El Gran Estreno de Entre Dos Amores Wednesday 10/17/18 #1

Entre Dos Amores is UniMás’ first foray into Turkish dramas. It’s supposed to be about Neriman (the girl in the overalls) and how she gets caught up between Sinasi (the musician) and Macit (the rich boy), but we didn’t get anywhere near that in the first episode.

We start out with Neriman making “raviolis” for her father while Sinasi gets his gear packed up to go to music school. Neriman’s got some mad dough-shaping skills.

Neriman rushes out of the house to meet Sinasi so he can tell her about rehearsing for concerts and bug her about going back to school. When he notices the flour in her hair from making raviolis, he asks if she’ll make them for him when she’s his wife. Dude…are you even dating? He gives her a journal he’s been forgetting to give her.

Neriman unwraps the journal (Where can I get a wrapping bag like that?) and finds Sinasi has written in the first few pages. Love is imprudent, affection is subtle, she’ll always be in his heart. There’s a picture of them as children–I love you are his first words for her. Then another one of them as adults–he hopes their last words won’t embarrass them.

At the music school, we meet Özlem, who has apparently known forever that Sinasi is in love with Neriman, but has never given up hope.

Neriman’s mom is Gulter. Her dad is Faiz, and her loud best friend is Fahriye. Fahriye came over to show Neriman her cousin’s picture in the society pages. She’s been spotted with Macit Arcaoglu. The paper says the cousin is the beautiful and talented daughter of Selim Demirhan. As they ooh over her picture, Faiz goes inside.

Fahriye just has to go ask Faiz if it’s true that Pelin‘s dad and Neriman’s mom are siblings. He confirms it, but Gulter looks uncomfortable.

Pelin’s run off to Macit’s house, and her sister wants permission to stop by Neriman’s house for tea. Her dad doesn’t want her getting close to those people. Neriman’s not the daughter of his sister, she’s the daughter of that mojigato Faiz. His sister died a long time ago. (Literally or metaphorically?)

Gulter tries to get Fahriye to stop talking, but it doesn’t work. She repeats her mother’s saying that it’s better to be alive, even if it means you suffer. Fahriye keeps on talking about how she suffers. Yeah, no. You don’t. Neriman says they’re all fish swimming in the same ocean. Fahriye calls Neriman a fish. Faiz tells her she speaks well, but she doesn’t think about the meaning of her words. Fish should live in the ocean.

Faiz splits. Gulter reminds Fahriye that he dislikes hearing Neriman’s uncle’s name. Fahriye goes back to the paper and how hot Macit is.

OK, in some other house, there’s a bunch of screaming going on. Asli has done something terribly wrong, She’s Sinasi’s younger sister.

Neriman and Fahriye hang out on the back patio with Gulter while she snaps peas. Fahriye’s trying to read Neriman’s coffee grounds. There’s some debate about whether Neriman “likes” Sinasi or not. Neriman says they’re not dating.

The mother at the house of screaming calls Gulter for help and Neriman and Fahriye go running after her.

Sinasi keeps calling his house and his mother and sister are afraid to answer the phone. Zehra is Sinasi’s mother.

Faiz goes to a café to hang out with his friend Cemal, the baker/café owner. Cemal’s about to check the lottery numbers. He talks about going from rich to poor not being the same as going from poor to rich, but I don’t know which one Cemal is.

Kerim is Macit’s father. Inci is his mother. They both seem to approve of Pelin and how she’s dragging their son into the limelight. Pelin decides she’s throwing Macit a welcome home party…at their house. They don’t mind, do they?

Nezahat is Asli’s older sister. Let’s cut to the chase already–Asli’s pregnant. Or so her mother heard her telling a guy on the phone, but Asli tried to insist to her mother that she misunderstood. Zehra wants Gulter to perform an abortion, but Gulter’s been retired for too long. She thinks Zehra should take her to a hospital.

Macit is not a party boy. He was looking forward to coming home and not partying quite so much. Pelin, meanwhile, is hiring a party planner.

