El Gran Final de La Piloto 2 Thursday 10/18/18 #56

Flores’ apartment building

Tony’s still on the roof with Olivia and Margot, trying to get Olivia to put down a piece of concrete she’s wielding and whining about losing his patience.

Bill can apparently see them from across the street and one of the ubiquitous guys in black tries to get him back into the ubiquitous black SUV. Bill grabs the gun out of the guy’s waistband and shoots him twice in the…well, I don’t know where exactly, but he’s still alive and groaning.

Tony gave Olivia and Margot some unspecified amount of time to say their goodbyes? ‘Cause they’re planning on jumping off the roof. Olivia says Wilmer will be fine–he’ll be with a woman who deserves him more than she does. Margot’s face: Wait…I never got this story.

Wilmer and Flores duck behind cars in the parking garage, avoiding another of Tony’s guys.

On the roof, Olivia and Margot are still crying and Tony’s still impatiently checking his watch. I guess he thought Olivia was giving herself up if he’d leave Margot alone. She finally says their deaths won’t be anything compared to what’s waiting for him.

And they jump. No, for real, I’m not kidding. And Bill, who got there just before they did is so shocked Waters disarms him with no effort whatsoever. So what was the point of all that?

Club Diablo

The party brought back a little of the Cirque de Soleil vibe.

Gutierrez found the tunnel. What the hell kind of reward is it for Santamaría to tell him to take a walkie, see where the tunnel lets out, and let him know?


Team Yoli indulges in a short pep talk before they review the information they have. They decide to go after Judge Corona. All Flores knows is he’s probably at the courthouse.

Corona’s assistant tries to be helpful, calling to ask where Corona is because he forgot to sign some paperwork. Corona says he’ll do it when he gets back–he’s at the airport now.


The Kilichenkos have decided it’s time for Dave to die. Before all the shooting starts he tells them they suck at teamwork.

Dave goes off into the woods and either Vasily saw something we didn’t or he’s making a wild guess that Dave’s seriously injured and therefore no threat to them. Also they blew up the silver minivan by shooting at it.

John and Yoli are racing through Mexico City traffic to the airport when Dave calls. He’s just got a scratch on one arm. (Rolling my eyes at Vasily.) The Kilichenkos have split and now none of them know exactly where the club is.

But Waters does and he’s bringing Corona, so….

Now do we have a plan?

Yoli and John make it to the airport, but apparently miss Tony and the judge. They meet up with Mina in the parking garage and he calls Chavez, who’s at the USFLY offices.

Chavez wants to grab Tony as soon as they land and be done with this. Everyone else talks her out of that because if they leave him free just a little while longer, he’ll lead them to the club.

But there is still the problem that they have to make sure Tony and Corona don’t realize they’re being followed.

Felicidad says she can take care of that.


“Just trust me.”

Well, sure. Two actual law enforcement professionals, two ex? narcos with rescue experience, but the girl who got kidnapped and lived through hell is dictating the plan. You know, I kind of like that.

Chavez says they’ll get organized here and call them back.

Everybody but Mina’s taking the helicopter. And Flores gets to go home now. I’m not sure he’s completely happy about that.

As for Corona’s assistant, he’s getting stuffed in the trunk of the car.


The judge’s flight lands and he, Waters, and Bill wait for their ride in the parking garage.

Waters looks over and sees…Felicidad. Looking like your average teenager in her pretty floral-print blouse and green jeans and a smile for her driver.

Tony takes the bait. He goes over to her car, gets the driver to lie down in the front seat, and menaces Felicidad, finally telling her to look down and not look him in the face again.

Chavez and her team are tracking Felicidad.

Club Diablo

Vasily and Irina come through the tunnel into the laundry room and immediately get busted. But Irina’s got a grenade.

And Santamaría calls her bluff. She hands the grenade over and Santamaría tells his guards to put them in a cage.

Then he goes to put on a suit and paint half his face before announcing his two “new” acquisitions. I’m waiting for someone to mention that Irina’s not “new” but whatever. He’s “auctioning” them both off.

He goes down to the official tunnel to welcome people. He wants Bill put in the cage with the Kilichenkos. The judge Gilberto stabbed with a screwdriver is back. And Waters ingratiates himself by bringing Felicidad.

Since Vasily and Irina reneged on their deal, law enforcement’s invited to the party again. Chavez put out the word. Team Yoli’s down to six–Yoli, John, Wilmer, Mena, Dave, and Rosalba. John suggests they call Corona while they wait.

Corona thinks he’s yelling at his assistant, until John starts talking. John says they know he’s at Club Diablo. “That’s not true. And even if it is, you can’t prove it!” Ah, but he can. They have photos, videos, recordings of phone calls. What’s the media going to say when they find out the irreproachable Judge Corona authorized the illegal transfer of Yolanda Cadena and her aunt and then went off to spend a few days at a club where they enslave and abuse women?

Chavez is looking at John like she just decided he’s hawt.

John says Corona could end up looking like a hero if he helps dismantle the operation from the inside. He’s got three seconds to decide.

“OK. What do you want.”

John tells Corona to give Gilberto his phone. Corona gets working on that and tells John this stays between them.

Sure! And after this they’re both done with each other.

Gilberto’s hesitant to take the phone, but relieved to hear John. There’s a tactical team on the way, ready to take the club down, but someone needs to tell them the best way to it.

Gilberto mentions a doorway between some trees that he’ll go open.

Team Yoli gets in and starts shooting. I’m wondering how many clients think this is just some fun new thing they added for this year. Felicidad starts grabbing the prisoners and telling them to duck behind chairs. Vasily gets the keys to the cage off the guard.

