La Sultana Tuesday 11/6/18 #7

It seems like a waste to bother with the run-down of all the members of Team Safiye who have been fired, exiled, reassigned, killed, etc. So I won’t. She brags to Nasuh Ağa that she’s got more tricks up her sleeve…but wait. What about Nasuh Ağa?

Um…exiled. Sent off to be the new governor of Aleppo. I wish I could say that now Safiye looks nervous, but it’s really more like “determined.”

Zülfikar fetches Iskender from the pantry. They’re off to let His Majesty decide Iskender’s fate. Zülfikar really doesn’t know what’s going to happen. On the way out, that jerk Davut mimes Iskender’s neck getting cut.

Zülfikar gives him the opportunity to say goodbye to some people he actually likes. Iskender hands one of the guys a pouch, saying it’s all that’s left of his family and he wants it buried with him.

Nasia meets Ahmed in the garden. He’s the only one who calls her “Anastasia.” Not Hatice or Mapeyker or “little girl.” He says her name means “the one who wakes after death.”

Her dad gave her the name because she was born “somewhere else.” She’s scared of death. She was worried for him yesterday.

Yeah, so was he. Not of death, but of dying before he can make his dreams come true, before he could be a powerful Sultan.

Nasia moves in for some serious kissage…

Which is interrupted by the arrival of Reyhan with Iskender.

Yakup, the guy in charge of building Safiye’s mosque doesn’t know what to do now that construction has halted. Ahmed decided it wasn’t a priority while they’re at war. Yakup’s nervous that people are asking for their money back, including Derviş, and he doesn’t know what to do.

Safiye has him served poisoned tea and just sits there watching him suffer until he says he’s loyal to her. Then Nasuh (who really ought to be heading out of Istanbul) gives him the antidote.

As Yakup is heading out of Safiye’s chambers, Derviş arrives. He tells Nasuh it’s just too bad Yakup spent all his money on Safiye and lost it. Nasuh bugs Derviş about calling him “Pasha” since he’s gotten promoted to governor.

Right. And shouldn’t he be off governing?

Nasuh reminds Derviş this means he has an opportunity to be on the court.

Ahmed tells Nasia to go back to the harem. As she’s leaving, she recognizes Iskender’s voice and hesitates. Ahmed dismisses Reyhan before asking Iskender’s name and his crime.

Iskender says it was…a serious crime? And he’s sentenced to death? At least that’s what they told him.

Ahmed assumes he’s going to try to say he didn’t know Ahmed was the Sultan. He calls for his sword and rests it against Iskender’s neck.

Back at the harem, Cennet teases Nasia about being with the Sultan until this late in the day. Nasia swears she wasn’t! Mahfiruz’s BFF says she knew Nasia was lying. About what, I have no idea.

Derviş now has his turn in front of Safiye and proclaims his loyalty…to the Sultan. Bülbül gives the signal to a servant to take over a glass of Derviş’ favorite juice, higo dulce (sweet fig). He hesitates and they make a really big deal of watching him drink it while Safiye smirks.

Ahmed gets back to his room all sweaty and finds his mommy waiting for him and ordering Gulperi, her servant, to get him some clean clothes. Ahmed doesn’t really think that’s necessary. Why is she here?

She’s freaked out that Safiye summoned Derviş.

Who so far isn’t dead. Safiye asks him to come closer and gives him a hard time about not having a family.

Uh, didn’t she have something important she wanted to talk to him about?

Well, this is it. It’s hard to find brave, smart, loyal men. She’s sure he’s got a lot of women after him, but she wants to give him the “best” one. Fahriye. (Dun, dun, dun!)

Mehmed is on his way out of the house while Şahin’s having archery practice. But none of the guards pay any attention to him when he asks them to open the gate. He gets back off his horse and stands right in front of Şahin’s crossbow.

Fahriye’s walking with her peeps, worrying because she hasn’t heard from Mehmed yet. And even though her mother is weaker after storms, the rain still doesn’t touch her.

They walk right past Derviş.

Şahin puts down the crossbow and says yeah, he’s not going to let Mehmed out to do anything stupid. As soon as Mehmed’s Fahriye’s novio he’ll be another loyal dog to the Sultan. Mehmed decks him. He beats on Şahin a bit before giving back his crossbow and arrow. He’s going and if Şahin wants to shoot him, he can go for it.

Şahin asks him to just promise not to talk to the Sultan behind closed doors and not to do anything without telling him first.

Derviş gets back to his room and finds Handan waiting for him. When she hears that Safiye offered him Fahriye’s hand she thinks it’s a sign that Safiye’s desperate and doesn’t know what she’s doing. He said no, right? Right?

Derviş tells her to trust him. No one’s getting married without the Sultan’s permission and he’s the only one who can say “no” to Safiye.

Handan tells him to get this taken care of now.

Ahmed hangs out with Mustafá, working on his model boat. Mustafá wants to have big carabelas (caravels, ships) when he’s Sultan. Awkward.

Derviş comes in, saying they have a problem to resolve. Ahmed reluctantly sets down his tools and Derviş notices blood on his hand. Ahmed says it’s nothing…it happened when he and Iskender were fighting.

