La Sultana Thursday 11/1/18 #4

By process of elimination, I’m guessing this is Fahriye who asks Safiye about the rumor that she’s going back to the old palace. Safiye blames it on Handan turning Ahmed against her. But she won’t be moved so easily. (Muahahahaha!)

In the harem, Mahfiruz is being a brat, demanding sweets and bragging to the other girls about how the young, passionate Sultan rocked her all night long and she’s sooooo tired. Cennet tells them all to get up–Safiye’s on her way!

How fun, they get to see Safiye and Handan’s showdown right outside the door. Handan can’t keep from smirking. She was just about to go see Safiye.

Well, she’s free to kiss Safiye’s hand and ask for her blessing.

Handan grins. She would like Safiye’s blessing before she leaves the palace, since The Lion has thrown her out. She’ll be going to the Palace of Tears. Handan has seen to it that it’s ready for Safiye.

Oh, Handan can go right ahead and decorate it to her tastes, since she’ll be living there the rest of her life.

They both walk past each other without addressing the women in the harem. Nasia asks Cennet about the Palace of Tears. She says it’s the old palace, where the out-of-favor Sultanas are sent. Some get married, some just spend the rest of their lives there, crying over their fate.

Mahfiruz is having her BFF pack her things so she can move into a room of her own. Mahfiruz tries to get Nasia to help her, but Nasia says no one can make her do anything she doesn’t want. Gosh…Mahfiruz sure got back early from the Sultan’s chambers last night. Nasia heard her crying.

Mahfiruz denies it. She got back in the morning!

Nasia suggests they ask Cennet, but Mahfiruz insists Nasia’s jealous.

Naw, Mahfiruz can have him. He’s merciless and cruel.

Mahfiruz slaps her.

Nasia bites Mahfiruz’s arm.

They fight in slow-mo, Mahfiruz’s BFF holding Nasia back while Mahfiruz slaps her. Nasia taking advantage of BFF holding on to her and launching kicks at Mahfiruz. Nasia slamming Mahfiruz to the floor and slapping her some more.

Señorita Dudu and Cennet come in. Dudu wants to see both of them.

Mahfiruz whines to Handan that Nasia started it because she’s jealous. She insulted the Sultan. She called him cruel and said he’d even kill his own brother.

Handan orders Nasia locked up until she comes back to her senses.

Nasuh Ağa’s second-in-command escorts Nasia down to the dungeon. It’s like the coach section compared to where Halime and Mustafá are staying. Nasia whines to “Gölge” (thanks for finally giving her a name!) and Gölge hands her a torch before closing the windowless door.

Ahmed and his aunt are chilling outside under a canopy when the two non-Ottoman princes arrive. Fahriye and Mehmed look like they’re totally checking each other out. Şahin, being the arrogant jerk he is, flirts more openly with her.

Fahriye excuses herself to go back to her room. On their way past the bowing princes, Fahriye’s servant collects a scroll from one of them. Damned if I know who–from that angle, they’re all wearing hats, but from the other angle Mehmed wasn’t. Do they not know how much I’m depending on fashion cues to tell people apart?

Anyway, she hands the scroll to Fahriye, who tucks it into her bodice.

Back at the canopy, Şahin says they’re done dissecting the lion. Does Ahmed want it back?

Sure, since it’s safer dead than alive. He still doesn’t know who went in and cut the chain. There are traitors in his palace. Derviş side-eyes Şahin. Şahin side-eyes Derviş. Mehmed thinks about lunch or something.

Ahmed brags that he looked the lion in the eyes, so he’ll be a good ruler.

Mehmed never had any doubt. Or at least he’s smart enough to say so.

Ahmed grants Şahin “anything he wants” as a reward for bringing Mustafá back. Dude…you did not just say “anything”!

Şahin’s going to hold off for now.

Down in the first class dungeon, Halime is allowed some time with Mustafá. She brought him chestnuts. He starts crying about not wanting to die. She tells him not to be afraid. If they kill him, she’ll give birth to him again.

The guard decides they’ve had enough time together.

In some hallway, Ahmed remembers the old woman’s prophecy. He tells Derviş to ready the verdugos (executioners). It’s happening tonight as soon as the evening call to prayer is over.

Fahriye reads her love note from Mehmed…and Mehmed reads his. She orders him to forget her. He talks about trying to forget her, trying to drink himself unconscious so he doesn’t think of her. But she’s his water, his air, his bread…he wants Allah to take his life and make him wind. Her hair will be his ocean. He can blow on her lips, her breasts, her hands. He wants to rest at her breast forever.

Fahriye’s letter says his letters make her ill. They burn her skin. If she can’t order him, then she’ll beg him not to love her anymore. If he frees her from this love, she’ll free him from his promises. (Wow, that was hot. These two are monumentally masochistic. And also it looked like a perfume ad.)

The stuffed lion is waiting in Ahmed’s chamber. He’s looking in its eyes again. And at the painting of Nasia. He calls for the guards and Reyhan Ağa comes in. Ahmed orders him to bring Anastasia and get this lion out of here.

