La Sultana Monday 11/5/18 #6

Nasia’s relieved when Ahmed’s at the top of the tower. He just woke her up in the middle of the night because he wanted to see her.

I’m having multiple reactions–awwwww! Rude much? And “Take a picture, it lasts longer.” Though I guess he has the last one covered.

Anyway the tower and its balcony have a fantastic view. Ahmed wants her to get to know the city and love it and make the palace her home.

But what makes him happy? She doesn’t think he’s ever known happiness.

Ahmed says he’s the Sultan now. Everything she sees and doesn’t see out there is his.

Like she is?

Somehow Ahmed thinks because he’s been “nice” to her the whole kidnapping and slavery bit is OK.

Nasia thinks he’s a good person and there are plenty of women waiting for him.

But the only one Ahmed cares about is her. She’s his Sultana. The sun starts coming up–well played, Ahmed. He moves in for a forehead kiss.

Some guy in a carriage that looks like a house on wheels shows up at the palace. Reyhan and Bulbul are there to meet him, but first things first…he’s made his pilgrimage so we can forget his old name and call him Haci Ağa. He heard they were having issues, so he came back.

In his, er, office? Ahmed’s yelling at Yavuz Ali Pasha for not bringing the cash he needs to pay the soldiers. Yavuz Ali’s excuse…pirates. Of the Mediterranean. (They drink wine and eat olives?) So he took the cash over land. I wish Ahmed would quit yelling at people like this. It really doesn’t make him look like he’s in charge.

Haci Ağa brought a bunch of stuff for Handan. I think maybe he has a thing for her, but maybe it’s platonic. He talks about giving her the stars and says to him she’ll always be the Sultana Madre. Handan tells him about the pay they owe the soldiers and Haci’s like “Yeah…the treasure of Egypt didn’t come with me.”

Safiye meets with Yavuz Ali Pasha. He’s keeping the treasure of Egypt out of the city for a few days. Another Pasha assures her the commanders of the Sipahi and Janissaries are loyal to her. When they don’t get paid, they’ll rush the palace and she’ll be the only one who can stop them.

Safiye gloats that tomorrow they’ll find out who burns and who gets saved.

Haci Ağa breaks it to Ahmed that Yavuz refused to send the treasure with him. Derviş assumes Yavuz and some of the other Pashas are still loyal to Safiye.

Ahmed asks Haci about the letter he wrote, saying he suspected Ahmed’s father had been murdered.

Well, he doesn’t have proof, but he knows the sickness Ahmed’s father had and it wasn’t serious. He thinks the chief physician is involved. Ahmed tells Derviş to get the physician in here, but Handan objects–tomorrow’s payday. They have to figure out how to pay the soldiers. Derviş offers to talk to the commanders of the Janissaries.

Actually, Ahmed says they’ll both go. He needs some fresh air.

Handan watches some of the Sultanitas playing on the lawn. Derviş can see she’s freaking out. Well, Ahmed wants to go meet with a bunch of angry soldiers.

Derviş says the Janissaries are not the problem. It was the Sipahi who started it.

Handan is upset that everyone’s trying to draw her Lion into an ambush.

Derviş tells her to smile or they’ll think she’s weak. He knows she’s had a plan from the beginning, but so does he.

From the lawn, Halime’s been watching Handan and Derviş. According to Menekşe, Derviş broke a lot of Greek hearts. Halime likes his personality. (Sure you do.) She likes that he has the Sultan and Handan eating out of his hand.

Nasia finds Cennet and asks her to send another letter for her. Cennet at least seems friendlier to Nasia, but here comes Reyhan to spoil the vibe. Cennet and Nasia bow and get the hell out of that hallway.

Ahmed and Derviş get to the Janissaries HQ. This was a surprise visit for…reasons.

Cute Boy’s ripping his bed apart looking for Nasia’s hair ribbon. He realizes his “friend” Davut must have taken it.

Ahmed and Derviş explain to the commanders that Yavuz sent the treasure over land to avoid Mediterranean Pirates. But they will still have their pay tomorrow. They’re all standing/sitting there being serious and they hear the sound of Cute Boy hollering at Davut. Seriously, do they generally just stand around for no reason? Nobody told the newbies what was going on?

