Entre Dos Amores Monday 10/22/18 #4

Neriman finally explains her soaked state to Fahriye: “I jumped into the ocean.” That doesn’t get as big a reaction as the part where Macit jumped in after her. Fahriye’s very understanding about him screaming at her because of how “difficult” this is for him. Because most people go to a party to have fun, not jump in the ocean. (OK, I mean, I guess she’s right, but it still cracks me up.)

Neriman and Fahriye check the street before Neriman walks home. But the really important thing is that on the couch outside Fahriye’s house there’s a little kitten.

Sinasi watches Neriman try to unlock her front door, but she’s shaking too much. Tia Gulter lets her in and gets a slightly different story than Fahriye did: “I fell into the pool.” But no worries, ’cause she’s seen what she needed to see and she’s never leaving the vecindad again ever. (Well, sure, because the vecindad has cats.)

When the maid comes in to bring Macit his breakfast, he’s just staring at the ceiling. Did he even sleep?

Aw, crap. Sinasi’s another one who looks like he hasn’t slept and isn’t talking to anyone, only with more of an angry edge. Nezahat mentions it to her mom, who just hopes he behaves himself at the wedding. At the mention of the wedding and hoping Sinasi doesn’t do anything stupid, Asli flees to her room.

Emre’s mother calls to snottily tell Zehra that the kids are getting married this weekend, they’re not to invite more than ten people (because Emre’s family is so prestigious they’ll have lots of big-name invitees and they don’t want a bunch of strangers around), and she’ll have the dress sent over. She turns down an invitation to dinner to discuss the details.

In the morning Neriman brings her dad tea and water and tells him she thinks it’s weird for his ugly flute to make such pretty noises. He says it has a rich part and a poor part–and if she could choose, which one would she pick? Uh, the rich part. Well, being rich brings misfortune and being poor brings appreciation and sometimes you should only pray for what you need. Or something like that.

Fahriye comes over to Neriman’s house. And Tia Gulter’s not going to interrogate her in the front hall, she’s going to do it up in Neriman’s room. Aside from parties being for rich people, the other thing Gulter’s concerned about is the ruined dress. Neriman reminds Fahriye about getting “tripped” and falling into the “pool.” Gulter sends them to the dry cleaners to see what they can do.

Fahriye’s gotten her smartass back on. She teases Neriman, asking if Macit is really that cute. What? She danced with him all night, didn’t she?

Sinasi, who’s been trying to call Neriman all day, catches them in the street and demands to talk to Neriman immediately.

No can do, says Fahriye, but then–he didn’t ask her. They’re saved by another round of interrogation by some older men coming over to congratulate Sinasi on his sister’s wedding. Fahriye and Neriman escape. Fahriye mutters that she’s finally realized what Sinasi lacks–charisma.

Inci’s surprised to hear from the maid that Macit went out again after the party. She opens the paper and there’s a shot of Macit with Neriman. Post-soaking. Google Translate says the headline is “Party Is Over At Sea.”

Macit tries to make a run for it, but his mom says there’s news about him in the paper. The Bosphorus can be dangerous–it gets cold at night. So, whose idea was it to go have fun on the water?

Pelin goes running to mommy to complain that Neriman ruined her night and her relationship.

Macit goes over to look at the paper. Inci asks who the girl is. “You don’t know her.” Kerim asks if it was worth it. What? She’s obviously not one of their “class.”

Macit runs upstairs to call and yell at the photographer. He wants that picture destroyed and if he ever sees another picture of himself in the paper he’s going to come after them. He remembers Neriman saying last night that her dad couldn’t find out about this and him saying no one could find out.

So much for that. Pelin’s freaking out, wondering if he’s not answering his phone because he’s still with Neriman. A friend calls and her mom tells her not to answer it. Just let things speak for themselves. Duygu comes into the living room and Pelin says this is all HER fault.

Uh, excuse you, Pelin’s the one who invited her!

Yeah, but not to make her the star of the party!

Well, maybe she should have thought about that before!

Their dad comes in and asks what’s going on. He’s happy to hear Neriman went to the party–she finally broke free from that prison! He’s guessing Macit took the boat out because the party bored him. Pelin screams at him that he went out on the boat with Neriman. Now he gets serious.

