hacienda. Monica and the others have gotten arrested, but no worries because she and Dave were going to betray them along with John Lucio and the Russians.

Santamaría needs him to explain that slower.

The cops aren’t buying Monica’s explanation–that she doesn’t know anything about any arms trafficking or human trafficking or who those guys are or who killed them. She’s been locked up, kidnapped.

Uh huh. And the people who got away and came to the station to talk about what happened at her ranch? And the call Cansino made before he died, about being at La Teniente’s ranch. That’s what her workers call her, right?


Chavez gets to the hospital and finds out the sicario‘s in 407 and he’s ready for visitors. The fire alarm goes off and Chavez starts helping the doctor get people moving towards the exits before she heads for room 407.

Tony gets there first, stabs the guy, wanders out of the room, sees Chavez going in, and then stabs her. Which is bad enough, but then he holds up his hands in some improvised gang sign and says “Waters.” Loser.

Club Diablo

Gilberto listens at doors, trying to find Andrea. He kicks down a door when he hears some skeevy creep whipping her. That earns him a trip to the cage again.

The guy he stabbed with a screwdriver is going to have to be taken to LA. The guards keep telling him the clients are supposed to be able to do whatever they want. He shuts the one who’s more like a manager up by saying Andrea’s his daughter.


Solano calls to check up on Silvia, Arley’s new adoptive mother. She says he’s doing fine, he’s calmer, but he keeps asking to speak to Yolanda and she doesn’t know how to tell him no.

Solano says aside from that being complicated because of the adoption process, he wouldn’t be able to talk to her anyway because Yolanda’s in jail.

Silvia repeats “Yolanda’s in jail?” and then she has to hang up to try to comfort a VERY upset Arley. Yes, that’s what Mariela said and she’s very sorry.


John, Mena, Dave, and the horses are out in the middle of nowhere when Vasily calls Dave. Dave’s pissed since Vasily just took off and left him, but Vasily says they still have a deal and he’s back in Nogales with Irina.

Dave says they’ve got a problem–Monica got arrested.

Well, OK then. Vasiliy says they’ll split everything three ways. So are they going to get together and talk about it?

Dave says he’ll meet them at the hacienda tonight.


Waters demands Regueros get him a fake pilot’s ID and he wants Bill to set up two tickets to Mexico.


A guard escorts Yoli to the director’s office. He brags that they’re not getting interrupted today–it’s León’s night off. Yoli says she gets the feeling they have a thing going on.

The director admits it. He’s just gonna go lock the door to make extra sure no one interrupts.

While he’s checking the hallway, Yoli grabs his cell phone, dials a number, and puts the phone under a folder.

The call goes to Wilmer and Olivia. They listen in as Dominguez admits that Yoli’s not the first prisoner he’s brought here, that he sleeps with any of them he wants, that he rapes them if they don’t want to, that he kills the ones who are becoming troublesome and buries them and hey why is she asking all these questions?

By now, Flores has joined Wilmer and Olivia. Yoli whips out the phone like a weapon and tells Dominguez to back off. Her friends heard everything. She un-mutes Olivia so Olivia can confirm that his confession is enough to put him away for rape and murder.

Yoli erases the phone number and tells Dominguez he has until tomorrow to get her and Rosalba released.

Police Station

Chavez isn’t dead! But she’s going to need some time to recover. Take that, tacky Tony! The officer who gives them the news says the ICE agent who’s taking them home is here now.

Felicidad asks for a minute to talk to her mom. She knows this is going to be difficult to understand, but she can’t go home. She needs to stay and help Agent Chavez. She promised her friends she’d help them and if she doesn’t stay and do that, she won’t be at peace.

Felicidad asks the officer if it’s possible to stay for a few days. He agrees they can extend her stay, but only for a few days. Julia makes him promise someone’s going to be guarding Felicidad 24/7.


Bill has tracked down Solano’s flight information. Smarmy Tony asks how they know if she’s the right one. Regueros points out that it says on her personal details that she works for the government.

“Good for you, you can read.” (SHUT UP, TONY, you insufferable little creep! Yeah, he read it off the screen just like you could have you jackass!)

Tony calls Santamaría to brag that they’ve got Solano’s flight information.

He and Bill take off to catch their flight and Regueros decides to call Chavez.

Tony has her phone. Bill’s all “I told you I wasn’t the snitch!” They don’t have time to deal with him, so they send a hench–he’s supposed to go upstairs and shoot Regueros between the eyes QUIETLY.

So of course the guy gets up there making all kinds of noise and getting chased by a security guard.


Dave’s still pissy about Vasily leaving him in the desert. Again, Vasily insists that as far as he’s concerned, their deal still stands.

Dave asked how they made it out of the club in the first place.

Irina says they used a secret tunnel, which is what they’re going to use to get back in.

Dave wants to know where it is, but Vasily assures him even if they told him the location, he wouldn’t find it. So they need each other.

Run for it

Regueros and his family are in the airport parking garage when his phone rings. He tells his wife to take the kids and he’ll catch up.

It’s the security guard from last night. He tells Regueros there was an armed man in the building and he wanted to check and make sure Regueros was OK. The police are here and they want to talk to him.

Well, that’s not going to be possible, because he’s going on a very long vacation. He asks the security guard to put Mariluz, the receptionist, on the phone. He wants her to tell the board of directors he quits.


Wilmer is completely freaked out when Flores lets John, Mena, and Mina into the apartment. Well, Mina he doesn’t remember, but Olivia tells him John and Mena are working with them. She explains that he’s got amnesia and she’ll give him the details later.

Wilmer just sits there wondering if he’s in some kind of dream while Mena goes over to chat with Toribio.

Flores tells John and Mina that Yoli’s already put her plan to squeeze the prison director.


She did more than that. He’s packing. He tells León he’s quitting. Yolanda set a trap for him and if he doesn’t leave now he’ll end up in another prison, as a prisoner.

León asks what’s going to happen with “them” and Dominguez says there isn’t a “them.” León retaliates by asking what family he thinks he’s going home to. His wife hates him and his son doesn’t even look like him.


Dave, Irina, and Vasily try to plan their overthrow of Santamaría. They’ve got $50K, no weapons, and no vehicles. Vasily and Irina explain that in two days the club has its annual “Día de Todos los Muertos” party. Blah blah blah, appropriation, appropriation, the most wanted criminals from all over the world, clients get extra pervy and they rake in the cash.

Dave says the FBI and DEA are getting invited this year. They can’t do this alone with their measly $50K.

Um, yeah, but Irina and Vasily want to keep the club.

Didn’t Irina say that working there made her feel empathy for the other women? What happened to that?

Oh, she totally meant that and she wants to keep the club running, but no slaves this time. It’ll be like a legit strip club. So Vasily insists–no law enforcement involvement or they’re out.


Solano lands in LA, calls to ask where that patrol car is that was supposed to pick her up, and gets kidnapped by Santamaría. Hopefully the person on the other end of that cell phone call does something useful.

So after all that fuss and getting her tied to a chair in the place where office furniture goes to die, Santamaría says he doesn’t HAVE to torture her. He just wants to know where Arley is. What he wants with him is none of her business.

Solano sobs and says he’s in Phoenix.


Monica’s getting booked into the same prison Yoli should be leaving today. At least she’s gotten León’s attention as a fellow Yolanda-hater.

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