Cute Boy’s pummeling Davut when Zülfikar Ağa appears out of nowhere and throws Cute Boy off of Davut. Cute Boy’s not even registering that hello, that’s his boss. He just gets up and makes another run at Davut, which Zülfikar stops with just one arm and the power of his grumpy face. Zülfikar hisses at him to behave! He’s in the presence of his majesty.

Ahmed’s cool with it. He thinks Cute Boy fought well. And then he asks them to prepare the combat area–he’s going to train with the newbies.

I don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t a manually retracting floor with a pit under it. Finally someone addresses Cute Boy by name–Iskender–and tells him to lose. Because Sultan.

It looks like Iskender’s not throwing this and Ahmed’s kicking his ass anyway. While everyone’s chanting for a long life to the Sultan, Iskender looks up and sees Davut kissing that damn hair ribbon. Oh, it’s on now. And for once Ahmed’s the one getting knocked on his ass.

Ahmed stands up and slaps Iskender. Zülfikar promises he’ll be punished. For now he’s getting locked in a pantry.

Back at the palace, Nasuh Ağa has news on the physician. He’s disappeared and no one knows where to. Reyhan looks relieved when Ahmed assumes the physician was the traitor. But Nasuh’s actually good at his job, so he knows the physician came into the palace and never left. Ahmed puts Derviş on the case.

Nasuh Ağa asks what they’re thinking the physician did, but Derviş thinks he should go back to Sultana Safiye. Surely she has some orders for him.

Nasuh Ağa warns Derviş not to risk his career. Then he asks who was the one who was lucky enough to be the Sultan’s right hand when he was still a Janissary. (Yeah, I’m not sure where he’s going with that.)

Mehmed finds Şahin at some bar and tries to talk to him about Fahriye. Şahin can’t believe he spent all these years protecting Mehmed and now Mehmed goes and falls for Safiye’s daughter–Safiye, who hates them!

He knows exactly who she is and he knows what his feelings are. His heart belongs to her.

In her rooms, Fahriye confesses to her servant that she’d be up for running away with Mehmed.

Şahin tells Mehmed to quit this before it’s too late.

Isn’t Şahin always the one talking about dreams? Well, this is his dream. Rules are rules because the Sultan wants it that way, but he can also change a rule.

And Mehmed’s the one telling Şahin his dream is crazy. What’s he going to do, go ask the Sultan for her hand?!

Nope, Şahin’s going to do it. As the favor the Sultan owes him.

He’d give up the throne of the Crimea for a woman?

Mehmed says he’d give his life for her. He asks Şahin to do this for him. Please.

In one of the many hallways, Haci Ağa and Halime run into each other. She says she wasn’t sad to see him go, so why would she be happy to see him back. If she were him, she would have stayed in Egypt. Under this roof, there’s no peace. He bows to her as she walks away and grins.

Halime visits Derviş’ room. She’s surprised that Ahmed is trusting Şahin. Why did he capture her? What does he want in exchange?

Derviş figures he’s angling for the throne of the Crimea.

She’s looked him in the eyes and they’re like a bottomless pit. No one ever knows what’s inside. She picks up a miniature bust of a Janissary and says tomorrow’s payday. If it were her, she’d hand over the pay in person. It’s a miracle the soldiers have waited–they’re always the first to smell weakness.

Ahmed’s having tubby time. I’m totally jealous of his tub. He’s dunking himself under water when Nasia comes in. I mean, sure, she turned away, but she took her time. She’s a little confused that he asked to see her…. Ahmed wants a sleepover tonight, so he can feel like he’s not alone.

Nasia notices the rock. Ahmed says it’s the first rock that was ever thrown at him. He keeps it so he never forgets what happened.

Nasia says it’s too bad. She doesn’t have a rock, but she doesn’t forget either. She’ll never forget what they did to her.

But hey, wasn’t he supposed to be sleeping with Mariuze tonight?

“Mahfiruz,” he corrects her. He thought when he was Sultan he’d be free, but instead he has more problems. He has to make sure his line continues.

So he’s scared then?

Nah, he’s the Sultan. He’s not afraid of anything. They both laugh.

Nasia says this is a big enough job as it is–it doesn’t need to be any heavier. She holds out the rock to him and on the count of three, they let go and get splashed.

In the morning, Nasia’s with Cennet in that observation room that overlooks the square. She explains that on payday, they also dish out plates of rice and meat. The captions say it’s called “Canak Ygmasi.” If the soldiers sit down and eat with pleasure, it means they’re satisfied with their lives. If not, something bad’s going down.