Neriman and Fahriye have no luck at the dry cleaners. He says there’s nothing he can do…until Fahriye lays a guilt trip on him and says if he doesn’t make that dress look like new he’ll be responsible for not stopping their deaths.

Sinasi is waiting for the bus when he sees another man looking at the paper. He grabs it out of the guy’s hand and starts walking.

At the café, Ismail (Emre’s father) keeps trying to accidentally-on-purpose show Faiz the paper, but he finally has to stick the picture right under his nose and tell him the whole neighborhood’s talking about it and it’s so shameful. He grins when Faiz takes the paper and walks out. It finally occurs to me that this is Ismail’s revenge for Faiz telling him earlier that his son should marry Asli.

Fahriye thought the drama was almost over, but Sinasi walks up to them, glares, and goes inside some abandoned house. Neriman says she’d better go talk to him.

Basically Sinasi breaks up with her, even though they weren’t really together, and accuses her of going with that guy because he has money. Don’t let the door hit you, Sinasi.

Neriman gets home after walking up what looks like an endless road, uphill the whole way. Tia Gulter opens the door before she can knock. Faiz doesn’t really yell, he just tells her he’s obviously failed at raising her and she destroyed everything he built in one night and where did he go wrong. She starts to swear something to him, but he doesn’t want to hear her swearing anything.

Selim’s out by the pool, drinking tea. Pelin’s mother, whose name I can’t remember, comes over to talk to him, thinking he’s upset about Neriman going to the party. He’s actually thinking that if she’s trying to get out of that neighborhood it’s his duty to help her. (I’m sure Pelin’s going to love hearing that!)

Macit’s out on his boat, looking at pictures from last night on his tablet. He remembers Neriman asking him if he really doesn’t understand how embarrassing this is for her.

Neriman tells Gulter that her life is basically over.

Over at Asli’s, Nezahat is helping Asli pack her clothes and giving her advice. Like not listening to the things people will say at the wedding and how being married means she’s a woman and just needs to take care of her house and her husband and not worry about how things started.

Asli’s been trying to interrupt her and she finally gets through. She’s never going to be happy with Emre. It’s over. She wants Nazahat to stroke her hair so she can feel the warmth of home for the last time.

Sinasi comes home and ignores his mother. She’s assuming it’s because of the wedding. Nezahat tries to talk to him, thinking he and Neriman fought. Sinasi says she snuck out of her house last night and went to a party!

Out in the hallway his mom makes a face like he just said she kicked a cat.

She was WITH another man IN THE OCEAN! (Well, sure, when you say it like that it sounds…like you’re still completely overreacting.) He slaps the paper down as proof. Nezahat asks who the guy is and when Sinasi says “Macit Arcaoglu” Zehra seems to lose interest.

So now it’s two days post-party? Macit answers his phone when he sees it’s his friend Onur. He’s coming back from Paris this week. Kerim assumes that means it’s going to be party time again, but Macit says they’re grownups now.

In that case, Kerim has a job waiting for him at the company. Macit’s ready to start as soon as possible. Kerim’s only condition is that he never see Macit with Neriman again. And then he steps away to take a call from his girlfriend…oh, I’m sorry, “the head of finance.”

Zehra comes over to Neriman’s to gossip with Gulter…even though she was SO embarrassed to be seen there because look at all this trouble Neriman has gotten them into and who knows what she was doing all night with that rich guy. Gulter’s like “Excuse you, we don’t doubt her chastity. She just fell in the water and a guy fished her out.”

Cemal seems to have no idea about the latest gossip. He’s going on about what an honorable man Ismail is to have marched right over to Asli’s house and arranged the marriage without a second though. Faiz just smiles. Cemal gripes about “these kids today” like he’s talking about the kids on “Like” and not the ones in this neighborhood.

Cemal wonders why Faiz looks so down and Faiz mentions the paper. They’re interrupted by Cihan crashing into a pile of empty water bottles with his bike.

Don’t tell me Figen is Kerim’s assistant! Selim comes over to Kerim’s office before some meeting they have. Kerim says Macit’s back, he’ll be coming to the meeting. Selim thinks it’s to keep gaining experience, but Kerim says Macit doesn’t need more “experience.” He’s his son. And he’s joining the company as a member of the advisory board.

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