John shouts out “be careful of Arley” and I realize we don’t actually know where he is. But Gilberto does and he leads Yoli there while the guys go on shooting.

Unfortunately, Arley’s not in the room Gilberto thought he was in.

Because Santamaría grabbed him to use as a human shield.

Yoli and Gilberto are checking the dorm room when Andrea comes in. She’s got all the prisoners hiding in one of the bedrooms.

John and Dave realize they’ve gone out the tunnel in the laundry room. And if they don’t catch them before they get out the other end into the desert, they won’t catch them at all.

Santamaría’s in the tunnel with Arley and Tony. And Tony has had about enough of taking orders from Santamaría. He’s not going to stay behind in the tunnel to “take care of” Dave.

So Santamaría shoots him in the leg and kicks his gun away from him.

In the dorm, Yoli can hear Santamaría calling for a helicopter over the walkie and has Gilberto take her to the heliport. She tells Andrea to stay behind, the police are coming. Andrea looks sick with anxiety. Or maybe it’s the makeup.

Tony keeps shooting down the tunnel until he runs out of ammo. He tosses the gun in hopes of what? That Dave will go easy on him? Dave says he’ll kill him for Fajardo. Wilmer overrides Dave and says HE’ll kill him for Olivia. And so he does.

And John’s response is “OK, we’ve gotta keep moving.” Wilmer insists on going back for Andrea.

Yoli takes one of the ATVs out of the official tunnel.

Dave and John emerge from the unofficial one and don’t see anyone.

Yoli’s following the ATV Santamaría’s in. He throws a grenade and then decides he wants to face Yoli directly.

Santamaría’s screaming at her to put her gun down, Arley’s screaming at her not to. And Santamaría’s blabbing. I can’t stand a talkative villain. OK, what’s his prison fantasy if it’s not to kill her?

He wants her to kill Arley.

Vasily and Irina keep the newest pilot, Cholo, from taking off in the helicopter.

Santamaría insists–either she kills Arley or he kills her.

John and Dave come driving in and kill Santamaría and Gutierrez.


Everyone’s together again, out in the middle of the desert. I take it we’ve dispensed with the “arresting all the bad guys” part…assuming any of them were still alive?

Rosalba’s happy to see Gilberto and no longer cares about the surveillance camera thing back at the “safe” house.

Everybody’s impressed with Felicidad for her plan. All the other women are going home and so is she.

Mena’s thrilled to see Arley and his dirt-coated arms when Yoli shows up in one of the ATVs. Yoli watches Mena hugging him and telling him how much he missed him and thought about him all the time.

Yoli tells the others Santamaría’s dead.

Cholo doesn’t advise leaving in this weather, but Vasily tells him to take off or die. He promises Irina they’ll make a comeback. Cholo heads for Mexico.

Chavez brings up an unpleasant detail…all of Team Yoli are technically fugitives. Taking care of that would mean arresting everyone and putting them in prison for a few months while they work things out. John thinks they’ll all pass on that.

Dave, however, could come back with Chavez and Mina and turn himself in and the two of them could testify that he helped them bring down the Kilichenkos. They can close Dave’s case and Chavez is sure Ana San Martin would help.

Dave asks to speak to Yolanda. This feels like a goodbye to him. He wants to ask her forgiveness first. He really screwed up. From way back when he said he was afraid for Yoli and Arley, but really he was afraid of being a father.

Yoli says she’s the one who needs to apologize. She pushed her dreams onto him and it wasn’t what he wanted. She’s happy for the years they had together.

Andrea apologizes to Wilmer for kissing him and she’s sorry about Olivia and…. Wilmer’s still in shock. He has to go to Mexico to claim the bodies and give them a proper burial. Andrea offers to come with him. I don’t know if that’s with or without the C-3PO breastplate. Wilmer accepts–he needs company.

So, what about Arley? Mena tells him his mom, Tía Rosalba, Tío John…they’re all being sought by the police. They have to keep moving so they don’t get caught and they don’t want him to have to live like that. Yoli tells him she wants him to be happy and have friends his own age and learn math. He does know 2 x 2 is 4.

So Arley very maturely asks if he’d be better off with Silvia and Steven. He’ll let Yoli go and do her thing, but she has to promise she’ll take care of herself. Arley promises the same. Mena tells him to take care of Toribio.

Gilberto breaks it to Andrea that he’s going with Rosalba. Andrea knows this wasn’t a fun time, but she still treasures their father-daughter time.

People are starting to drift off. Yoli says she and John will be in touch and she loves all of them. They walk off and the others start saying their last goodbyes and heading for cars. Gilberto stops Dave to ask him what he’s doing. Dave says he has unfinished business.

John and Yoli get into the fake police helicopter and fly away. John says they’ll see the others again soon. The two of them have to start again from zero. Together this time. Again with the sucking face instead of driving.

John asks where Yoli’s taking them.

“Wherever destiny takes us. Are you coming with me, morro?”

“Wherever you say.”


We’re talking La Piloto 2 on the forums.

The “FIN” was a little surprising to me considering this time around I really wouldn’t mind another short season focusing on a clear goal. And now Team Yoli has all these new friends and not all the villains are dead and do we really think Felicidad is going to go back to Ecuador live a nice, quiet life?

Anyway, thanks for sticking around.

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1 year ago

Thanks, 5ft. Only 56 episodes? I’m surprised. Just about as surprised as I am that Olivia jumped off the building to her death. I like Yoli and John together. But the writers could’ve done better by Dave. 2 was loco but I’ll sign up if they do 3.