Nasia’s still in the dungeon, sleeping on the floor and possibly catching a chill. She’s imagining a light and remembering her letter to her parents…she’s in Istanbul, she hopes to return, she smells jasmine…but then Ahmed’s face is in the light.

She’s in the garden, coughing. He gives her water and tells her to breathe.

She thought she was in heaven, smelling the jasmine. Ahmed says he planted it for her, because she likes it. There’s a crash of thunder.

In the dungeon, Halime can hear the evening call to prayer. Derviş walks in, with guards. Halime starts screaming that they’re murderers and calling Mustafá’s name.

Mustafá holds his last two chestnuts out to the executioner. We see them fall.

In the garden, Ahmed starts running.

The rope in the executioner’s hands is closing in on Mustafá’s throat.

Ahmed screams “Don’t do it.” He moves the rope and hugs Mustafá, asking Mustafá to forgive him. He picks Mustafá up and carries him out of his cell. He motions to a guard to open Halime’s door.

He tells her this is the last time. If she makes one more mistake, he’ll kill her. Halime starts asking Allah’s blessings for him. Ahmed walks off, looking emotionally exhausted. (Yeah, that was tense. I mean, I didn’t think he’d do it, he wasn’t supposed to, but still….)

Back in Ahmed’s chamber, Nasia’s looking at her painting, waiting for him. When he comes in she asks what happened. Ahmed says he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t kill his brother. And he won’t.

She leans her head on his shoulder.

He tells her the Nasia who was taken from her home is only a memory. Her destiny is to stay in this palace, by his side.

She’s fallen asleep.

In Safiye’s chambers, Bülbül counts out forty bags of 1000 silver pieces each to be given to the Sipahi and Janissaries. Safiye says the soup’s gonna spill and Ahmed’s going to pay the price for daring to exile her.

Nasia wakes up in Ahmed’s bed again. Fully clothed again. I guess she figures she’s technically dismissed since it’s morning?

The court physician shows up to see Reyhan Ağa….

Ahmed wakes up alone. Derviş knocks on his door, saying there’s something Ahmed needs to know….

Nasia’s still looking for that secret passageway and this time she finds it…or at least, she finds A secret passageway. Behind a door, there’s a little closet built for listening in on what’s going on in the room beyond it. Nasia hears the court physician explaining to Reyhan that the old Sultan was murdered with poison. The substance won’t do anything if just a teaspoonful is taken, but if it’s taken over forty days….

The court physician tested it on his dog. Yikes! And he knows exactly who the killers were, so he needs to tell the sultan–he’s next.

Reyhan Ağa kills him and Nasia covers her mouth so she won’t cry out. But Reyhan heard the noise.

Ahmed and Derviş watch a crowd of soldiers trying to beat down the doors to the palace. Derviş says they’re here for Ahmed. They want their pay or they’ll destroy the palace.

Reyhan opens the doors from his side and tries to drag Nasia into the room. Instead, she runs down the passageway. Reyhan catches up and delivers a couple of slaps that knock her out.

Safiye has joined Ahmed. She smirks, gloating that when you put a collar on a dog it obeys whoever gives it food, and if it doesn’t get fed it bites.

Reyhan deposits Nasia in the room with the dead physician.

Safiye tells Ahmed to pay them now. He says the treasury is empty.

Safiye smirks again. If they get paid now, the soldiers will calm down.

So what does she want in return?

Not to be exiled. If he does that, she’ll fix this.

The wooden bar across the door is finally broken. There’s no fighting, they’re just coming inside. The head of the Janissaries states the obvious–this isn’t going to end well.

The head of the Janissaries works his way to the front of the crowd and demands the palace soldiers put their weapons down and there will be no bloodshed. Right, Hadji Ağa? Hadji Ağa, who I’m assuming is the head of the Sipahi, agrees. As long as they get their pay, no blood will be spilled.

The palace soldiers step aside and the others make their way inside.

Ahmed, we now learn, rejected Safiye’s “offer.” He’s not going to let himself be ordered around by his subjects. Derviş says it was a good trap, but Ahmed needs to stay calm and make the best decision.

Ahmed says his choice is obvious. Give his message to the soldiers and any who oppose it will be “sacrificed.”

Derviş says most of the troops are at war. They can’t confront the Sipahi and Janissaries.

Handan runs up to the room that’s got the good view. Safiye’s still up there watching. She tells Handan she offered Ahmed her treasury, but he was too proud to take it. Allah protect them all.

Derviş is talking “escape.” but Ahmed won’t do that and he won’t take Safiye’s offer. He tells Derviş to ready his throne–if they want to talk to him, that’s what they’ll get. Two rocks get thrown in from outside.

Out at a dock, Reyhan Ağa is tossing something in a bag into the water. Another bag starts struggling and shouting for help.

Reyhan throws Nasia into the water, saying she can tell the fish what she saw.

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