La Piloto 2 Monday 10/15/18 #53


Flores is looking up the name of the judge handling Yolanda’s case. Corona, the judge John stiffed, asked for Yolanda and Rosalba’s cases.

In the infirmary, Yolanda tells Rosalba she thinks the ransom call came from the prison. She also thinks the director has a thing for her, so she’s going to play on that and see what information she can get.

The guards walk Yoli and Rosalba back to their cells. And no, they’re not staying together, despite Yoli’s insistence. She’s not the captain of anything around here.


Regueros lets the DEA into the top floor of the building. The server is missing. Regueros says he took it as life insurance. Chavez sighs and says if it’s got evidence on it, she needs it. They’ll leave everything else where it is.


Looks like Tony’s alive and uncaptured, but out of a job. Santamaría tells him to quit whining and takes away his cigarette.


They’re on the US side now. CBP picks a few cars to inspect, seemingly at random. Inside the car where Dave, Vasily, and the others are hiding they agent points to what looks like every box in the place to open and inspect.

Indio, I think, opens a box full of radios? The CBP guy takes out two boxes and gives them to another agent, telling him to put those in his car. As a “tip.”


Olivia tells Wilmer’s doctor that he seemed to wake up without remembering the last few months. The doctor (how many different shows have we seen with this same guy playing a doctor?) says it could be due to the physical damage or PTSD.

Bill calls Olivia, complaining that she hasn’t been answering and he was supposed to meet her at the apartment. She says she’s at the hospital with her mom and didn’t notice her battery was out until this morning.

Bill says he’ll come pick her up, so Olivia has to rush over to the clinic where her mom is and beg the doctor to say she was there all night. Bill comes into the office and Olivia says Dr. Grimaldi was just telling her how much better her mom is doing.

Bill starts asking the doctor if she examines Margot on a daily basis and did she do it yesterday. Grimaldi says she’s got an emergency to attend to.

Bill accuses Olivia of lying. Well, you know what? At least she’s not working with Santamaría like he is.

Back in the car, Bill admits it. Yes, he works for Santamaría, but it’s just flying–he doesn’t do any of the other stuff!

Oh really? How about the time he was flying a lethal gas?

Bill tries for “OK, you’re right, but that doesn’t have to get in the way of our relationship.”

His cell rings and Oli tells him to answer already, since they don’t have any secrets.

It’s a text message and a picture and Bill is upset. They know he and Olivia are dating now.

Olivia rushes back inside, where Margot definitely seems better…but now Olivia wants her to get dressed so they can leave.

Chavez brings Ana in to see Wilmer and he doesn’t recognize either of them. He doesn’t know why he’s here either. He thinks there was an accident? His wife didn’t finish telling him.

Bill and Olivia get Margot into the car, Olivia takes his keys–she’s driving. They’re going to the airport, but first she’s going to go pick up Wilmer at the hospital and Julia at Andrea’s apartment. He doesn’t have a problem with that, right?

Chavez can’t get Olivia on the phone. Ana explains that they’d been kidnapped and tortured by Waters.

Wilmer doesn’t know who she’s talking about.


A truck driver has just finished moving the boxes out of the train car and into the back of his truck. Vasily’s hiding place was unfortunately the last to be loaded and opened toward the back. He pops out, shoots the driver, shuts the back door, and starts driving the truck away.

CBP get on the radio about a stolen truck heading for the 83 and the gang of American vigilantes that shall remain nameless hears the message.

Vasily drives past a couple of guys in suits by a black van and calls out to them that he’s got the slaves in the back.

He stops and makes his way slowly to the back of the truck and shoots the two suit guys, calling back to Dave that everything’s OK.

Everyone’s going from the back of the truck to the van. Andrea tells Dave they’ve gotta get out of there.

Dave may have been intending to start something by going over to Vasily and telling him these aren’t his people and they’re not just going to listen because he says so….

Whatever he was planning gets interrupted by the arrival of the more bullets than brains group. Vasily takes off with the van, leaving Dave and Indio behind. They run out of bullets and Dave decides they’re giving themselves up.

Getting a move on

Julia’s happy to see Olivia again, but not THAT guy! It’s hard for Olivia to convince her that Bill’s helping them. She’s just gotta pack so they can go to Mexico City and Olivia will explain things on the way.

Wilmer is freaking out about everything Chavez and Ana have told him and how they seem to know him and no way is Olivia working with John Lucio she HATES him! He demands to speak to Olivia and Chavez hands over her phone.

OK, Olivia doesn’t have time to explain anything to him right now, but she’s going to be there to pick him up in 15 minutes and he needs to get them to release him from the hospital. She mentions Bill and sets off another round of “I don’t have time to explain!”

Julia can’t do this. She can’t leave the country and leave Felicidad here. She knows it’s dangerous, but she’s staying behind to look for her.

At the hospital, Margot and Wilmer are happy to see each other. Bill looks freaked out that Wilmer’s shaking his hand…and now Chavez wants to know WTH Bill’s doing there!

Olivia takes her aside and says yes, Bill works for Santamaría. And he’s going to pay for that. But right now they’re all in danger–Olivia, Wilmer, Margot, Julia–and he offered to take them to Mexico.

