Entre Dos Amores Tuesday 10/23/18 #5

Duygu’s mom tries to figure out what’s so special about Neriman that a guy like Macit would instantly fall for her. Duygu says she was just as pretty as all the other women at the party, but maybe he liked the way she talked or her posture, or her elegance. She thinks Macit’s tired of going out with “Barbies.”

So Neriman’s dad knows and Sinasi knows, so I don’t know why it seems like Neriman, Fahriye, and Gulter are waiting for the other shoe to drop.

So, Arcaoglu is a textile company, I think. Selim gets out of his seat to greet Macit when he arrives at the meeting and Macit takes Selim’s spot next to Kerim. Kerim introduces him to everyone and says he’s going to be on the advisory board. Selim has to move down a seat and it looks like he’s taking that personally.

Fahriye feels guilty about Sinasi breaking up with Neriman. Neriman says it’s his fault too–he wouldn’t listen to her. She just wants a chance to explain and apologize. She jokes that the song of her life is taking a different tone. Fahriye asks what song they played at the Arcaoglu’s. The same one, with a different version.

Back at the meeting, one of the other board members is talking about all the great models he has lined up for a fashion show and Macit completely trashes his choices as not being “real” enough. They make clothes for “real” people and that’s what he wants to see on the runway–not “size 0 science fiction women.”

Damn, dude! OK, yeah, there are body types that are overrepresented in the fashion world and don’t accurately reflect the diversity of women’s body shapes and sizes, but there aren’t “real” sizes and “science fiction” sizes. And women aren’t split into “real women” and “models.”

Özlem gets to the vecindad and asks Cihan how to get to Sinasi’s house.

Zehra is in some kind of hurry to get Gulter over to her house and make sure Neriman comes with her.

Nezahat and Zehra are surprised to open the door and find Özlem instead of Gulter. Sinasi agrees to go somewhere and “talk” with Özlem. And unlike the women in this vecindad, nobody has a word to say to him about getting into a car with a woman they don’t know. They drive right past Neriman’s house…downhill…in slow motion. Neriman and Fahriye trade angry looks.

OK, I get that Neriman has done the “wrong” thing and I completely expected scolding from her dad and Tia Gulter, but where the hell does Zehra get off? And what is up with Gulter not telling her to back off? That seems like a violation of the Tia Code to me. All she says when Asli, Neriman, and Fahriye make a run for it is that Zehra should be more careful what she says.

Nezahat pulls Neriman aside so Neriman can explain that nothing happened at the party. She complains that Sinasi was upset at her and now she sees him in a car with Özlem. Nezahat swears he hasn’t been out of his room in days and he would never cheat on her with Özlem ’cause he’s not that kind of guy.

Meanwhile, Sinasi asks Özlem what the deal is with Macit Arcaoglu. She says he’s rich, hot, and he could make any woman fall for him…but not her, of course! She’s not “like Neriman.” She’s been in love with Sinasi since the first time she saw him. She reaches for his hand and he gets up from the table. Heh.

Gulter is helping Zehra tie red ribbon into a million bows. Zehra stressing about how awful Emre’s mother is. Which she is, but I don’t know what show Zehra’s watching where she told her off and hung up the phone on her. Zehra’s hoping she’s not too mean to Asli and saying Asli’s too young to know how to treat her mother -in-law.

Emre comes over to bring Asli the wedding dress his mother sent. Asli runs right back upstairs to tell Neriman and Fahriye she’s got her wedding dress now. She’s getting married tomorrow and there’s nothing left to do about it. It’s for the honor of her family. Neriman tells her she can still make a run for it, but Asli says it’s too late now.

Sinasi never made it home. Nezahat tries his phone, but it’s off. She tries Cihan and I think she has a crush on him. But Cihan doesn’t know where he is either.

Inci’s eating dinner alone. Macit says his dad’s working late tonight and she tells him not to lie for him. And not to ever leave Pelin eating dinner alone after they’re married. Macit’s like “Please don’t put ideas in her head!”

Duygu visits Pelin’s room. Pelin’s not blaming her anymore, but she’s still convinced something happened in the boat and Macit’s in love with Neriman now.

Macit’s up in his room, staring at a photo of Neriman on his tablet and pondering whether the ring he bought the other day would look good on her, uh, forehead.

Cihan tracked Sinasi down and they’re presumably headed back to one of their houses. Cihan has apparently never felt love, so he envies Sinasi his lovesickness. At least he knows he’s not an “alien” and he’s capable of feeling love. Anyway…the dudes sing.

Faiz is asking Gulter what happened. How did Neriman even get invited to the party? How did Gulter let this happen? Neriman comes downstairs and apologizes and says she’ll never disappoint him again and she didn’t do anything that would affect anyone else and she loves him. Faiz just gets up and walks upstairs without saying anything.

The next morning, Zehra’s on the phone to Gulter, begging her to come help with last-minute wedding prep. She starts wailing about worrying about her daughter being with those “lunatics.” Asli hears her. Zehra gets off the phone and complains to Nezahat that Sinasi came home drunk last night and what’s she to do with him and what’s going to happen after Asli moves out. She makes me tired.

Nezahat tries to talk Sinasi into listening to Neriman. He’s being a macho jackass about the whole thing and insisting he’s seen what he has to see, blah blah blah. Nezahat tells him Neriman’s sorry and she doesn’t want to lose him. I’m thinking Neriman is better off without him.

Zehra wants Asli to try on the wedding dress and I feel like I’m missing something that’s going on in this conversation. Asli doesn’t want to put it on–and I don’t know if that’s now or at all. Zehra says she might be sorry later. Asli thinks Zehra’s the one who might be sorry. Zehra says she understands Asli and knows she doesn’t want to leave the house. She keeps going on about how she doesn’t know how she messed up and Asli will understand her when she has kids of her own.

It takes two taxis to load up all of Aslí’s stuff and the six women. Asli takes a last look at her room before her mom tells her and Nezahat they’re running late.

They make it to Asli’s future in-laws’ place and Kader (Emre’s mom) is a hideous jerk. She tells Emre “his” guests are here. Then Emre runs off to work. Zehra asks if they can see “the bride’s room” so they can drop off this stuff. Kader tells Gulter she hopes Faiz has gotten over his disgust…these young girls today will just run into any man’s arms. (Did you just call your son “any man”?) Anyway, they can call it “the bride’s room” if they want, but it’s Emre’s room and there might not be any room for all the things they brought now that they’ve put a bigger bed in there.

Ismail calls for Kader to ask her where the new bed is. She’s like “duh, you slept on it last night! Do you think I’d waste a new bed on her?”

And now we see the room, which is indeed dominated by the bed. And Emre decorates with pictures of scantily clad women.

Pelin comes to the textile company to complain that Macit’s not taking her calls and to ask what happened on the boat. He’s angry that she’s acting like she was somehow affected by the scandal–the people most affected are him and Neriman.

“That makes it sound like you’re a couple.”

Macit says they’re not. Why doesn’t she just tell him what she wants to hear?

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Thanks so much for recapping this show, Kat! I’m totally hooked and loving your writeups.