At Janissary HQ, Davut and the smaller of Iskender’s friends are about to face off, but first Zülfikar reminds them there are two kinds of people in this world: masters and servants. They have to remember that they serve the Sultan.

The little guy wants to get back at Davut for Iskender dying. All Zülfikar says is that Iskender has paid his price.

They’re about to go another round when the little guy notices Iskender coming back through the door. The guys are all surprised, some of them are even relieved.

Flashback…Ahmed cut Iskender’s hands free and said they were going to fight. “Uh, aren’t you going to kill me?” Only if he holds back. Ahmed hands over his sword, but Iskender says it’s forbidden. And he’s never used a sharpened sword. Eh, Ahmed will teach him. He needs Iskender to fight with everything he’s got so Ahmed will know what his own strengths and weaknesses are.

In the present, Ahmed’s meeting with his grandma, who’s still trying to pull rank on him. Didn’t she just do him a favor?

The favor she made him sign an agreement about? She threatened him so she could stay in the palace and put him in a difficult position with his people. She should be grateful she IS his grandma or the punishment would have been worse.

Safiye says she can see he’s been filled with hate against her. And she knows Handan and Derviş did it. (OK, I like that she’s badass, but I don’t like that she’s equating “hate” with “Not immediately doing everything I tell you to without arguing.”)

Huh, he thought she liked Derviş…didn’t she offer him Fahriye in marriage?

Safiye says it would just be for the sake of peace between them.

Yeah, “peace” is over and she’s the one who ended it.

Ooh, Halime’s doing that thing she does! She has etched the names of all her enemies onto candles and rubbed a little ash on them to make them more visible. She lists them for Menekşe: Safiye, Ahmed, Handan, Şahin, Mehmed. She locks them up in a little box and says her enemies will burn like the candles and then go out. They have to suffer and pay for what they’ve done.

Menekşe thinks Halime forgot one, but this one she’s burning now. It represents her and the worm that’s been eating away at her while she focuses on her enemies. It’s going to keep burning and her pain won’t disappear, not until she makes all the others burn.

Handan comes to Halime’s room to complain that Safiye surprised her again. If only there were someone who could tell them what she’s up to.

It looks like Nasia and Cennet are trying to take over the workload of all Safiye’s previous servants. Cennet’s sorry she’s late, she just had to prepare an odalisque for the Sultan. She shushes Nasia when she asks which one.

Cennet is also spying–she saw Handan visiting Halime’s room.

Safiye says they were only paper daggers until yesterday and now they’ve teamed up against her.

She tells Nasia to quit listening and bring her something for her headache. Cennet whispers to Nasia that she’ll take care of it. She wants Nasia to go back to her room and take her dirty clothes to the laundry.

Nasia still wants to know who the odalisque is…Mahfiruze? Cennet tells her to get a move on.

Menekşe brings Handan a drink before she tells Halime about Safiye trying to hook up Fahriye and Derviş. Halime chuckles…doesn’t Handan trust Derviş? Then just chill. Derviş isn’t going to betray her.

She invites Handan to have a seat and says Fahriye’s nice enough, but she’s been widowed three times already. Whoever ends up with her dies.

Handan asks what they’re going to do.

Halime takes the drink out of Handan’s hand and drinks it. Probably they should start with trusting each other. As for Derviş, if he accepts he’ll end up a Vizier. He’ll have money and power. Which means they’ll have power.

Although, lots of people have been confused when they got power. Not Derviş, he would never…but they can’t underestimate Fahriye. She has a stronger weapon. She’ll be in his bed every night.

Nasia picks up a pile of laundry from Cennet’s room and knocks over a candle…but in the process, she finds all the letters she thought she was sending home under a corner of carpet. Oops.

Cennet’s in the laundry room telling everyone to be careful with Safiye’s stuff ’cause she’s already in a bad mood. Nasia comes in with the letters and Cennet tries to turn it around on her–she told her letters were forbidden.

Yeah, well Nasia’s seen Cennet do a lot of stuff that’s “forbidden.” Cennet hauls Nasia over to the washtub and says she’ll burn her if she tells. No one will ever look at her face again. She kicks Nasia out of the laundry room and tells the others to keep working.

Nasia stomps down to Ahmed’s room and tells the guards to announce her. They say they can’t. Señorita Dudu comes down the hall with Mahfiruz’s BFF and tells “Mahpeyker” to get back to her room.

Nasia acts like she’s leaving, but then rushes into the room. Dudu apologizes for not being able to stop her. Ahmed notices Nasia crying and tells Dudu she can go.

Ahmed kisses Nasia and she cries some more. She explains that she’s been writing letters to her family since she got there, but Cennet lied about sending them. She just wanted to let her mother know she’s still alive, but it’s been so long, she must think Nasia’s dead or has forgotten about them.

Ahmed asks if she still wants to go back.

Nasia admits that’s the only thing she wants. She begs him to let her go home.

Ahmed wants to know why she kissed him, but Nasia doesn’t know. He tells her to leave him alone and she stands at the door with her teary snotty face for a minute before running out to the balcony and threatening to jump. Ahmed tells her not to.

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