La Mujer del Vendaval #117

That Calendar Thing. Still.

Marcela tells Maria Laura that she’s decided to go to the presentation, but Al still doesn’t want to go. Since he’s the one ML really wants there, she tracks him down to convince him to go. She’s telling him he’s the only man she respects (I think she’ mixing up lusts after with respects but whatever, maybe for her they’re the same) Anyway he shouldn’t be hiding from his folks, he did nothing wrong, and if he doesn’t go she’ll cancel the whole thing or die or something. She even gets down on her knees to get him till he says yes.

ML tells Marcela Al is going. Squee. Marcela tells him she’s proud of him, they aren’t going to let his mean old parents scare them, they’ll show them they can’t break their love, ect. ect.

Aand they’re driving Alba into town with them.


Mauro tells Inez he talked with the Castelos and the plan is a go. He explains how he used Luc’s homophobia to get his blessing and protection for Inez and himself to date. Who knows maybe Inez will even get a promotion for getting Mauro back on the straight and narrow.

The special world Nisa inhabits all by herself

Walking with Cuchi, Nisa whines about the thing with Al and maybe she did the wrong thing waaa. Impossible, says Cuchi, you couldn’t be wrong, you’re perfect. And he giveser a giant teddy and takes her out to lunch. Squee.

Hotel Toscana

So, Cris is going on vacation, he’s got time coming from way back, and his plans pre-date Al’s firing; he had no idea they’d do something so crazy as fire the manager, but its not his problem if they’re left short now and he doesn’t see why he should change his plans. Sil orders him to put off his vacation till they find people to fill all of Al’s responsibilities. Cris huffs but what can he do.

Cris calls the ranch to talk to Alba but Rosa eventually conveys to him that Alba’s not there because she’s gone to get bread. From Amadeo. You remember Amadeo. She stirs the pot a little. ( I really think Rosa just likes jerking Cris around, this isn’t the first time she’s had him confused on the phone and I’m realizing she does that thing where she says things in the most confusing way on purpose ) Cris leaves a message and Rosa tells herself that this is gonna be fun.

Cris turns around and Nuria is standing in the doorway of his office. She didn’t mean to listen and he didn’t mean for her to hear, but she has a question: Does the future of their marriage depend on whether or not Alba will accept him back in her life?

Wherever Linda’s Aunt Lives

Ilse has gone back to see Linda with a flimsy excuse for the aunt. When the aunt is out of the room she begs Linda to escape with her, she’ll take her back to SBP and help her. Ilse really understands Linda’s situation, and tries to convince her she deserves a better life, a happy life with Roman, but only if she’s willing to take the chance and try for it.

Linda says she can’t; Roman’s in prison and she’s in another kind of prison herself. Ilse tells her she can escape if she’ll just do it. The aunt comes in, apparently oblivious to what’s going on and Ilse manages to continue to urge Linda to dare to dream and be brave enough to take the risk all the time obliquely and indirectly without the aunt realizing that she’s really talking about running away.

San BP

Marcela, Al, and Alba get to town and Alba almost spills the beans about the ranch being half Al’s because she thinks Marcela has already told him. No, Marcela hasn’t told him yet because A. The ranch isn’t a consolation prize for losing his family and or fortune and B. She wants him to learn to value and love the ranch before she tells him its his. Ok, Alba will keep her mouth shut.

At the bank they put Al on the account and only after Marcela has signed her life away does Al start talking about using the money for “investments” (don’t you love how vague that is? Yeah me neither) and building a hotel on the ranch. Marcela is against putting a hotel on the ranch, its her home and her heart and a hotel doesn’t belong there. She won’t exploit her home, to her its not a business. Al doesn’t seem to understand (I think I understand why, in his family the business practically is the family, its what all their discussions are about, and the business of his family is hotels.)

Marcela stomps out to the street and practically runs in to Emiliano. He’s concerned that she’s crying and asks about it. Al follows her out and sees them close together and gets all angry and possessive and there’s a confrontation. Marcela gets fed up with the arguing and goes to wait in the car while they fight.

Marriage in the balance

Cris gets angry and defensive, No, it doesn’t depend on Alba. Nuria asks why then is he going to see Alba. Cris accuses her of trying to manipulate him and also of asking Silvana to prevent him going on vacation. Nuria says she didn’t have anything to do with Silvanan’s decision that everyone has to stay. Cris doesn’t believe her but Nuria still believes that Cris will respect their marriage.

