La Sultana Friday 11/2/18 #5

Ooh, it’s Friday night and I have the TV all to myself, which means no waiting to find out what happens to Nasia!

She’d already started pulling at the seam of the bag, so Nasia just keeps doing that agonizingly slowly and starts heading for the surface. She has a vision of her dad grabbing her hand and pulling her out.

And someone did pull her out, but it’s Gölge.

The striking soldiers are still in the square. Derviş comes out and announces that the sum they’re owed will be added to their regular pay. It’s either that or they’ll lose their heads.

Hadji Ağa says the Sipahi haven’t been paid in months. The soldiers go back to chanting “¡Lo que nos merecemos!” (What we deserve!) One of the Janissaries in the front of the crowd agrees, they’re not leaving without what they’re owed.

Now the head of the Janissaries speaks up, asking since when do the Ağas speak for them? Have they forgotten the Sultan is the First Janissary. Does the holy book say they can kill a brother? No.

But, The Guy In Front says someone who’s unfair to you isn’t your brother, Zülfikar Ağa. (Thank you! We’ve been waiting all week to know his name!) The Guy in Front tells everybody to start marching.

Ahmed’s been watching through a window in the door. He’s starting to look worried.

Now some new guy wanders in, banging his staff on the ground to get everyone’s attention.

Gölge brings the soaked Nasia back to the harem. Cennet starts slapping her to wake her up. Reyhan realizes she’s not dead and panics quietly. Bülbül Ağa asks if she’s dead. Cennet calls for a doctor and tells them to prepare a room for her.

The soldiers are whispering about him being the Sheikh Effendi (I could have sworn he was Nasuh Ağa), His Holiness…at least they’re quiet. When he reaches the front of the crowd, he asks if God created the universe in anger, in hate? How do they think they’re going to barge past a door that’s supposed to be crossed with love and respect? Are they only friends when they have money or are they like the devil–showing up in the darkest days and not caring about the well-being of their people or obeying the orders of their monarch.

“He who obeys his orders obeys me, and he who doesn’t follow his orders is against me.” The Prophet said that and they’re supposed to listen.

The soldiers have been reduced to embarrassed, shuffling schoolboys. Zülfikar Ağa says they’re subjects of His Majesty. The Janissaries agree to wait for their bonus. Right? Oh yeah, totally. They start putting their weapons away.

Hadji Ağa says the Sipahi will wait too…but if the promises aren’t kept, the price will be high. They disperse. Ahmed looks at the stone in his hand.

Upstairs, Handan calls Safiye out for trying to look like she’s helping Ahmed when she’s really just trying to negotiate her way out of exile. But she’s going to the Palace of Tears. Her reign is ending and Handan’s is beginning. Safiye doesn’t look concerned.

Ahmed’s still fussing about the rock and the cranky soldiers. He complains that loyalty is just a puñado de oro (fistful of gold). Handan says only Allah can take without giving. And thank Allah that he has faithful servants like Derviş!

Right…so who was that guy who showed up?

Derviş says he’s a holy man who has everyone’s respect: Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi.

Ahmed thinks he’s the answer to a prayer.

Nasia has been relocated to a private room. Cennet tells the woman attending her she has to find a cure–their fates are tied. If Nasia dies, so does Cennet!

Well, maybe you should have thought of locking the door. The minute they’re gone, Reyhan comes in.

Safiye hangs out by the pond, commenting to Nasuh Ağa that her grandson’s stubborn. He has courage and arrogance of a Sultan. He’ll be a great monarch in the future…as long as he obeys her.

Reyhan pulls the pillow out from under Nasia’s head and tries to smother her with it. Ahmed barges in, and Reyhan has to settle for looking like he was just adjusting the pillows. He apologizes for not knowing what happened. Señorita Dudu says it was Gölge Hatun who saved Nasia. She thinks Nasia wanted to escape.