Sinasi can’t get anyone to answer him at home, but he tries Neriman’s house. Instead he runs into his friend Cihan, who skipped work and got fired by Cemal. Again. Cihan convinces Sinasi to go back to Cemal’s café with him and talk Cemal into re-hiring him.

It works. Sinasi throws in a bunch of promises Cihan didn’t make like opening every day and cleaning the floor four times a day if he has to. Faiz adds a plea for Cemal to make up with Cihan already. Cihan says something about his honor and…dun, dun, dun…Sinasi asks what anyone has besides their honor.

Zehra’s still furious, even after Gulter has tried to calm her down. She demands to know who did this to her daughter. If Nezahat doesn’t know who she hangs out with, they’ll check her phone…but Asli smashed it.

Macit tells his mom he really does want to work. And he wants a seat on the board. (Whoa, slow down junior!)

Asli makes a break for the front door…just as Sinasi gets home. He finds out what’s going on and backs Asli into the wall with his hand on her throat to get the guy’s name out of her–Emre.

Sinasi heads for the Internet Café, drags Emre out and starts beating the crap out of him in the street. Neriman and Fahriye come running over after telling Cihan where Sinasi was headed. Cihan gets Sinasi to stop long enough for Sinasi to tell Emre he’s got ten days to “fix” this or he’s getting buried right here.

Neriman’s furious with Sinasi. He he’d seen himself just now, he wouldn’t want to look at himself again either. He screams in her face that he’s upset! Back off!

“What are you going to do? Hit me?” Hey, man, it’s a fair question.

Ah, this is a show that blurs all the alcohol. In case you were wondering what that was about.

So Pelin’s planning to have Señora Kanzu design something for her. Her sister Duygu would much rather wear a t-shirt and jeans. What? People should be comfortable?

OK, weird family relationship conversation here…

Mom asks who Duygu resembles.

Pelin says younger sisters resemble their aunts, so she’s like Neriman’s mother. (Who is Gulter or isn’t?)

Then Pelin says she’s lucky she’s not affected by genetics and everyone looks uncomfortable. (So…she’s adopted? Or otherwise not related to these people by blood?)

Emre’s mother is a piece of work. She decides that if Asli would have had sex with Emre, she could have done it with anyone else and she’s not letting someone like that into her house.

Señor Mehmet calls Zehra about a dress for his daughter. She promises it to him for tomorrow and tells Nezahat they’ve just gotta get it done.

Neriman won’t take Sinasi’s calls and he’s tormented by what she said to him. He walks over to her house, but she still won’t talk to him. She tells her mom it’s no one. He wants her to understand…

What? What he did to Asli or how he hit Emre?

He babbles about being her older brother….her honor…what was he supposed to do? He has to think about her honor and his family’s honor and he can’t let anyone Asli’s honor be damaged!

Neriman tells him he’d best go look Asli in the eye, then, because Emre’s not the only one who hurt her honor.

Neriman joins her parents for dinner and her dad says Sinasi’s family is the talk of the neighborhood. Gulter agrees–look what Asli’s done to her family. She wouldn’t even wish it on her worst enemy.

Neriman asks if that makes what Sinasi and Zehra did OK? Sinasi dragged Emre out of work and nearly killed him?

Well, Sinasi was angry. It’s difficult for a brother….

Yeah, they could have talked calmly. Is that so hard? Asli was so embarrassed! What century are we living in?!

Gulter says if Asli loved him, she should have waited until she became his wife, with dignity.

Neriman says “dignity” ruins a lot of young people’s lives. Why is it only the women who have to have dignity? Nobody asks men to have dignity in how they earn money (?).

Faiz angrily says dignity isn’t being filled with anger or disappointing the people you love. That’s the dignity he knows.

He gets up from the table and Gulter’s worried that he was trembling and might be getting sick. Neriman starts gasping for air and Faiz tells Gulter to get her asthma medication.

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