Not Funny Jealousy

Back at the argument between Emiliano and Al, they each bring up all the things they think the other has done wrong since they’ve met. Emiliano ends up telling Al the truth about the trip to the capital for special tests for Marcela. Al wants to see proof so they go to Emiliano’s office. Marcela opts out, she’ll go to the bakery while she waits. (I’m not entirely sure she realizes they’re going to be discussing her and her eyes in Emil’s office, I think she’s just so fed up with the whole scene she wants to get away from them. )

Funny Jealousy

Alba gets to the bakery but the place is packed and the line isn’t moving. Penelope waxes on about how “the maestro” can’t be disturbed while baking, Alba is all yeah great, he makes good bread but this is ridiculous. (I’m seeing an opportunity for a rival baker to set up a nonsense free, quick pick up business in town and give Amadeo a run for his money ) Alba is out of patience, then Amadeo comes out with a pan of bread and it gets even crazier.

The crowd of girls goes wild and Alba gets in a fight with some chick who grabs Amadeo and kisses him.

Marcela and Amadeo wade in and stop the fight and Amadeo kicks all the girls out except Penelope, Marcela and a very tousled Alba.

After a minute Marcela and Alba are laughing about Alba’s uncharacteristic aggression.

Then Alba starts chiding Amadeo for letting girls drool over, and paw, and kiss him, but Amadeo is pretty shameless, sales are up 50% and he’s cracking jokes about the kiss and making Marcela laugh.

But Alba, he says, ain’t you shamed’ to be fighting like that in public and unprovoked to boot.

Alba isn’t amused, she goes on a rant about respecting Selma, and himself and who knows what-all. Marcela isn’t even trying to stop laughing any more, so Alba leaves, angrily throwing the bag of bread back at Amadeo, who is pretty pleased with himself that his plan to make Alba jealous is working.

Outside Alba rants some more to Marcela till Marcela calls her out for being jealous and Alba finally admits it. She doesn’t know it happened, she didn’t mean to fall in love with Amadeo.

Marcela tells Alba to tell Amadeo how she feels. No wimping out. No excuses, Amadeo’s not married and anybody can tell the thing with Selma isn’t serious, so get in there girl and git yer man!

Inside Amadeo fills Selma in on the success of their plan, now he has to go tell Alba he loves her. Selma convinces him to wait, let Alba make the first move. Selma knows what she’s talking about, it’s better to let Alba come to him.

The stuff nightmares are made of

Severo gets out of bed, moves the mattress, gets the key, and when Sagrario calls Rosa away to help her fold sheets, limps into the house through the kitchen unseen.

Then Severo makes his way into the office and opens the desk with his good hand and starts going through the files he finds. He finds out Al owns half the ranch and wonders if he knows yet.

Severo makes it back to bed just before Rosa comes to change the sheets. Its a heavy job for Rosa and she does it with commentary. Sagrario comes see what the talking is about. She stands in the doorway, but won’t get any closer to Severo than that. Rosa opines they oughta be keepin him in the fridge, cause she thinks he’s spoiling. He’s not getting any better anyway, so he’s probably gonna die soon. Sagrario wants to get the doctor in to have a look, she doesn’t think she can stand having him around till he dies.

Severo thinks that should be her punishment. (for what dude, being a decent human being?)

You can lead Al to the truth but you can’t make him believe it.

Emiliano explains to Al that Marcela’s eyes have gotten significantly worse recently and that keeping her life low stress and as pain free as possible is A. The difference between Marcela keeping her sight or losing it and B. Al’s job as Marcela’s husband. Emil is his friend and he’s telling him this to help him out, Al has no reason to mistrust him. Al says his mistrust is for Marcela, he won’t say why or listen when Emiliano assures him that Marcela is totally devoted to Al and doesn’t even see anyone else. (there’s a joke here about tunnel vision that I’m too lazy to make)   Al just asks Emiliano to stay away from her.

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2 years ago

Gracias, stealth! Al who? Can we just have an entire show about the bakery? What could we call it…Pan de San Bartolo? Pan, Amor, y Amadeo? It would be more fun than watching Al argue with everybody but Maria Laura and Valeria.

“there’s a joke here about tunnel vision that I’m too lazy to make” LOL…I think I got it anyway!