Entre Dos Amores Monday 10/29/18 #9

Pelin won’t listen to Duygu–she’s determined to marry Macit no matter how. That ring is hers and she’d rather die than see it go to someone else.

So, yeah, Sahika’s dad died almost a year ago in a fire. But he was probably already dead from gas inhalation. She’s the one who suffered–with no father and no mother. Gulter feels terrible about that.

Oh, and what happened with the bracelet? Neriman lies and says she got it back.

At breakfast, Zehra asks if Sinasi and Neriman fought. Sinasi doesn’t want his mom talking about her.

Cihan shows up to hang out with Sinasi. He steals Sinasi’s breakfast right out of his hands and blesses whoever did the cooking. That was Nezahat. Cihat wants to go to school with Sinasi to meet some girls. Or hey, maybe Nezahat could help him find a girlfriend…? (Clueless jerk! I hope he realizes he likes her AFTER she falls in love with someone else.)

Sahika’s trying to make small talk with Neriman, but she’s being hostile. I mean, I get it, I don’t trust her either, but why are we going straight to open hostility?

Asli calls her mom and sister, says everything’s going great, and sure she’ll visit her mom tomorrow afternoon. Her creepy mother in-law tells Asli to get her husband’s permission first.

Sahika wanders out of the bedroom trailing a cloud of perfume so toxic it makes Gulter choke. Sahika answers the door. It’s Sinasi and Cihan. And Cihan’s looking at Sahika the way Nezahat looks at him. Neriman introduces them, saying the like to block people’s paths and spy on their doors. Sinasi asks Neriman out, but she says she can’t go. Sahika jumps to the conclusion that Sinasi is who Neriman was out with last night. And here we go again.

Macit reviews some sketches at the office. He asks Onur to come over so he can tell him what happened last night. He also mentions he has an important meeting at the yacht tonight.

Figen brings him some invoices to approve–like the one from the jeweler for that diamond ring. Macit tells her to pay for it out of her father’s account. His dad wanted to buy a special present for his mom. Isn’t that how it always goes? Men want to go back home, no matter how much fun they had outside. His dad’s paying a high price for cheap thrills.

Sahika’s sorry about stirring up trouble…but she’d sure like to hear about the other guy.

Sinasi’s fuming to Cihan that he’s going to kill that guy, or Neriman, or himself. Cihan says he’s not like that. He calls Fahriye to ask where she and Neriman were last night.

At the beauty salon. They snuck out, though. They owed the stylist money and they went by to pay her. Fahriye wonders what Cihan’s talking about–a strange girl at Neriman’s?

Fahriye meets her when she comes inside. I don’t think Fahriye likes her any more than Neriman does, although she seems impressed with Sahika’s short shorts game. And as for Sahika being Gulter’s daughter…”shock, shock, shock!”

Sinasi feels bad about misjudging Neriman, so he calls to apologize. Fahriye whispers to Neriman that they were at the salon last night. She doesn’t even have to use the excuse, he’s just babbling about how much he loves her.

Pelin’s already bragging about that ring and it’s getting on Duygu’s nerves. She tells her mom that if Pelin doesn’t marry Macit, the shards of her disappointment are going to cut them all.

Asli serves coffee to her mother in-law and her friends. They’re asking if she’s pregnant–isn’t that why they got married so quickly? Kader says Asli had better not be infertile. She sends her back to the kitchen to make her coffee again.

At school, Cihan checks out all the women. Sinasi’s professor wants to talk to him since he missed two rehearsals. Özlem and Cihan end up waiting for Sinasi to get done with his meeting. Cihan blames Sinasi’s absences on Neriman.

Onur’s waiting to talk to Macit when Pelin calls. She’s preparing some kind of “surprise” for tonight, for Macit. Onur tells her Macit’s going to be on the yacht, so she’d better postpone.

Fahriye’s asking Neriman what she’s going to do about Macit Arcaoglu when Sahika comes downstairs. Fahriye turns it into a joke–Macit Arcaoglu? What’s Neriman talking about? Sahika agrees–what would a guy like Macit Arcaoglu want with a simple girl like Neriman?

Faiz asks Gulter if she’s called Sahika’s dad, but Gulter says he’s dead. In that case…welcome home.

Macit tells Onur about last night. Onur confesses that he’s been in love with Pelin since they were kids, but Macit thinks he’s joking. He’s really surprised to hear that the dads set up a company where he and Palin are the owners. But what Macit’s really excited about is getting together with Neriman on the yacht later.

Özlem insists on giving Cihan and Sinasi a ride home from school.

The good thing about Sahika showing up is that it’s distracted Faiz from asking about the bracelet. Neriman knows it won’t last. She’s got to go to the yacht tonight.

The best we can guess is that Sahika’s checking her bank balances and they’re probably still as 0 as they were the last time she looked.

Özlem won’t drop Cihan and Sinasi off outside the neighborhood. Her dad calls and wants to talk to Sinasi. They’re stopped at a turn when Neriman looks down from her backyard and sees Sinasi in Özlem’s car. Which would have been bad enough, but she also leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. Fahriye saw the whole thing too.

While she and Neriman are buys being outraged that Sinasi got all upset because she was in Macit’s car and then he goes and gets in a car with a model and drives all over the neighborhood, Sinasi’s banging on the front door.

Neriman tells Gulter they’re not answering. Faiz is the one who catches Sinasi banging on the door…from outside.

When he gets inside, he wants an explanation. Gulter says they were trying to figure out why Sinasi was knocking like that.

Figen’s been ignoring Kerim’s summons. She blames her attitude on his son. And his wife. Where’s this relationship going? Kerim says she always knew he was married.

Gulter tries to tell Faiz the young people argue to show their love. Yeah, Faiz isn’t buying that. He asks about the bracelet and Gulter says she just plumb forgot! She’ll go up to the girls…poor Sahika has no idea what’s going on here!

Faiz tells her to talk to Sahika about the short shorts situation. (Dude…if you feel that strongly about it, why don’t you do it?)

Fahriye explains to Sahika that Neriman’s the one who’s mad at Sinasi, not the other way around. Sinasi’s the one who’s begging.

Dang, if that’s what he’s like when he begs, she’d hate to see him angry! All three of them are giggling when Gulter walks in. They laugh louder when she says Faiz is upset at Neriman and he asked about Sinasi and the bracelet. No, seriously he’s angry! Why are they laughing like that?! They have so many problems.

Fahriye says the poor don’t need protection, which shuts everyone up. And now they’re all laughing because apparently Fahriye got the saying wrong

There’s still no plan to get Neriman out of the house, but Sahika overhears Macit’s name again and she wants the whole story.

Pelin’s in the shower when her cell phone rings. Duygu sees it’s Onur and answers. I think she’s got a bit of a crush on him. She’s not entirely sure he remembers her. Sure he does–the little blonde. “I’ve grown up.” Anyway, she’ll tell Pelin he called.

Now that Sahika’s all caught up she agrees if Neriman needs to get out, she needs to get out.

Macit gets home and finds his mom in front of a painting that’s always on display no matter how many times she switches out all the other paintings. She tells him there’s something in that painting that she can’t get at home. Macit can’t see it because it’s something he hasn’t lived yet.

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