Entre Dos Amores Friday 10/26/18 #8

Casa Demirhan

Pelin has picked an outrageously large set of earrings for the super seekrit family dinner. I mean, I’d totally wear them, but those suckers are big. Pelin makes Duygu promise not to say a word about Neriman tonight.

Pelin’s mom lets her in on what’s probably supposed to be a secret–her dad and Kerim are going to build another company separate from Arcaoglu and it will be her and Macit’s wedding present. Assuming they get married.


Neriman is determined to go to Macit’s tonight to get her bracelet back, but she’s worried he won’t have it.

Well, as long as it didn’t fall in the ocean, he should. Fahriye tells her to think positive.

Uh, when “think positive” means Macit has her bracelet? How’s she supposed to face him again!?

Fahriye suggests she worry about how she’s even getting out of the house. They start working on Tia Gulter as soon as she gets back from the market.

Gulter waits for Faiz to come home and pretends the girls are in Neriman’s room. Rearranging her underwear drawers. Faiz so didn’t want to know.


Macit gets ambushed in the driveway. Pelin seriously thinks she’s going to get away with telling him she had no idea about this dinner. Then she apologizes. Then she reminds him he yelled at her.

Macit calls for a truce–how about they not do anything tonight they have to apologize for.

Neriman and Fahriye are headed for Macit’s house in a taxi…

Diner conversation seems awkward to me. The moms complain about how little they get to see each other. Pelin complains that her handbag designs are recognized worldwide, but Macit pretends they don’t exist. Kerim and Selim make the announcement that they’re starting a new company for Macit to run. With a partner.

Neriman and Fahriye stand outside Macit’s gate. Neriman’s ready to bolt, but Fahriye gets her inside and waves one of the security guys over to tell him Neriman wants to see Macit. Doesn’t he recognize her? She’s Selim Demirhan’s niece. Which is enough for the security guy to let her in. Fahriye stands at the gate and flirts with him. Neriman gets halfway to the door and hesitates.

Before Kerim can say more about this “partner,” Cerivan comes over to tell Macit someone’s waiting at the door for him. Neriman. I laugh at Pelin’s face. I’m mean that way.

This should be a quick errand, right? “Hey, do you have my bracelet?” “Oh, yeah, here it is. See you never.” But nooooo. Macit won’t hand it over. Neriman has to pick it up from where she lost it–the boat. At ten. And if she’s late, she forfeits the bracelet.

In other news headlined “Who thought this was a good idea?” Macit gets back to the table and finds out Pelin’s his business partner, like it or not. And her mother sure hopes that will lead to a more durable “partnership.”


Sahika, the girl from the picture Gulter was so weird about the other day, calls to ask someone for an address….

She shows up at Neriman’s house and addresses Gulter as “Mom.” Duuuuuuuude! I seriously said dude out loud, because DUDE!

Gulter doesn’t even let her in so much as stand at the door in shock while Sahika brushes past her.

Gulter’s really happy to see her again. She says she always looked for her. Sahika knows. And she’s not really in the mood to answer questions, so Gulter lets it go for now.

Faiz comes downstairs and Gulter’s like “Faiz! Look! My baby!” Faiz is just like “Hey there.” Gulter wants Sahika to kiss his hand and ask for his blessing , but Faiz is sure she’d rather get some rest.

It’s not until they’re in the taxi headed home that Neriman tells Fahriye Macit has the bracelet, but he won’t give it back unless she comes to his boat at 10.

Gulter brings Sahika upstairs to hang out with “Neriman and Fahriye.” I think Sahika’s wondering about Gulter’s mental state, but she catches on soon enough when she sees Faiz looking over at Neriman’s door.

Out on the sidewalk, Sinasi looks like he’s ready to serenade Neriman, but she ignores his call and gets his text asking her to come outside in the taxi.