Reyhan can barely keep the smirk off his face as he says it’s obvious she was trying to escape and some Ağa caught her and tried to punish her.

Derviş is like “Yeah, who?”

Dudu answers that Gölge didn’t see who threw her in.

Well, Ahmed thinks it’s BS–Reyhan knows everything that happens in the harem.

Reyhan keeps on smirking and says everyone was panicking because of the soldiers at the door.

Derviş tells him to call for Gölge.

Nasuh Ağa tells Safiye they should also watch out for Derviş. He’s the one who’s turning Ahmed against her. (Is he? ‘Cause it doesn’t seem like it to me.)

Safiye’s not worried. It’s her grandson’s lack of respect that bothers her. She wants him to send a letter to Grand Vizier Yavuz Ali Pasha. She doesn’t think Ahmed’s going to be able to follow through on his promise.

Gölge talks to Derviş in sign…she saw a man from far away, but when she got to the dock he was gone. She jumped in to save Nasia.

Ahmed thanks her for her bravery and says she’ll be compensated. (OK, that’s decent of you, but try to remember you’re out of money!)

Nasia starts to wake up. Ahmed wants to know who did this, but she only remembers Gölge rescuing her. Dervish looks at Reyhan anyway. Dudu says it must have been too traumatic for her to remember.

Ahmed says he heard she was trying to escape and an Ağa captured her. Is it true?

Nasia says she doesn’t know, but she did want to escape.

Ahmed kicks everyone else out of the room.

Outside, Derviş gets up in Reyhan Ağa’s face and asks if there’s anything he needs to know. Nope. But seriously, Reyhan’s sweating.

Inside, Ahmed tells Nasia that every night he prays he’ll wake up in the morning. He sleeps with one eye open, one ear listening, and one hand on his dagger. But not when she’s with him. He was upset when he woke up in the morning and she was gone and now he finds out she tried to escape?

Nasia tries to put her hand over his, but Ahmed’s not having it. He marches out of the room and tells Reyhan Ağa he’s responsible for Nasia from now on. If she escapes or if anything bad happens to her, he’ll have Reyhan beheaded. (LOL…what’s a traitor to do?)

Mustafá comes by Ahmed’s for a visit. Poor kid, he’s traumatized. He says he’s not afraid of Ahmed, but he’s afraid of the executioners. Ahmed tells him it was just a bad dream and now they’re awake. Nothing bad will happen. Yeah, Mustafá’s not buying that. But he laughs when Ahmed calls him a brave chipmunk.

Cennet escorts Nasia back to the harem, where Mahfiruz tells Gölge she should have just let Nasia swim back home. They want to know what happened, but Cennet tells them Nasia doesn’t remember.

Ah, but she does remember. She tells Gölge she was too afraid to say anything. If “he” founds out, he’ll kill her.

Reyhan comes in to ask Gölge how Nasia is and whether she remembers anything. Gölge shakes her head no.

Nadia says she’s going to rest now.

Şahin visits Mehmed’s room and he casually hides what I suspect is another steamy letter to Fahriye. He, um, noticed Reyhan Ağa visited them again.

Şahin says thanks to Reyhan, the Sultan hasn’t forgotten about them. They’ll go to the palace at some point. Şahin has that favor to ask for. He asks if Mehmed is ready to be Khan of the Crimea.

Mehmed says that’s always been Şahin’s dream. Why would he offer it to him? Is this a test? What could be bigger and more important than the throne of he Crimea.

“The World.”

Mehmed says he’s crazy. He’s talking about the throne of the Ottoman Empire. It’s impossible.

Şahin says what defines a ruler isn’t his throne, it’s his dreams. Otherwise Alexander wouldn’t have been Great and Temüjin wouldn’t have been Genghis Khan. And Suleyman wouldn’t have been Magnificent.

Handan complains to Dudu that she’s been sending a different girl to Ahmed every night, hoping one of them will give them good news. Halime stops by to thank her for sparing Mustafá’s life. Handan says it’s what Ahmed wanted. She hopes Halime knows how to value it.

