La Sultana Wednesday 10/31/18 #3

Derviş has sent the Janissaries out to find Halime, et al, but Handan’s worried they might get captured by infidels or the Celali first. Ahmed calls his mom on her constant catastrophising. He tells Derviş to bring his brother back here now or Ahmed will order Derviş executed.

In the hallway, Handan reminds Derviş that her son took the throne when there was no hope. After crossing a sea, she doesn’t want to drown in a creek. Derviş at least knows what she means, even if I don’t. He reminds her he promised to protect her son.

Reyhan and Bülbül are coming down the hallway when Derviş stops them, criticizes them for not paying close enough attention to the harem, and orders them to question everyone in the harem.

Okay, the pointy-ish hat dudes on horses are Celali. Their plan at this point is to set up an escape boat first, then cut off Ahmed’s head.

Safiye is furious that Bülbül is just now telling her the news. She wants to talk to Nasuh Ağa.

Before Bülbül can leave, Ahmed and Handan come into Safiye’s room to strategize. The best they can do, based on the timing, is to conclude someone who doesn’t want Mustafá killed must have warned Halime. Although…both Safiye and Ahmed fit that criteria.

Cennet brings Nasia back to the harem, gloating that Nasia left the Sultan’s chamber the same as she went in. Mahfiruz told her.

And now the latest news comes to the harem. Señorita Dudu comes in with Nasuh Ağa’s second and Bülbül. They’re all going to be interrogated since Halime took off with the kids.

Janissaries are out searching the city. Nasuh Ağa tells Safiye he’s sure he’ll have a lead soon. Safiye reminds him the Ottomans only have one prince and no one knows who has him. Nasuh gets that, but if he brings the prince back here, Ahmed’s just going to have him killed.

Safiye tells him to just find the kid and bring him directly to her chambers.

It’s a group interrogation. Nasia admits to seeing the prince and giving him some castañas (chestnuts), but she didn’t know who he was. A woman came to get him…she can’t remember the name…Ismise…Se…Nemise?

Bulbul says she means Menekşe, who’s also missing. Reyhan says he hopes she’s telling the truth or he’ll throw her into the sea in a sack.

Instead of following the others back to the harem, Nasia goes looking for that hidden passageway. Cennet, once again having a good time with a guard, catches her and accuses Nasia of following her around.

Nasia says she got lost. She wrote her family a letter–nothing bad! She just wanted them to know she’s still alive. Cennet can read it if she wants to. Except I’m not sure if Cennet can read, or read whatever language it’s in. She just gives it back to Nasia and says Nasia doesn’t have a family, or a past. It’s forbidden.

Yeah, and so is talking to men, but Nasia just saw her with one. Cennet threatens to cut her tongue out. Nasia plays the “The Sultan likes me better” card. Cennet’s actually nervous now. Nasia’s not planning to tell him anything. She just wants a friend. And to send the letter to her mother.

Derviş found a woman that Halime used to visit–a charlatan who says she does spells. She won’t talk to anyone but Ahmed, though. They bring her in and she insists on touching his hand…she sees a shadow over his throne, but the prince will return. One day, he’ll return and sit on the throne.

That’s enough for Derviş–he has her thrown out. He tells Ahmed not to be bothered by her words, but we all know how impressionable he is. Derviş reminds him only Allah knows what plans he has for people and no one’s powerful enough to change that.

Ahmed wonders what Allah has prepared for him.

“A magnificent future, full of victory.” And hopefully they’ll clear away the dark clouds.

Şahin sees Musa Pasha in town and starts some trouble. Musa makes a run for it and Halime runs after them. Şahin, meanwhile is busy fending off attackers and trimming trees.

There are two guys still running after Halime and the kids. That one Celali guy from the road outside town sees them.

Halime runs straight into Şahin and shoves Mustafá behind her while she whips out a dagger. Şahin backhands Halime, but as she falls to the ground, the guy from the road puts his dagger to Şahin’s side and Şahin names him–Kara Sait.

Şahin points out the guards coming their way, with Musa Pasha as their prisoner. So is he going to stick around and die for the kid or get away? Kara pulls his dagger away from Şahin. Şahin sends his regards to Kalendaroglu.

Next thing we know, Şahin and Derviş are with Ahmed and Şahin’s scolding Derviş for not having found Mustafá and Halime right away. But hey, it’s all good, because Şahin heard they were missing and he brought them all back.

Ahmed takes out his anger on Halime, saying this is all her fault.

Halime blames him saying she heard he was going to go back on his word and kill Mustafá. Mustafá’s just sobbing and telling his brother to quit hurting his mom and looking betrayed.

Ahmed wants Halime and Mustafá taken to the dungeon, Dilruba to her chambers, and as for Musa Pasha…off with his head!

Halime keeps working on Ahmed, asking if wanting to protect her son is a crime. She already lost his brother, Mahmud–has he forgotten? She begs him not to let her live through that experience again, but the guards sweep her up and get her and her family headed out of the room.

Şahin (and why is nobody suspecting him?) bows and walks out. Dervish looks grim.

We’re for serious getting this beheading done right the hell now. Musa Pasha begs for mercy and pardon, but the sword comes down.

Ahmed visits Safiye’s room to talk to her. She’s still not in favor of killing Mustafá. At least not until one of Ahmed’s concubines has delivered a son.