Faiz is fine with Sahika being in the house, but only if she has her father’s permission. Gulter’s like “She’s a grown woman.” But Faiz thinks her dad hurt Gulter enough and he doesn’t want him coming around to disturb their peace.

Fahriye convinces Neriman to text Sinasi and tell him her dad’s nearby and she’ll see him tomorrow. (Because if she just tells him to go away, he won’t.)

No dice. He won’t leave until she comes to the window. Which she doesn’t…but Sahika does, and that’s enough for Sinasi.

Sahika wanders around Neriman’s room, looking at her stuff. She finds the notebook Sinasi gave Neriman on a shelf.

Eventually she gets bored and heads for the door, but she hears Faiz telling Gulter that they have to call “that man,” since Sahika’s been in his care. She’s their guest for tonight, but that’s all.

Gulter’s hurt–her daughter is just their guest, so what does that make her? Neriman’s nanny? His servant?

Faiz can’t believe she’d say that. Well, he’s the one who made her say it! “I only opened a window and you said what you thought.” I’m not liking Faiz right now.


Nezahat tells Sinasi that their mom went right to bed after talking to Asli, like she could finally relax. Sinasi’s glad Asli’s doing well, but he jokes about her getting married before the two of them.

Nezahat asks what’s going on with Neriman and encourages Sinasi to give her some space. Sinasi says he’s worried about losing her to Macit Arcaoglu.

After dinner

Pelin’s sure she’s going to be such a great administrator that everyone will be talking about her.

Macit never had any doubt everyone would talk about her. (Damn!)

She asks if she can take the magazines she’s flipping through and he says she can’t. Pelin says he’s always been tacaño (stingy). He never gives anyone anything.

That makes Macit think about Neriman and the bracelet.

Pelin decides she’ll just look at the magazines on the internet. She walks into his room, helps herself to his tablet, notices the box with the alleged engagement ring, and tries the ring on.

Pelin comes out to show it off and Macit tells her to put that back where she found it.

She thought Macit was going to give it to her at the party, but she guesses meeting Neriman disrupted his plans. If that’s not it, she wants his explanation.

He tells her to cut it out, but Pelin asks if the ring is for Neriman.

Uh, does she really think he could hold someone he just met in that high esteem?

Pelin finally takes it off and apologizes.

Macit says he was buying it for his future wife, but now he wants his mother to have it. He just hasn’t found the right time to give it to her.

Pelin picks the ring back up and takes it downstairs to Inci. Macit tells her it was his and his dad’s idea to give it to her. Dad wanted a necklace of rubies, but it had already been sold. He invites his dad to tell the rest of the story.

Kerim just babbles about wanting to get his wife a present for always being there for him for all these years.

Macit adds that he wanted to give his future wife a ring his mother had worn, so his dad let him pick it out.

Kerim goes along with the story.

Duygu thinks it’s romantic that Macit wants a ring worn by the first woman he loved to go to his future wife. Pelin tells Inci she shouldn’t get used to wearing it because it’s only on loan. (There’s just not a nicer way I can put that.)


Duygu stopped by Pelin’s room to tell her to stop dreaming, but it’s too late. Pelin is sure that ring is destined for her finger. She doesn’t want Duygu bringing her down tonight.

Duygu just doesn’t want her to be let down.


Neriman manages to sneak back into the house and back into her room, but she has a very quiet moment of panic when she meets Sahika.

Gulter comes in and everyone just kind of stares at each other for a while. Neriman asks Sahika’s age, but Sahika says it doesn’t matter–she’s older than Neriman.

And where has she been living all this time? Gulter says she lived with her father, but now she’s going to live with them.

And why didn’t Gulter ever mention her? Gulter says when she tried to talk about her she’d get choked up.

Sahika keeps unpacking while Gulter and Neriman stare at her. Gulter finally asks her to write down her dad’s phone number. Faiz doesn’t think she should stay there without her father knowing.

Oh. Well, she can’t give Gulter the number because her father’s dead.

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