Entre Dos Amores Friday 10/19/18 #3

Pelin still thinks Macit’s going to propose tonight.

Gulter is surprised to see Neriman holding up the dress and starts asking questions. And no, she doesn’t want answers from Fahriye! Neriman asks Gulter to let her go just this one night. She’ll leave at 7 and be back by midnight.

Let the plotting begin…Neriman takes a call from Fahriye. She’s sooooo sick and her brother isn’t home. Gulter thinks she should def go over. Faiz tells her to take some soup.

Neriman has one piece of precious jewelry–a bracelet that was her mother’s–she puts it on so she can feel like her mother is with her. Gulter comes upstairs before Neriman can leave to tell her not to be late.

First stop–the stylist. (Half of the sets are recycled from Gonul and the other half from Tormenta de Pasiones.) The shoes are a size too big, but they can stuff some cotton in the toes. Neriman gets dressed in the back before sneaking out to get into the taxi.

Sinasi sees her and tries her cell, but Neriman ignores the call.

Neriman gets to the party and her name is actually on the list.

At Asli’s house, Emre and his parents have arrived for the whole engagement shindig.

Macit’s bored. And Pelin is talking like she has a say in his decisions like–will he stay in Istanbul or go overseas again. Duygu’s happy that Neriman showed up, but Pelin isn’t, once she gets a look at her. And Macit’s looking a little less bored. And Pelin notices.

Duygu brings her over to meet Macit and she pulls her hand back as quickly as she can. Macit’s wondering why he’s never met her before, but nobody gives him the honest answer. Duygu says she lives far away, Pelin says the roads are impassable, and Neriman says she lives in another world.

Neriman makes a trip to the bathroom, stopping on the upstairs balcony to admire the view of Istanbul from there. Macit catches her giving herself a pep talk. He steps on her dress and nearly trips her. Pelin’s a jerk to Neriman about how she’d probably like traditional Turkish music instead of what the band is playing.

But Macit likes the song and Neriman recognizes it as a Chopin prelude and sorry Pelin, but you aren’t speaking Macit’s language. She gets called away and Macit asks Neriman to dance. On the balcony. So everyone downstairs can stop what they’re doing to watch them.

Neriman and Sinasi both look up at the stars at the same time before Sinasi walks down the sidewalk and Neriman gets back to dancing.

When the song is over, she gives Macit that “hello” that she promised Fahriye she’d give him. Macit asks her to dance with him again.

He takes her hand and goes running through the party, declaring the party is moving to the boat. It’s a little ungentlemanly of him to make her run across grass in heels, but I’m gonna let that slide for now. He doesn’t wait for his friends to make it to the boat before he unties it, tells Neriman to sit down, and drives off from the dock. Pelin is giving Neriman a death glare from the shore. Duygu even seems a little sorry for her.

He parks the boat in the middle of the water and Neriman’s upset. She’s out in the middle of the ocean with a stranger. Macit says everyone knows him…but he doesn’t know her. And he’d like to. Dude, he was seriously going to kiss her–clearly someone didn’t give him the memo that this is a Turkish show.

Gulter calls Fahriye’s house and pretends Neriman’s telling her Fahriye’s still feeling sick. She tells “Neriman” to stay a little longer. (Go Tia Gulter!)

Macit is really trying to get that kiss and Neriman threatens to jump over the side of the boat. Her bracelet falls off. She’s seriously freaking out, thinking about Asli giving birth and Sinasi beating up Emre and her dad talking about dignity.

When Macit gets closer, she falls over. He’s annoyed she did that if she couldn’t swim and jumps in to save her. I don’t know for sure if she can’t swim or it’s just the dress. When she’s back in the boat he starts screaming at her–what did she think he was going to do? Throw her off the boat? He finds her a blanket and tells her to be quiet and sit down. He loses major points with Mr. 5ft for yelling.

Macit helps Neriman off the boat, but he won’t let her go home by herself. Someone’s taking pictures. She won’t give him driving directions and he’s being rude again.

Pelin and Duygu get home. Their mom wonders what happened and Duygu just says “Neriman came to the party.”

Macit’s still screaming at Neriman about jumping into the water when she can’t swim…and why’d she get in the boat of a guy like him…she should have stayed home.

And now she’s having an asthma attack and he has no idea what to do. At least she brought her inhaler. He wants to take her to the hospital gut she gasps out that her dad can’t know. He agrees not to go anywhere as long as she stays calm and keeps breathing.

Pelin locks herself in her room to cry.

At Neriman’s house, or thereabouts, Macit tells her he actually did have a good time dancing with her, but she’d better not ever jump out of his boat again.

Neriman asks if he seriously can’t tell how embarrassed she is.

And because this night hasn’t been awful enough, Sinasi sees her getting out of his car and knocking on Fahriye’s door.

Macit sees Sinasi in his rearview mirror and drives off.

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