Uh huh, so at that point he can kill his brother and she won’t have anything to say about it?

Safiye says she wouldn’t want it to happen, but if that’s fate it’s fate. That’s all she has to say.

Well, Ahmed’s just waiting for the decreto (decree) and Mustafá’s getting executed, for the good of the empire. I don’t know how to read Safiye’s face.

Ahmed hangs out in that garden where he met Nasia and plants some jasmine. He tells Dervish she loves those flowers. Dervish noticed how Ahmed looks when he talks about her. Ahmed keeps on planting and chattering about how she’s sooooo mad at everyone who took her away from her home, but especially him. And he says it like he thinks it’s kind of funny.

Well, Derviş didn’t want to tell him, but the decree came through. Mufti Effendi has decided that on account of there only being one Ottoman prince, he can’t kill Mustafá.

But as Derviş and Ahmed head down the hall, a man stops them to tell them that the Sheikh Al-Islam didn’t write that decree of his own free will.

Nasia is brought to Handan’s room. She has no idea why or who Handan is, so she very reasonably asks. Dudu tells her to be quiet–she’s in the presence of the Madre Sultana. “How many Madre Sultanas do you have in this palace?!” (Mr. 5ft’s been complaining about there being too many Sultanas altogether.)

Handan’s maid explains there’s really only one Madre Sultana and that’s Ahmed’s mother, Sultana Handan.

“Oh, so you’re Ahmed’s mom!”

Handan gets pissed off at her for using Ahmed’s name. Nasia apologizes, but Handan says she’s no better than any of the other concubines. She tells Dudu she wanted to meet Nasia because Ahmed’s interested in her, but she’s useless. She’s too young. It would take years to educate her.

Once Nasia’s out of the room, Handan orders Dudu to have Mahfiruz prepared for tonight. And this time she’d better use all her charms. (Aw, you think Mahfiruz has charms. Isn’t that sweet.)

Ahmed visits Mufti Effendi. He accuses Mufti Effendi of going over his head to Safiye because he thinks Ahmed’s too young to rule. Dervish asks how, then, he dares ignore the will of the Sultan. Mufti Effendi tells Dervish he’s gotta rule according to the Sharia and all the experts agree with him.

The Sultan doesn’t have a son yet. What happens to the state if anything happens to him?

Ahmed says they’re a monarchy and he’s the monarch, so either Mufti Effendi can sit down and write what Ahmed wants or he can lose his titles. (OK, I’m gonna say it–this really isn’t helping Ahmed with his Sultan street cred.)

Effendi says Ahmed doesn’t need his permission. According to the laws, it’s the Sultan’s decision.

Ahmed knows that. He didn’t know Effendi’s true face, but he just saw it.

Safiye visits Halime in the dungeons. Halime begs for her help, reminding her that she’s no longer the powerless woman whose younger son was killed–now no one has more power than her. Safiye looks in on Mustafá and tells Halime some people’s misfortunes are written at their birth. And Mustafá’s misfortune is Halime.

Safiye finds Ahmed waiting in her room, reading a law book, it sounds like. He quotes a sentence saying that any of “his” descendants who ascends to the Ottoman throne by killing all his brothers is worthy of being Sultan.

He didn’t get his decree, so he’s looking for the answer in the ancient laws?

Ahmed says she sent Nasuh Aga to go to Mufti Effendi to get what she wanted. She ignored the law and the will of the Sultan. The punishment is clear.

Well then, he’d better dig her a grave because she’d rather die than hear him say it.

Ahmed kicks her out of the palace. She can go to the Palace of Tears.

Safiye says he might be able to quiet her, but can he quiet his own conscience? If he falls into the traps his demons have set for him, he’s going to end up alone, with darkness falling over his heart. Anywhere he looks, he’ll see his brother’s face. He has two options, mercy or slaughter. He must choose wisely, but if he crosses the limits of cruelty he’ll always be cruel.

In an apparent flashback to his one night with Nasia, Ahmed remembers her showing him Cephalonia on the map and talking about her dad being Venetian and her mother being Greek. She seems to have just figured out that a Sultan is like a king. So if he has that kind of power, can’t he order her to be sent home?

No, because this is her destiny.

Hey, he promised in the garden!

In Italian he says he can’t do that–this is her place now. He’d like it if she stayed of her own free will.

Nasia threatens to throw an apple at him, but he says he’ll have the Ağas come in and cut off her head. He’s supposed to eat hearts, remember? There was almost a kiss, but no.

And how Ahmed comes back to the present.

Meanwhile, Mahfiruz has her clique preparing her for her big night with the Sultan. Nasia hears her saying she hopes she comes back with a baby in her womb and gets pissed off. Mahfiruz insists the Sultan asked for her. Mahfiruz’s BFF says Nasia shouldn’t be angry–that’s just the way things are here.

Nasia angrily says she’s not angry. She’s going home. She’ll never be “like them.”

Mahfiruz is brought to Ahmed’s room….

Dudu comes to Handan’s room with the bloody sheets. I’m not sure where she got them from, since Ahmed and Mahfiruz are still in the bed. She feels him sneak out of bed and gets up to look at the painting. Ahmed catches her and dismisses her.

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