Safiye smirks to herself like she sent out pizzas last night.

Ahmed’s ready to go out and face the troops. Derviş wishes he’d reconsider whatever he’s about to do. Ahmed says he’s the Sultan and he doesn’t yield to anyone.

So out they go and Ahmed announces no one’s getting paid today. Cue internal screaming. He blames it on unforeseen delays that will soon be resolved. And they should all chill, because if Allah wills it, they’ll soon have what they deserve.

Handan gets up to the observation room. Safiye tells Handan she’s killing her son in her efforts to get rid of her.

Derviş calls for the guys to chow down, but nobody moves. Safiye smirks and rolls her eyes. Hadji Ağa looks over at Nasuh Ağa, gets the nod, and says the Sultan made promises and they were patient, but if they have to take what’s theirs by force, they’re ready to do that.

Two guys in black leap over Ahmed’s bench. Ahmed reaches out for his sword and orders his guys to decapitate all the other guys. It looks like it takes Zülfikar a minute to realize they’re seriously gonna fight, and he can’t believe they have no respect for His Majesty!

Zülfikar draws his swords and gives Ahmed a nod. It looks like a few people are heading inside at least.

Handan tells Safiye her grandson’s in danger. Safiye rolls her entire head and says she wishes her grandson a long life. All she wants is for him to be generous. She walks out. Nasia pouts in Handan’s general direction.

Safiye stops Ahmed in a hallway and says she thinks this is the perfect time for them to talk.

Zülfikar’s out there with a few others, holding the line and screaming at people to stop.

A buncha guys come back out the front door and bless Zülfikar for telling me the one in the middle with the fluffy white beard is Kasim Pasha. He says the Sultan will hand over their pay today. Hadji Ağa tries to get everyone riled up again saying they lied about their coffers being empty.

Nasun Ağa clarifies–they’re getting paid from the private treasury of Sultana Safiye. The soldiers start chanting “Long live Sultana Safiye” while Zülfikar picks up his hat and shoots somebody a dirty look. Probably Nasun Ağa.

Bülbül presents Ahmed with a document stating that the soldiers’ pay will come out of Safiye’s treasury and will be repaid depending on the state of the imperial treasury. Oh, and also Safiye will get to stay in the palace.

Ahmed affixes his seal and hands the document over to Bülbül. Safiye gloats that it’s about time and it’s never too late to fix things.

Ahmed lets her walk out before throwing a tantrum. Derviş tells him to let Safiye enjoy her victory for now. Tomorrow will be a very different day.

Hadji Ağa and one of his buds are at the tavern celebrating. Although, the other guy thinks it’s a shame they’ve got this clueless young Sultan. Eh, who cares as long as they’ve got Sultana Safiye! Hadji goes upstairs for more celebrating. Derviş is there, spying on them.

Halime comes to see Handan. She’s really sorry about what happened.

Handan thinks it’s time to make that alliance against Safiye.

Halime agrees–for the kids. They’ll get her out of the palace. Halime’s made a list of all the people loyal to Safiye.

Upstairs at the tavern, Hadji’s celebrating when Derviş and a bunch of other guys come in. He reaches for his sword but gets his hand cut off. As he’s wailing, Derviş asks if he really thought he could come to the palace, start trouble, insult the Sultan, and get away with it. Derviş slits his throat.

In the women’s bath, Nasia asks Gölge why she saved her. She escaped. There’s a secret path, but she couldn’t find the exit. She saw…an Ağa…who killed the royal physician. Reyhan Ağa killed him. She doesn’t know what to do now. Gölge puts her finger over Nasia’s lips.

Ahmed’s still obsessing over Safiye’s words. Derviş gets back and says they’ve taken care of the Ağa who provoked the disturbance. Does he have any other orders?

Ahmed asks Derviş what happened to the recruit who was disrespectful today.

Derviş says the commanders will make a decision. Derviş thinks he’s going to be executed.

Ahmed wants him brought to the palace. He’ll make that decision.

Safiye wakes up alone, she calls for Cennet and has to throw on a robe and check the hallway. The indignity! She’s wondering if it’s the end of the world when Cennet and Bülbül show up. They explain that all of Safiye’s people were ordered out of the palace last night.

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