Entre Dos Amores Thursday 10/18/18 #2

Kerim and Inci give an interview about their long marriage and their luuuuurve for each other. Macit smirks. Maybe because he knows his dad’s cheating? Figen is the girlfriend’s name and she just received his gift of expensive jewelry.

Pelin’s showing the party planners around the house, so Macit makes a run for it.

Over at Neriman’s house, Gulter is stressing about whether the father of Asli’s baby is going to cough up a proposal or not. Neriman’s still all disapproving. Also, she calls Gulter “tia” so is Gulter maybe her dad’s second wife?

Nothing more came out of that asthma attack–Neriman’s fine now. Fahriye and Neriman want to go out, but they need Gulter’s permission. Fahriye mentions she can’t get home late or her brother Cihan (of the sleeping late and losing his job every five minutes) will fuss. So, ok, Gulter gives them permission to go out as long as Neriman gets back before her dad gets home.

At school. Özlem fusses over Sinasi’s bandaged hand and gets yelled at for it.

Faiz meets Ismail, Emre’s father, at a café to try to talk him into getting Emre to marry Asli. He leaves him Sinasi’s phone number.

Zehra and Nezahat are still working on the dress when Sinasi calls to ask if anyone has called. *roll eyes*

Neriman and Fahriye are out when they run into Pelin and Duygu on a break from dress shopping. Duygu thinks they should get together more often, since they’re family, so Pelin invites Neriman to Macit’s party.

Oh, Gulter is literally her aunt, as in Faiz’s sister. Boy did I misread that last episode! And Faiz gets home before Neriman, so Gulter’s really sweating it and lies, saying Neriman’s on her way.

Neriman turns Pelin down, saying she doesn’t have time and Pelin is a snot about it. She gets a call from a friend who’s watching Macit buy an engagement ring. Fahriye thinks Neriman should go anyway.

Gulter calls Fahriye since Neriman’s not answering her phone.

By the time they get home, Duygu is so sick of Pelin talking about that ring she can’t resist asking how Pelin and her mother are so sure the ring is for her.

Neriman is still trying to talk herself out of going to the party that she already said she doesn’t want to go to. Because she can’t even go out to the mall, she doesn’t have a date, and a dress plus hair and makeup would cost a fortune.

Gulter comes up with snacks and says there’s been no news. Neriman turns her phone back on and there’s not a single missed call or message from Sinasi. She does admit that Sinasi is her childhood love.

Cihan comes over to pick up Fahriye. Before she makes her highly annoyed exit, she tells Neriman she is GOING to that party. Fahriye’s going to turn her into a fairy even if it’s just for that one night. Gulter has her antennae up.

Cihan and Fahriye bicker on the way home. Cihan insists it’s his job to micromanage her until he finds her a husband who will then be the one to micromanage her. I mean, no, he doesn’t say that, but that’s what he means.

At the end of the day, Emre still hasn’t called and Zehra’s furious with Asli.

Neriman tells Gulter about the party invite. At Pelin’s that invitation is also being discussed…poor cousin Neriman won’t ever get an invitation like this…and even if she found the time she wouldn’t have money for a dress. Papa Selim is not happy about this. And Duygu is sure Pelin did it to embarrass her. Selim thinks Faiz would never let her go in any case.

Fahriye is over at Neriman’s bright and early the next morning with a list of everything they need to do to get Neriman ready for tomorrow. Hair, makeup, renting a dress…but Fahriye was not prepared for the cost of renting a dress.

The Call finally comes in. Emre’s parents are coming over to Asli’s. Asli’s tears don’t look like relief to me.

Sinasi stops by Neriman’s house just to not apologize for hitting Emre and tell Neriman he loves her no matter what happens. Yeah, she’s not so sure about his “love.”

Gulter gives the girls the good news about Asli getting a proposal. Neriman wonders if this is what Asli wants. They all go over to offer their congratulations. Asli looks like she’s more in the mood for condolences. Her family’s happy and now they’ve gotten their honor back and they’ve all calmed down and it’s not like she could stop this train.

Alone, Neriman asks if Asli would still marry him if none of this has happened. Asli told him not to propose, but he’s doing it anyway.

Watching a fashion show later, Neriman tells Gulter if Fahriye can pull it off, she’s going to that party. She doesn’t want to be rich, she’s just curious.

Macit’s not even considering this “his” party. And Pelin’s his friend, but that’s all she is. His mother thinks he’s sad, but he says he’s as happy as she is. Hmm. He goes downstairs, avoiding Pelin and the party planners.

Pelin still catches up to him Macit mopes about not knowing where he belongs.


Fahriye found a dress for Neriman…that they’re “borrowing.” From Sinasi’s mom.

Pelin’s all set to spend the day at Macit’s house and change into her party dress there. She asks Duygu to please smile at the party.

Fahriye explains she stopped by Asli’s house and Zehra was fussing about having to deliver the dress and having to prepare for Emre’s family. Fahriye also called the store to tell them the dress would be delayed by a day. Neriman’s not sure about this…until they take it out of the box.

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Linda F.
Linda F.

Kat, thank you so much for recapping this show! My DVR messed up, so I missed Episode 1. Then what I watched on YouTube turned out to be a condensed version, so your recap was a godsend. I’m now 3/4 of the way through Episode 2 and have a question. It’s about this scene that you describe: “Alone, Neriman asks if Asli would still marry him if none of this has happened. Asli told him not to propose, but he’s doing it anyway.” When I saw it, I thought that Asli was talking about having sex, not proposing marriage. That… Read more »