Entre Dos Amores Wednesday 10/24/18 #6

At least Pelin has the guts to ask what everyone else keeps talking around–did Macit have sex with Neriman? He doesn’t answer. So she asks if she still means anything to him. Macit hugs her and said it won’t happen again–it was the worst night of his life and he’ll never see her again. He doesn’t like seeing Pelin cry. (OK, so, you’re giving her false hope that you’re still dating? Or you’ve decided to keep dating her even though you don’t like her?)

At Zehra’s house, she and Gulter are complaining about Kader. Neriman answers the door and it’s Sinasi. Nezahat is taking it as a good sign that when she goes downstairs the front door is open and Sinasi’s instrument case is leaning against the door.

But he’s still pissed off and scolding Neriman about how much she’s changed and telling her to admit her mistake and complaining about how much it hurt him and that he won’t go through it again. But he loves her and he’s going to give her a second chance.

Oh, gross, and she apologizes.

Wedding time! Emre shows up in a tux to pick up Asli. Asli looks a little overwhelmed by the dress. She’s got the traditional red sash. Emre takes her arm to walk her to the car and says she can stay if she wants to. I can’t decide if he’s being kind or a complete ass.

At Faiz’s house Gulter’s ready to party, but Neriman’s still curling her hair. Gulter tells Faiz that Zehra asked him to be the one to stand with Asli at the ceremony, in place of her father. Faiz is fine with that, but he wants them to hurry up already. And he wants Neriman to wear her mother’s bracelet….

Which is currently back on Macit’s boat.

Neriman’s hoping she left it at Fahriye’s.

Macit knows exactly who it belongs to and he goes racing down the road to Neriman’s on his trusty steed…uh, in his car…to return it.

Even Asli’s family are running late getting to the wedding. Sinasi’s hoping to dance with Neriman all night. Nezahat’s trying to be subtle about it, but she’s so hoping for Cihan to notice her.

The bracelet isn’t at Fahriye’s, but we knew that. Neriman and Fahriye are locking the door behind them when Sinasi comes walking down the road from one end and Macit drives up from the other. Neriman stands there feeling confused about her feelings. I’m not. I’m totally Team Macit.

Sinasi walks over to take Neriman’s hand to steer her away. Cihan tells the pretty boy to take his toy and go home.

Doesn’t anybody care what he was doing there?

And Sinasi’s yelling at Neriman again. The creep grabs her cell phone out of her hands to see if Macit’s been calling her. Then he asks if he should even trust her. On the one hand, I feel like I’m being too harsh, but on the other he’s basically called her a slut every time he’s seen her since The Boat Incident, so maybe if I don’t paint him as the nicest guy there’s a good reason.

At the wedding hall, the judge has to ask Asli twice if she accepts.

Cihan and Fahriye make it to the hall. Cihan scolds Nezahat about stressing out. Gulter and Neriman will be there soon. He actually takes her wrist to lead her back inside, but she pulled away, so there went the moment. But Fahriye totally noticed.

Sinasi walked Neriman home to finish getting ready and drive her and Gulter to the reception. This guy’s making me feel claustrophobic.

Macit goes home, angry, and earlier than his mom was expecting. He fumes as he remembers Sinasi walking Neriman away and Cihan telling him there’s nothing in this neighborhood for him. Pelin calls–great timing! He doesn’t want to talk and he doesn’t want to know what she thinks he was doing. His mom can hear him screaming that it’s none of her business where he was. And still she says he can’t get Neriman out of his head, which…maybe it’s not the best strategy to continually remind your romantic partner about the person you’d rather they forget.

The reception’s in full swing. People are pinning money to the bride and groom and wishing them well. Emre seems angry that Asli’s not happier.

There’s a big dramatic goodbye outside the hall before Asli piles into the car with Emre and her in-laws. She tells her sister she’s scared. I can’t blame her, having to live with Kader.

At the house, Emre gives his mother back all the jewelry she loaned Asli. We’re spared the consummation, but not Asli’s tears as Emre unzips her dress.

Gulter takes responsibility for Neriman not wearing the bracelet last night. She tells Faiz she was worried Neriman might lose it in a place with so many people. And then what would they have left of her mother?

Faiz reminds Neriman her mother put that bracelet on her with her dying breath.

Macit still has the bracelet, at least. Cerivan (the maid) comes in to ask him about breakfast and Macit asks her to bring his computer over from the desk. It’s still on the pictures of Neriman. Cerivan assumes she’s one of the new models and Macit snaps at her that he just wanted the computer, not her comments.

Neriman’s practicing her sketching skills with Fahriye, aka The Most Fidgety Model Ever. Fahriye’s already convinced Macit must be in love with Neriman–otherwise why would he come over? Neriman was worried Sinasi would get into a fight with Macit, but Fahriye says Cihan did that for him. Not a fight, he just whispered some threats and Macit got in his car and left.

Özlem stops by Sinasi’s to pick him up and take him to a park. He’s asking what Özlem wants from him and she’s not really giving him a straight answer.

Gulter was expecting Neriman and Fahriye to be searching for the necklace. Fahriye says they’ll have to call Macit. Gulter’s appalled at the thought, but Fahriye says if it’s not at the shore or on his boat that would mean it’s in the sea. Neriman’s going to have to go back to his house.

Macit has a coded conversation with his parents. They’re supposed to sign the new models today, but Macit says they haven’t worked everything out yet. And no, money’s not the problem. Inci tells Macit to stop by accounting and take a look at the kind of…compensation…his father has been offering. She goes off to supervise a delivery of something for her art. Macit dunks a cookie in his dad’s tea and says he doesn’t know as much as his dad does about…compensation…but some women work for it and others just…open their hearts.

Kader has Asli vacuuming her floors. She picks up Asli’s phone when Nezahat calls and says Asli’s fine, she can’t come to the phone right now because she’s “in her room.”

Macit cuts a lower back on a dress while it’s still on the model. The guy in the blue shirt is Señor Sami. He swears he was considering a lower back for the dress they’re looking at on a model. Macit grumps about how he should have thought of it before the presentation. And he wants Señor Sami to do another dress like that with a different fabric.

Onur the buddy from out of town shows up. Macit can’t believe he’s there–first he stayed in Paris because he fell in love with a woman, then he left Paris because of her and he still hasn’t told Macit who she was.

As for Macit’s alleged engagement with Pelin, Onur would have to ask Inci about that. Macit says he feels like he won’t be her son anymore if he doesn’t marry Pelin.

On cue, there’s Pelin to welcome Onur back and insist they should have dinner tomorrow night. Onur had a weird look on his face as he tells them they’re the perfect couple–don’t tell me Pelin was his Paris Mystery Woman?

The housekeeper apparently knows all about Neriman’s parents. She sees the newspaper in Duygu’s room and says Neriman looks like her mother. Duygu doesn’t understand what she did to cause this big rift in the family. “She fell in love.”

Faiz was an accountant at the company. He and Neriman’s mother, Nazan, dated in secret. Faiz showed up one night with his parents, flowers, and chocolates. The family insulted him and Faiz didn’t say anything. He kept working and when he had a more prestigious job he gave it another try. Nazan’s parents told her if she left the house she couldn’t come back. So she left.

The housekeeper took over some of Nazan’s stuff once, but Faiz was so proud he threw it out.

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