Regueros calls Santamaría to tell him Bill’s scheduled to fly from LA to Mexico City tonight. Santamaría wants Regueros to send him a list of everyone on that flight and tells the guy with Regueros to keep Bill from leaving.

In the airport lounge, Olivia tells Bill once they get past security Santamaría can’t do anything to them.

Bill gets a message with a photo of his mom tied up and gagged. He tells Olivia and the others to go on without him. He’ll call in and get himself replaced and go deal with Santamaría. Chavez thinks they can use this to their advantage if they wait for Santamaría’s men to show up and then follow them back to wherever he’s hiding.

Bill thinks it’s risky, but he agrees. He tells Olivia he hopes he sees her again so he can explain everything. Wilmer keeps staring at them, confused.


Mena’s pretending the Floresmobile broke down when a bunch of Monica’s men find him and drag him back to the ranch.

Monica gloats. She’s always wanted to see them behind bars.

John’s annoyed that Mena got caught. Now what are they supposed to do?

Mena’s like, “I didn’t get caught…I LET them catch me.” He’s got something tucked into his boot. An explosive? He says all they need to do is get that guy over there to let them bum a cigarette.

It’s not the cigarette so much as the lighter that Mena needed. While the guard’s calling Monica to tell her the prisoner wants water and Monica’s taunting them about maybe also wanting a massage and a blanket for the cold, Mena blows the lock off the cell. Don’t ask me how that makes it so they can still haul the guy in there and lock him in after.

The take another guard hostage and tell Monica they’ll be having that VIP treatment now, with tea and massage and everything.

Club Diablo

As they’re getting out of the back of the van, Gilberto’s there to smile sadly at Andrea. Vasily gets out of the driver’s seat and sneaks away.

Gilberto walks the women to the dorm and asks Andrea for the short version, which is still pretty long and confusing, but the important part is Vasily’s the one who drove them and he’s still alive.

Vasily wanders into the club area looking like…I dunno, Ranch Hand Santa? Ah, it’s just the lighting–his hat and coat are brown, which we can clearly see when he comes in to rescue Irina. OK, Irina, seriously, escape now, talk later!

Except that he wants to know if there’s anyone they can still trust. Irina says Santamaría killed them all, including Venancio.

But Vasily knows Venancio stuck around to the end, didn’t he. Well, there’s a way out of here, but it’s not through the garage, it’s through the tunnel.

“What tunnel?”

Down in the laundry room, Vasily moves a dryer or something out of the way to expose the tunnel entrance. Is it safe? Who knows! Where does it lead? The middle of the desert!


Yoli calls Flores from the director’s office and asks him to track down John and they’ll split the reward three ways, between the prison director, her, and Flores. Got it?

Flores says he’s got it. Assuming what she meant was “Don’t tell me where John is ’cause we’re not turning him over to this creep” I think I got it too.

Now the director wants to get to the part he’s more enthusiastic about, the rape. Yeah, I said it.

León walks in before it progresses past the director slobbering on Yolanda and takes her back to her cell.

Casa whoever it belongs to now

Bill shows up and apologizes for being incommunicado. He uses Olivia’s excuse–his phone’s battery died and he didn’t realize it and when he did and he recharged it and saw those pictures, he came right over!

From upstairs, Felicidad watches as Tony beats up on Bill while two huge guys hold Bill’s arms.

Bill gasps that he didn’t say anything about Olivia because he loves her and he knew they’d kill her. He doesn’t know where they are. And if he’d said anything to Yolanda and her friends, the cops would have been here already.

What he does know is that she took her mom out of the hospital, but he doesn’t know where they went. They were supposed to be at Andrea’s apartment, but the only one there was Julia.

Santamaría wants the address.

Talk or die

The more bullets than brains group have Dave and Indio tied up and are trying to find out where their base of operations is. They douse them with gasoline and say they’ll set them on fire.

Indio tries to bargain–he’ll take them there as long as they don’t kill him.

Just like that…

And everyone’s back at Flores’ apartment, which shouldn’t really be safe, but it’ll do. Chavez calls to check in on Olivia. She tried to follow Morrison, but he ran off while she was calling for backup.

John calls to tell Flores everything’s going well, but Dave hasn’t showed up. He’s with some guy named “Indio” but Indio’s not answering his phone.

Well, Flores has more bad news–Corona wants Yolanda and Rosalba’s cases. He wants to extradite them unless John gives himself up.


Julia’s still at Andrea’s, but she has police protection. Yay! Felicidad gets there before Santamaría. Yay! There’s already a shooter set up on top of the building across from the front door and he shoots one of the cops. Damnit!

Yep, Felicidad gave all the guards the slip. I’m waiting for Santamaría to shoot them.

Waters comes into the apartment with another guy and they head for the back, where Felicidad, her mom, and the other cop are several flights of stairs below them already.

Chavez meets Felicidad and explains that she’s been helping Julia and she’s been working the Kilichenko case for the last two weeks. Felicidad’s happy to meet her.


Vasily and Irina make it to the other side and it doesn’t look like the middle of nowhere so much as the top of that dam-like structure they always show from the outside.

The next time we see them, it does look more like middle-of-nowhere desert. They swap stories about their alliances and agree that getting to the ranch is their best option–they’ve got cars, guns, and allies.

Um, except that Dave got left behind in Arizona and Vasily doesn’t know where he is.

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