Handan dismisses Dudu with nothing but her eyes. Halime says she came here to show Handan her loyalty.

After trying to escape?

Hey, she would have done the same. In fact she IS doing it–she’s trying to protect her son from all harm. Anyway, she thinks they both have an enemy in common.

Safiye. (Duh.)

Halime thinks if the two of them team up, no one could go against them.

Handan says she’s won that battle already. Safiye’s going to the Palace of Tears.

She doesn’t really believe that, does she? That’s why Handan needs her. She knows Safiye won’t go, but she’ll try to send Handan.

Handan dismisses her.

Mustafá stops by the harem with his faithful wooden steed Duldul. He’ll ride Duldul to Edirne and to Vienna to the war.

Sounds like a long way to Nasia. She wishes he’d take her with him, but Mustafá knows it’s forbidden.

Yeah, everyone’s been trying to teach her that.

And has she learned?

Before she can answer, the guy who sounds like a bad wrestling announcer announces Halime. She swings through the harem, stopping to pick up Mustafá while one of her attendants brings the horse. Mustafá waves goodbye to Nasia.

Halime complains to her servants that Handan can’t even manage a couple of lambs. She sure can’t run the harem.

Menekşe begs her to quit while she’s ahead, but Halime says there’s no guarantee they’ll be safe tomorrow. The first prince born will be her son’s death sentence. They can’t get careless. Not until Mustafá is on the throne.

Fahriye visits Mehmed. They do some smoldering. Mehmed tries to give her some jewelry. Fahriye wishes she had the strength to stay away from him. They have nothing but death awaiting them. If their relationship becomes public, he’ll lose his life. (Show of hands–does anybody think he cares?) Mehmed puts the necklace on Fahriye. She tries to leave, but he stops her.

One upon a time, my Sultana, I was lost in the woods. I was so small and the forest was so big. I didn’t know where I was. I was tired and hungry. I rested in the shadow of a tree. The night hit me hard. As if the forest came together to step on me. I was lost. Şahin found me asleep under the tree. I thought that night would never end and the sun would never come up. But no matter how long and dark the night, the sun always comes out again.

Fahriye says she can’t live on hope.

He kisses her hand and opens the door for her. It looks like they’re going to make a clean getaway, but Şahin is waiting outside for Mehmed. He holds up a necklace like the one Mehmed gave Fahriye. He gets up in Mehmed’s face. “Seriously? Sultana Fahriye?”

Safiye seems to have taken on Nasia as her secretary. She dictates a letter to someone saying the Murano necklace they sent è molto bello. She picks up the letter to check it over.

So who’s this going to…María de Médici?

Safiye says her Italian’s not bad. Her family educated her well.

She and Nasia head out to the balcony…which has a view of Ahmed’s balcony. But he frowns at Nasia and goes back inside. Safiye comments that like his grandfather, Ahmed’s not rejecting any of the girls who get sent to him every night. Soon they’ll have a prince running around the palace.

Nasia knows he’s angry at her for trying to escape.

Safiye shares a saying–if you’re afraid, love is the strongest shield. If she wants to escape, love is the most beautiful doorway.

Ah, cute soldier boy still has Nasia’s hair ribbon. Cute boy’s friend knows where she is…they brought her to the palace, for the Sultan.

Cute boy asks his other friend if he’s familiar with the Sultan’s palace. Could he take Cute boy there?

In the harem, the women all sleep. Someone wakes Nasia up and tells her to get ready–His Majesty is waiting for her.

She runs into Reyhan Ağa, who dismisses the women who were escorting her and says the Sultan is waiting for her at the Tower of Justice. He starts walking down a hallway and up a set of stairs, barely stopping to make sure she’s following him.

Derviş is at the top, which makes me feel slightly better about this, but still kind of nervous.

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